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Last Update: July 25, 2018

Alain Bouwa is a pastor, writer, cryptocurrency expert and businessman.

I have known him for years and he has contributed so mightly in my upbringing.

He read one of my mails on WA and signed up a few days ago. Yesterday, he upgraded and gave me a call. Today I drove to his office to get things going.

I helped in understand what the platform offers and how he can use it to make money. He had started the training but with little knowledge how golden WA is.

After talking with him, we moved forward to buy his domain and setup his website.

Needless to say WA is super simple and quick. Within few minutes, his blog was up and running.

Pst Alain owns a dietary drink. It's doing quite well here with lots of positive testimonials. He has a vast knowledge in that field and has written several books in English and French. Yes he is that bilingual.

He didn't know he could blog and make money. Thanks to WA, he will be doing quite well.

We did some research on Amazon and found a great variety of dietary products he could promote and earn commissions.

Given this is his field of expertise, we setup his website.

I encouraged him to go continue the training and get back to me or post questions here should he encounter any blocks.

Do you have your WA referrals around you?

If we help our referrals grab a better understanding of what WA offers, we stand to get them stick around.

Go offline, meet and help them get started and you all will be winners.

Hope you say hello to Pst Alain.


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WendaSue Premium
Wow. What a way to introduce a new member!! Great job. I wish him great success.
Keep up the great job.
All the best,
Wendi :)
enstinemuki Premium
Thank you Wendi
Loes Premium
Great story Enstine and great WA colleague
enstinemuki Premium
Yes hahaha
Thank you Loes
Loes Premium
He is very lucky to have you there as personal assistant:))
ClaudiaHB Premium
congrats to both of you - wishing you all of the success!
enstinemuki Premium
Thank you Claudia. Hope the week is going good
heljam404A Premium
enstinemuki Premium
DBlanchard Premium
Great job Enstine! Good for you!!!
enstinemuki Premium
Thank you ;)
Many more on the way