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December 30, 2018
Hi everyone,Good to be back. It's been tough in this country with political issues. Thousands killed and displaced. Leaders messing us up. Internet services getting suspended. Online payment getting more and more difficult. But I won't give up. Been away for 4 months and back this year. Though calm hasn't returned, I hope for a brighter future.Thanks for everyone that's a good friend
Hi everyone,I have been away from the Internet in general for about 2 weeks.Just took of sometime to catch up with things not related to the Internet. That's necessary for us living a dot com lifestyle.Gutenberg!I'm sure everyone here (working in WP CMS) knows about Gutenberg.As a matter of fact, I think it's the monster that's taking WP to a whole new level.WordPress is the world's #1 Content Management System. According to stats, it powers over 30% of the Internet.Will Gutenberg have an impac
August 02, 2018
Ok this is going to be a short report.I upgraded to Premium on the 2nd of July 2018. I have chosen to promote WA for a couple of reasons. But I won't give details in this post.However, I went on fire and pushed it to the rank of Ambassador a couple of days after I went premium. Currently I have 31 posts (excluding this one) and 1.1k in my network.I had 32 signups and 3 went premium. Not far from the estimated 1:8 ratio.The last couple of days, I have been so busy with some offline seminars on c
I want to summarize my online journey to encourage everyone just starting here.We've made money online and you too can.I come from a country where a lot is still to be done. In this post, I was ranting about the half-baked Paypal payment method available to us.I found WA in 2009 - 2010. I do not remember the exact date because the yahoo email I used then was lost.I signed up and took the training for just 1 month. I think it was $39 then and the platform wasn't what it it today.Yes I was able t
Alain Bouwa is a pastor, writer, cryptocurrency expert and businessman.I have known him for years and he has contributed so mightly in my upbringing. He read one of my mails on WA and signed up a few days ago. Yesterday, he upgraded and gave me a call. Today I drove to his office to get things going.I helped in understand what the platform offers and how he can use it to make money. He had started the training but with little knowledge how golden WA is.After talking with him, we moved forward t
Some few years back, I found out why the big guys online are making more and more sales. I started following their steps and yes it works.Again, it works remarkably.It's not even any magic button. It's something everyone (including you) can do. And there is no way it can't work for you.For everyone here (newbie or oldbie hahaha) who is determined to make a killing online, this will just work.Now, after reading, practice it and tell us your story. Trust me you will tell a positive story.So why d
Today, I invited a friend to my home to talk about ways to earn money online. Of course, our discussion centered around Affiliate Marketing and the fabulous WA platform.My guy was baffled and completely blown away by the training and the tools offered for $49/m. I just published an article (2000+ words) about WA's Affiliate program. We took off about 1 hour to talk about it and he fell completely to the charm of the program. But one question completely killed his motivation.How does he withdraw
July 22, 2018
What is WA sales point? This is a brilliant question asked me a few hours ago by one of the starter members here who is about to upgrade. He's also interested in promoting WA but what's really attractive here?For those who have chosen to go through the bootcamp lessons and promote WA, this is an exciting question. What do you tell your readers that will attract them to WA?So what's the sales point of WA?First, to properly answer this question, you must start by facing these two questios:What pr
A friend of mine got her blog almost completely shattered. We've worked hard to get it back to order. And furtunately, we succeeded.What happened?She got to the plugin repository of WordPress and filled her blog with free plugins. In the process, she got a 'backdoor' plugin.A backdoor is a malicious piece of code that is used to provide the attacker with unauthorized remote access to a compromised web space by exploiting security vulnerabilitieSuch infections are generally difficult to handle.
Writing reviews on your blog is a great way to earn a nice income online.A review is simply a blog post in which you are telling your readers what you've found about the reviewed product. It's supposed to be unbiased and complete.A complete review should portray the PROS and CONS, features and uses of the reviewed product.It should end with a conclusion influenced by your level of satisfaction and real value of the product.3 ways to earn money with product reviewsThere are 3 review types to mak