GOLD! First Page on Google in Minutes

Last Update: March 31, 2017

Would you like to be in the top 10 positions on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) within a few minutes? Then this post might help you to do so!

Here are some requirements before we begin:

  1. Your website must be a few months old since the first content published.
  2. You have Google Analytics set up
  3. You have Google Webmaster Tool set up
  4. You have Social Sharing Button on your post/page. (G+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit)
  5. Your content must be at least 500 words with internal links if possible.
  6. The topic should be a product review (preferably new one that get released)

*those things are what work for me. So it might not be accurate.

The Step-by-step Process:

#1. Research any product that is just released in your respective niche. You may find the old ones too, but make sure that they are not saturated with lots of competitions.

Believe me. This is the most important part for your campaign here. You want to keep yourself updated on your selected niche. I suggest the following:

  • Creating Google Alerts as Kyle taught.
  • Join a Facebook Group where people spam your potential product to review
  • If you are promoting as an Amazon associate, that's perfect! Keep an eye on their current or up coming product.
  • Last alternative is just by doing Google Search!

#2. Create the content as thorough as possible. Be genuine and give your opinion to people. Basically, do your best as usual + aim above 500 words per product review.

In case you missed Jay training, he will guide you here:

#3. Publish & Social Share the post yourself. I see some members neglect Kyle's training. Bad move my friend!

#4. Fetch it As Google inside Bing Webmaster Tool. Robert has the walkthrough here:

#5. You should see your content ranked on the 1st page! Please check the ranking in incognito mode in order to surf the internet as someone else (or private).

See your browsing setting. There must be something saying "New incognito Window". Click on it. OR From keyboard shorcuts try pressing Ctrl+Shift P.

After a new incognito window is opened. Then, go to search for your keywords. BAAM! It should appear in the first 10 positions which is the 1st page.

My Own Result

Now I am going to show you an example from the product I have reviewed in "making money online" niche. Just to be clear, whatever product you review, it is the same process!

Okay.. Here I notice a program called Dow Jones Focus Group. It is just a trading software that promises easy money. So I've written content targeting the keyword "Dow Jones Focus Group Scam". I don't really care about the monthly searches because this product was released around 10 days ago.

Anyway, once my content is published. I visit the post => scroll down to the bottom => social share it on Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Like, +1 Point in Reddit. => Drop a link on my FB Fan page => Like => and Lastly, Fetch as Google.

Here's the result in incognito Mode:

So, it is at position 4 ( or 5 plus the Ads T_T )


Nov 2016 Update, another post using the keyword $500 Launch Jacker Scam.


1St Position Less than 1 Min guys!

Yeah.. There we go! My exact process that takes within 2 minutes on 1st page of Google.

You can get the step-by-step case study in video version here =>

Thanks for reading my personal post. I am actually writing this at 12 AM. Gotta go to sleep first. Please leave your thoughts below if any. :)

Your friend,

Edy Chandra

Happy Halloween 2016!

[]::::::::{}zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz> Grab this sword, and fight for your FREEDOM!

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Loes Premium
I did a search myself, and I want to congratulate you! Very good!
jvranjes Premium
So you managed it. Congratulations. I know it is possible, I did it myself.

But I must disagree with a few thinks. The only what matters is fetch as Google. Social share play no role for this, nobody will react in 2 minutes, only fetch as Google, but only if you are lucky. It can take a week sometimes after you do fetch as Google, no rules at all, unpredictable.
EdyIsChandra Premium
Thanks Jovo :)

I am not sure about Social Share, that's why I wrote "the process might be shorter".

As for ranking within minutes after fetched as Google. I can confidently say: Yes you can do it IF the product you review has just released. This mostly indicates the competitions are below 10. So, no reason for you not to rank or indexed on the 1st page.
jvranjes Premium
Sure, you are right, I had one of my pages on Google top page just as you described, in a minute or two, I was lucky it was ranked through fetch as google immediately.
Hayu Premium
Great post Edy! Thanks for sharing.
Everlight Premium
Congratz Edy! Thank you for sharing this.
GreatTimes52 Premium
Great post and informative and I like the way you reiterate Kyle's teachings. Stick to the basics of what you originally learn and build from there. Congrats to Edy for making it to First page as well.