What does education mean to you?

Last Update: September 03, 2018

For many children and youngsters school starts again this week. The funny days of our heated summer are over.

Our stores are packed with mums and kids seeking the last accessories for the big first day.

This being said I start to wonder about education. Its real meaning. What it should be.

Long ago, means were scarce and only the bests were allowed to pursue their studies.

Today classes are overcrowded with pupils who do not really fit in the system. It is not their gift and will never be.

How can we bring the best out of our children and youth. Many are discouraged. Pupils and teachers. How can we make the system work for all without putting all in the same mold.

With modern technology diversification is possible. And teaching should be individual adapted to each child. Would be more gain and motivating as well.

Two stories

The experiment

There was this experiment where a class decided to give all kids the average of the points. Meaning the best ones got less and the lesser ones got more.

Over the months the average dropped to alarming levels.

Nobody was motivated to study anymore.... and the experiment was never pursued.

Moral of the story:

You can not study for another, nor give him or her your points. It forges the picture and ruins all. Go for your excellence and gifts!

The forest

This tale is from my sister.

The animals of the forest gathered and decided to put in place an education system so all animals could run, fly and swim.

First day started with swimming pool in which the fish excelled, the mammals did not so bad and most of the birds were half drown.

Second day started with flying lesson in which the fish had no air, the mammals broke their legs and the birds, half drawn from their swimming lesson, were not so good anymore.

Third day the race. The mammals with broken legs did not meet to the finish. The fish near died and the poor birds were flattened off.

End of story?

Next day the comity of the forest decided to stop this non sense. Birds fly fain. Fish swim and mammals... they run. More than ever.

Your vision?

What is your understanding of education today? It is the future of so many...

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For elaborating with me

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RogerHumbke Premium
Hi Fleeky,

To me education means that you develop the attitude that you are a learner, not a student. The responsibility of parents and the state is to put you in learning situations where you are allowed to develop your own learning style and passions. This means that all teachers become expert facilitators who develop the ideal learning environments for each learner, always remembering that we learn most through making acceptable mistakes.

Learning conducive attitudes to lead a good public life while paying appropriate attention to our passions needs to be considered and balanced.

The emphasize is on developing attitudes, not knowledge and skills, although a certain amount of common knowledge and skill is required to live in groups and even more to become very competent in a chosen field.

Learning to learn is a natural way to create endorphins, which leads to lifelong learning and an education resulting in wisdom.

I am most definitely a learner here at WA, passionate to learning new knowledge and skills through making millions of mistakes.

My 2-bits,
Fleeky Premium
Hi Roger!

You are so right. Attitude is key!

If you have no gift, nor disposition to learn, it will lead nowhere.
And that supposes discernment from families and schools to bring out the best in each and all.

It also raises the cases of the difficult ones, hard to handle. Often super intelligent and gifted but rebels... not fitting in. Lots of efforts are made to integrate those too.

We are all seekers...
Marlinda1 Premium
I think that education happens inside and outside of school. People depend too heavily on schools to teach and guide their children.

I agree that schools don't teach children everything they need to survive. I also agree that some children learn differently but I think that as parents its our job also to teach our children and help them understand.

I believe people think education is only in school and it's not. It's every day all around us even as adults.

Hope you have a good weekend and continue to share these thought-provoking topics :)
Fleeky Premium
Hi Melinda,

The role of parents is important. And some times overruled by schools where parents have to fit in against all odds... so sad to see it becomes ruled by money too...

And eilas some parent leave the responsability to others too. Lack of time or interest. No time to back up their own... because they have too many problems too.

So, yes... school tends to become the extended family, where each and all has a part to play...

Love your intervention...
MKearns Premium
It's a great relearning time of year
Fleeky Premium
Tumzkui Premium
Education is that which remains after you forgot all you learnt in school. Thus to remain educated keep learning even if it is in your own school of thought
Fleeky Premium

I thought the quote was: 'culture is what remains wHen all is forgotten'... and your version is even better...

Take care...
RichBrennan Premium
I think that education today in schools is more about teaching kids what to think rather than how to think.
Repetition of facts - or the system / establishment's interpretation of facts - is not real learning.
A State education will help you to get a job and earn a living.
Self-education will help you to build a lifestyle and earn a fortune :-)
Fleeky Premium
Hi Rich,

The how is fascinating
And the why
And the wHere
And the when...
And the what
And the wHom

Learning starts indeed wIth a question.
The day we have no more questions, we have ceased to learn ..

Learning by doing is perhaps a new challenge.
What is the use,of a full head unable to cook his or her own potatoes.

The question also is: does education prepare for family and society? It all becomes so etheric ... we wIll soon desintegrate,,,

Have a great week ahead!