I Failed!

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Today I failed, my friends...

I failed myself and I failed you.

I have not kept my challenge, until now I had been able to write a post per day, today I couldn't. It is 00h31 here as I write these words, so on the 1st of February I didn't write a post.

I'ts ironic though, as this is the day that I finished my project.

It will now go into test phase and soon will be ready to go out into the world.

With these words I admit failure but do not dread it.

I guess you really must fail to succeed...

Not that I haven't failed before, I have, but I am accepting this failure to keep up with the challenge as a sign that my project will be a success.

This is my shortest post ever, I guess it's fitting since it's my admission of defeat.

Do not fear failure as great success shall follow!

I wish you all a fantastic weekend!

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Recent Comments


Nah, semantics my friend - it was still 1 February in many countries! ;-)
Congrats on completing your project, great job right there!
PS I just read the comments below - wow! look at all the support and encouragement!

It wasn't for me. Hehe.

I know, you guys are all amazing!

Don't give up, Fran. Make it two today! :o)

Terand, that's an incredible idea. I was starting to regret writing this post because I missed the message I intended to transmit, not anymore.

Your advice will live with me, my friend. I learned something very important today.

No worries, my friend. You owe yourself. Haha. Do take care, Fran! :o)

Hey Fran you only disappointed yourself but you didn't fail. Do your best and that's all that's expected out of each of us.


Indeed Danny, you are very correct. Thank you very much for your support!

You're welcome Fran.


Ok..... Momma Sho is about to lecture you.
How did you fail?
You finished your project!!!! 😎😄😃
You got a post up to tell us.... super excited about this project....
Still not sure how you failed exactly.
You didn't fail, you crossed a finish line
(Lecture over)

Haha, even lecturing you can make people smile, Shaunna. That's a superpower right there.

Thank you so much!

Your Welcome!!
😃 Shaunna

Don't be too hard on yourself Fran. I haven't written a word yet. (I felt a little guilty. )
The purpose of the challenge is creating a good habit. I feel we already have.
Focus on the priority. Do what you have to do.
You've been doing great. : )

And I will continue. I must update this post as I have not transmitted the feeling I intended.

Let's keep going, Amy. That's what I meant. Failure is not really a failure, just another step to success.

A post a day is not possible or sustainable, not good posts anyway. You didn't fail. You did just fine!

Nothing is impossible, Jeannine. But I was indeed bound to fail a day sooner or later. I intended through this post to show that failure is inevitable but success as well, however I was too tired to explain myself.

I will try to update this post. Thank you so much for your support.

You've got the most important thing - the determination to keep going even if you don't meet self-imposed goals. You'll be amazed at how much you achieve with your cumulative efforts! Keep up the great job!

Thank you so much Jeannine. Your support is invaluable.

You didn’t fail, you find I new way that doesn’t work. I think you will get better and accomplish your goals.

Thank you, Gualdemar. You are very correct. I appreciate your support.

I am thrilled to be the first one to respond. I cannot quote the exact verbiage you used on me, but to paraphrase...You are not a failure. You only fail when you quit, and you're no quitter!... YOU have blessed us with so many words, beautiful words that only a man with much compassion and conviction can share. Your life and how YOU live it, is a direct link to your humanity and heart. I want to meet you someday and tell you that you have touched me and my self-doubt and my fear of things not realized. YOU are the reason I have not given up. I will NOT cause YOU any pain, but show YOU that I have succeeded all because YOU having my back. Take that "I Failed" out of your vocabulary and replace it with, "I made a difference in someone's life today!"❣

That's so beautiful dear Liz*. I have no words to thank you other than, you have brought tears to my eyes.

I do not feel like a failure, I intended to express the opposite. Maybe tomorrow I should review this post, but for now I wish to close my eyes and have a few hours of sleep.

I wish you an amazing night and a great weekend. And thank you from deep inside my heart for your words of encouragement.

Congratulations, you are trying! I don't think it would be a top priority to post every day rather than be engaging and helpful for people.
You are outstanding, and deserve commended. No shame.
Keep trying and you will prevail while inspiring others!
Nurse Becca

Thank you so much, Becca.

Posting every day is for a challenge that I created and promised to follow for as long as others are doing it, that's why it's important to me. I really appreciate your support and words of encouragement.

I wish you an amazing weekend!

Failing is not an option my friend, even in the lessons Kyle gives us a Break, this is to reflect and go back and perfect your content but most important it is to just take a breather. I know you feel like you've let yourself down but you didn't. Everyone needs a time out once in a while just to sort things out. Take this day and seize it.. YOU HAVE NOT FAILED YOU ARE HUMAN.

I appreciate your support, Jason, but I actually feel a great sense of accomplishment for having completed my project. I don't feel that I failed, that's what I was trying to portray, but I guess I'm already too tired to use my words properly.

Thanks again and have a great weekend.

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