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Problem 1I have a strange script on all pages and post problem 2And on some websites images are deletedAm i the only one? Any idea what caused this?Problem 3also, i am unable to navigate on wa site. It loads half, hangs and takes often up to 8 secs to load. Some say it is a relay problem.... but it is only here on wa. Any help wOuld be appreciated. thank you for comments
Chase one rabbit at the time Did you ever try to catch a rabbit? Those who did, know it is far from easy. Very often they dwell in group and they protect each other with diversion strategies. Actually they are masters in doing so.What is my point?Setting up and maintaining your website Writing content and updating information Refining SEO and advertisement Seeking affiliate sites Promoting your website through social mediaAnalyzing results with google consoleComments and feedback...The to do l
November 08, 2020
The Jaaxy keyword tool One of the main assets of the new premium+ bundle is the use of the best keyword research tool on the market. Yes, you guessed it: Jaaxy! The dashboard looks as follows: keywords, saved researches with history and list, analysis, possible affiliate websites, your site rank. Quite a bunch indeed! This is the Jaaxy dashboardFor those who are new to the platform, Jaaxy is a research tool that helps you with finding keywords and low hanging fruits for your blogs. You will
November 02, 2020
And off we go... thank you guys!Speechless...Greetings from spaceThank you for like, share and commentYou won't see me much around now... staying in space...
October 31, 2020
To learn by doing Learning is a process that takes time, effort and aptitude. A theory that needs practice.It is not enough to know Knowing unknowinglyUnknowingly knowingThere is much more than books and trainingand it is called reality.What is my point?Learning is not only a rational, theoretical process.It is a dynamic process where we put into action what we learned.One of the best and easiest ways is by imitation.Look how others did and imitate.The training provided by WA is mainly funded o
Absolutely free images to use The WA Site Content offers a bounty of beautiful images that can be used for free. For those who are not familiar with site content, make sure to give it a try In the WA top menu on top> click publish > it opens the site content dashboard.Write your articles or blogs in the Site Content Editor. Add images from the WA Library and check your grammar and spelling. When done, publish on your site. Site Content also offers a choice between several writing templa
October 24, 2020
Take YOUR time Does that sound obvious? Well it is not... Most of the time time takes us What is my point? We all take time for granted, whilst is slips between our fingers...Tick tock says the clock in a never ending refrainSo TAKE your time. Make your own space of quality time, to do what you like to do.Do not live on the chords or chime of time... unless you are a musician. I remember mom, after a day of caring for us all, she said... 'now it's mom's time'. She took her time, and we did n
October 21, 2020
Use the pin board WA has a great feature that helps you get track of notices that are important to you.You will find it under the WA search bar with pins(1) blogs (2) and editorials (3)you van click 1 (pins) 2 (blogs) or 3 (editorials) my pins (1)Clicking on this pin allows you to pin a notice board at your liking on top. Just flag what you want and save settings.My blogs (2) clicking on this pin allows you to select which blogs you want to see. All blogs, the blogs of your referrals or the blo
Use the redirect option Problem Many of us have a sleeping or inactive domain. We bought it and it is no longer needed, or optimal, or just no longer useful. Or we might be overdue and decide to gather sites in one, leaving us with all... SolutionWealthy Affilate offers the possibility to redirect your domain. You can do that and redirect your old site to a new one. Or you can redirect your old site to one of your affiliate WA links. How do you do that? Very simple In the WA dashboard on the l
Avoid distractions when studying Distractions are all around us. Keeping focus on study and practice are key!Looking back, it seems easier to pinpoint the main distractions knocking us off all along.And you will agree with me : there are more thinks than things Just to name a few: Fear. Now that is a bad counselor! Which does not mean, you have to jump without parachute! Hurry. Going too fast is exhausting. This is not a sprint. Take time to assimilate and practice what you learned Impatience!