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Turn inwards Discover your calling Your life task Your lack of connection of knowing who you are Is source of unhappiness Turn inwards Nature is a master Observe it Learn from it A voice that calls you To your unique calling Vocation A force A voice Destiny We are inspired Our DNA is our uniqueness Fulfill your destiny Make the right choice Follow your life task To mastery Connect with your inclinations Go inwards Clear away the other voices Look at your career path Or critical redirection Yo
How to make your own surgical maskThis tip is somewhat unusual. With the growing spread of covid19 and the lack of masks, time to make them yourself.Do not use toilet paper. It is no usethank you for liking, comments and shares Let us know your tips. Take care of you. Take care of othersFind some of mine in commentshow to use masks How to make your own maskAnd.. my training on how to make a surgical mask
If you wonder what I have been doing? Not Vegas... oh no... far from my real estate Not flying... oh no... far from broken wings Not dreaming ... oh no ... too far from reality Not thinking... oh no... not my comfort seat ...I have been decluttering a lot for months now You have no idea how things accumulate And how good it feels to get rid of them Decluttering Since I am not finished yet you will soon miss me again or not until next time Thank you for likes, comments and shares! Do you ever d
February 20, 2020
Funny typo We all have them, don't we?For those who do not know what a typo is.According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary a typo is an error (as of spelling) in typed or typeset material.Some of them can be very funny. And have a life of their own. Enjoy:Miss type and miss spelled next massage (e)Lobbed and loved does not sound the sameThank you for likes, shares and comments What are the favorites you picked up? Let us know :-)))PSWe all need a bit of humor... don't we?
February 20, 2020
Let go fly kite It is kite, not Kyle But Kyle would be great too. Or Carson, or Magic One Or each of you Go fly Kite Your kite Being on the platform for a while it is always great to see people grow So good to see the high-flyers also! A real joy when people succeed So, if you are new deploy your kite And fly And if you do not knowLet goand try And for the others Go fly, Kyle!;-)))Thank you for kiting, shares and comments
February 18, 2020
Tip 143 Compete with your self Competition is important. But for some it is over the roof!You compete to win. No less, no more. For some it will lead to disaster. Why?They are not readyThey are not equipped They are not prepared They are not supported They are not talented They are not fittingThe list is long...What is my point?Before entering the arena to compete others, you need to compete your self. Setting your standards from where you are to where you want to go.A realistic inventory of yo
January 20, 2020
Tip 142 market your self This applies to a personal business in the first place.Marketing your self is not selling your self. What does it mean?It is about you in the first place, your service, your product and your audience. What is your message and whom do you target on the long run?Make a list with:Your story (be personal) Your assets (be professional) Problems you can solve for others (your solutions) How others see you (type of person you are)Your niche Once you have got the picture, brand
January 16, 2020
Cheerios to our ambassadors! They seem everywhere... seeing all and cheering up! First of all Kyle and Jay on the front end and Carson backing up. And then all the others. Giving and caring! We know our stars! Not naming them Thank you! Not to forget ambassadors of old All missed Like Loes (famous for her creative training) Mozmary (for her wit) Marionblack (for her training) And Michael (for his blogs) ... and so many more ... the list is long... If you are new here, worth checking out t
January 11, 2020
If you are down.. Many of us going through tribulations of all kind... And many are posting inspiring and uplifting songs Today I would like to share a link recieved in pm With a special and humble thank you to the giver May it help YOU as it helped me when I am down A song performed by Martin Hurkens , a very famous and loved Dutch singer He often goes in the streets and surprises people with his voice...
December 28, 2019
Be GDPR compliantGDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulated .In a former training you will find more details: the European cookie lawGDPR is a European data protection and privacy law for all European citizens (European Union and European Economic Area) . This law also protects the transfer of their personal data outside the European Union and European Economic Area. The law imposes new requirements on businesses serving consumers and readers from Europe. One of them must be a notice of