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If you've been reading my posts, you know that I've been working on a very important project, for which I have put everything else on hold.I have worked so hard on this project while still working my 'day-time job' and trying to balance family life that I drove myself to bed with temperatures of over 38º for three days straight.I called these my forced days off.Well, they were indeed forced, but not only by my physical inability to work...I had finished the initial phase of my project and
February 05, 2019
The 21-day Challenge has taken an unexpected turn.Yesterday I didn’t write a post, but that’s not the turn I’m talking about, so what is it?When I first posted the challenge, I had already been doing it for 15 days and my initial objective was just to share my results with you guys.While writing, I had the idea of challenging others to do the same.I thought it could be helpful to some and ignored by others…I was wrong!A lot of people took on the challenge, but a lot fel
Did someone ever ask you a question on a topic you were very passionate and knowledgeable about and you started rambling on and on with special vocabulary?After one minute, they’ve already lost interest and you get frustrated.Damn, didn’t they request your knowledge? Now they don’t want it?They want to know just enough, and you can’t go throwing at them your technical slang…JargonImagine a friend goes to your house and asks you how to make money online. You say: &
February 02, 2019
Yesterday I wrote a post titled "I Failed!".I was so tired, after the full day pushing to launch my project, that I couldn't even express myself properly.My intention was to explain how I failed to post my daily WA Challenge blog as a choice in order to finish the project I've been working on.When I started reading the comments, I initially regreted publishing that post, I didn't wish to sound like I was feeling down for failing, I wished to portray that I failed by choice and that sometimes yo
February 01, 2019
Today I failed, my friends...I failed myself and I failed you.I have not kept my challenge, until now I had been able to write a post per day, today I couldn't. It is 00h31 here as I write these words, so on the 1st of February I didn't write a post.I'ts ironic though, as this is the day that I finished my project. It will now go into test phase and soon will be ready to go out into the world.With these words I admit failure but do not dread it. I guess you really must fail to succeed...Not tha
I didn't just give up my dream, I quit half-way through it...You know those kids that grow up wanting to be pilots, firemen, police officers... well, I wasn't one of them.By a mere chance, I decided to apply to the airforce pilot training program. I never took it very seriously, but test after test, week after week, I kept moving through the funnel. Before I knew it, I was one of 22 new cadets in the academy.When reality hit, I was lost and overwhelmed, and felt like the dumbest person in the r
January 30, 2019
My definition of marketingMarketing is the science of presenting the right opportunity to the right person at the right moment.It doesn't matter what kind of marketing you're doing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, a little of everything... as a marketer your duty is to give people what they need when they want it.The follow-upYesterday I wrote a post called "You're not here to make money!". Thought provoking, yeah, I know, I'm sure I also ruffled some feathers...Today,
You’re not here to make money!You are here to perform a service to society, to your readers. And that service is called affiliate marketing. This is the business of recommendation, and it’s becoming increasingly important in our society.People have tired of advertisement; our eyes have become blind to banners and huge signs… there’s no more ways to draw our attention… Even in our phones, we just scroll through as if it the ads weren't there…And when we wan
January 28, 2019
You wake up, slowly step out of the comfort and warmth of your blankets, quickly put on some clothes and head outside, where it's not too cold but windy and fresh. Initially, you feel displaced but quickly refreshed and invigorated, you head down the street where a small but steady 10m boat is anchored to a humble wooden structure, you get in and set the boat free...You have just stepped into entrepreneurship!You have the wrath of the seas ahead and storms that will threaten to swallow your boa
Our wonderful Louise wrote the following in her blog today:Now remember what Robin Sharma says about change: "It's hard in the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end."I guess this means I'm approaching the gorgeous end.If you've read my last couple of posts, you know how I've been right in the eye of the storm. I've been trying to finish a project I've been working on, day in day out, for the last month.I have taken almost all my annual leave for 2019 during the month of January