Tip 137 : do not chase rank

Last Update: November 16, 2019

Do not chase rank!

Ever seen a running cheetah?
It is the fastest running mammal on earth. Watching this spectacle is truly mind blowing. A beauty of precision and speed.

And the cheetah runs with one purpose: catch the prey.

For those who are new, your own ranking on wealthy affiliate seems odd. Going up with slow downs. Just know it does not replace building your website and focusing on the lessons. Be not distracted. Ranking does not earn.

The top-notch are the real cheetahs. Kyle, Carlson and Jay. They know the game. Better follow them. Be inspired by their teachings. Apply the lessons and try to find your own way. Especially if you feel like a rabbit. Rabbits have their holes too... rigged deep into the earth.

My point ?

Be not distracted! Focus on the road... and drive.

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LenkaSophie Premium
Absolutely, fleeky, thanks for pointing this out. When I started with rank at almost 300k and saw it improving, I was excited. Also when I got to top 200 and then top 100. Now I think it's nice but it doesn't make any change in my life. Working on my websites does. That's the most important thing we should focus on.
Fleeky Premium
Yes Lenka... better focus on websites until you master all
SaraPoyner Premium
Very good advice, When I was top 20 I had many messages asking me how much money I was making, as many Newbies believed that those of us at the top, must be the top earners in WA. When I would answer, I have not made anything yet, they would be shocked.

I think it is good advice to inform those who are new to our wonderful community that time spent increasing rank, does not earn money, and so that time is far better spent working on their websites.

That said, I think if you can get balance between writing on your website and here at WA then it is a win win. As you get to write about alternative subjects here, practice writing blogs and maybe help, guide and motivate others.

As with everything, everyone's journey is their own. Those who work hard and chase ranking are right, and those who don't are also right. That is what I love about WA, there are no rules.

Here's is to us all, walking our own paths and fulfilling our own passions : )
Fleeky Premium
To us all
To you

Well said
Thank you
Helen123 Premium
Absolutely true.. my rank here is a result of be using those down moments.. change of ends in a tennis match ( been a few this week) end of the day, when I’d usually go on Facebook, those minutes coming here and reading, learning, commenting. I don’t take time away from my website but utilise my wasted time!
Fleeky Premium
Yes... true
All deserved!
Debs66 Premium
So true.
It took me a good year to rank as an Ambassador as I was super busy learning. In fact I used to be shy to even ask a question lol. Let alone getting in on live chat.

It was one of my goals and I achieved it but building and learning first was my main goal.

I was super proud to achieve Ambassadorship but that came with my learning curve.

Comes also with getting to know the ins and outs of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Well said Fleeky!

Debs :) 👌🙌🐧🤗
Fleeky Premium
Thank you Deb
WA waves and tides...

Always good to see you around
Bald Eagle Premium
Spot on Fleeky - I've never understood the need to rank within WA.
Great to help and contribute with the intention of helping and contributing and not with the intention of ranking.
Charity (help) begins at home - and in this case "home" is our websites. Help them to Rank with Google before worrying about ranking within WA.
Having said that - hats off to the top 100 or even 200 here that do regularly help people. I trust their sites are ticking over and making them a living so I guess they can afford to step away for a moment and help here and there.
Have a great day!
Fleeky Premium
Yes... true.
It needs tile and effort without reward
Hats off

Better focus on the road and drive safe