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My name is Edy originally from Indonesia. I am just an ordinary college student with extraordinary vision and missions toward FREEDOM!

Watch my Youtube Channel here for Exciting Affiliate Marketing Training:

Currently, I'm studying Mechanical Engineering in Singapore. Now before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I had come across some Online Marketing platforms out there, but they just don't work for me. (tons of fake and expensive programs)

During busy time of college activity, I still manage to spare my free hours on building online business. I am positive that you can beat me for this. Nothing can't be achieved as long as you have faith on something and never give up!

I'm really glad that I found WA. It is by far the best and affordable platform without hidden upsells. My plan is to escape employment upon college graduation and get more time freedom doing whatever I want in the future. It is nice that I can engage with positive and supportive community here and succeed with it. :)


P.S. If you need anything or just want to say hi, please leave them below. Don't be shy.. I would be more than happy to exchange thoughts with you as a friend. Anyway, hope you can achieve all of your dreams, and live the lifestyle of an Internet Entrepreneur!

Cheers to your Success,
- Edy
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#1. $1000 - $3000 per month
#2. more than $5000 per month
#3. at least 3 hours per day on weekday, and 10 hours per day on weekends.
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Dec 19, 2016
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EdyIsChandra Premium
#1. $1000 - $3000 per month
#2. more than $5000 per month
#3. at least 3 hours per day on weekday, and 10 hours per day on weekends.
Carson Premium
Great goals Edy,

The first step to achieving success online is to set some goals and now that you have done this you can start working towards them. Your goals are absolutely achievable and realistic. Dedicate yourself to working through the training, taking action, and getting help when you need it.

I am personally here to help you and there are many others within the community that will reach out to help too.

You are already doing great, keep it up!

With that much effort you are definitely going to succeed in reaching your goals.
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larryeden Premium
Hello Edy yes you are right this is the best place to be I have been out here 8 years and I found this place and here is where I am staying so I have got to quite talking to people and get things going every body making money but me and I can't even get first base going getting a little fed up I am 66 years old retired and get a thing accomplished and starting to get sick of it I need to start making money
EdyIsChandra Premium
Nice to meet you here Larry.

I used to struggle making money online too. Now that I 100% focus, and follow WA training step-by-step, success start coming to my way.

Definitely don't get distracted from shiny objects out there. :)
Amelita Premium
Hello. Your suggestion for my name is an interesting idea. Thanks for that. So I like the idea of "Coffee" as my niche. Also, my passion has always been creating. I love to draw/paint/craft/take pictures, write poems/stories/mantras ect. I'm a tailored seemstress (made many gowns for local pagents) curtains, swim wear, pj's, pillows, blankets, u name it I have prolly done it and been paid for it. I am a real talent. I have always done things for local people. Do you have any tips that I can use WA to help me expand on my own talent/passions?
EdyIsChandra Premium
Hi Amelita,

I think your best TWO options are:

1). You could focus on Gowns market like
Wedding Dresses
Prom Dresses
Bridesmaid Dresses
Formal Dresses
Evening Dresses
Mother of the Bride Dresses
and the list goes on..

(take a look at how many people are searching these keywords per month) - I took a screenshot for you below.

2). You could teach people online on Tailoring Dresses.

There are thousands (if not) millions of people around the world, looking for tailoring a shirt.

For example
how to tailor a shirt
how to tailor a shirt by hand
how to tailor a shirt to slim fit
how to tailor a shirt smaller
how to tailor a shirt without a sewing machine

(you can see the image below, on Google, people are actually searching for help on the keywords)

You can help them with your own knowledge/experience.

Then promote something to them which you will learn inside Wealthy Affiliate Training.

OR you can combine the TWO in one website because they are closely related.

Your domain name (brand name) could be:

your name => http://amelita.com
or niche related => http://tailormadeeasy.com

Anything that is easy remember to your audience should be good. :)
Amelita Premium
Wow! Thank you for investing your time and ideas. You are so helpful. I am going to do some more training and narrow this down. I love the gown idea. Thanks so much.
EdyIsChandra Premium
No problem Amelita

As you go through the Training, things will make more sense. :)
shangwen1 Premium

How long did it take you to learn the whole entire program and how long did it take you to start earning monies. Are you selling any products from your own website?

Please let me know. I am residing in the USA and I am trying to earn some monies.

EdyIsChandra Premium
Hi Annie..

For me personally, it took me 3 to 4 months.

I see you are doing ecommerce using Facebook Ads.
It is tough to use Paid Advertising, espcially if you are just getting started.

It is safer to learn the ropes through Search Engines like Google or Youtube.

Even a pro like me, it can cost $500 a month budget to test campaigns on Facebook to find which Interests works for my offer.

Be careful, those who succeeded on Facebook are veteran marketers, they have at least $500 a month budget, and have accumulated paid advertising skill for years.
shangwen1 Premium

I have another question, how do you simply a way to how to find a niche?

Please let me know. Since you are majoring Mechanical Enginerring it must be very easy to understand all this. I am from Taiwan but I came to the US since I was 10 and the college education I received was not adequate enought. Till now I am much older and I work for a government job I am still poor because my parents were absent from me since I was a young child.

Actually I want to tell you a lot of Asian first generation in the USA they are still in the low income bracket still poor. I just can't stand it anymore. I want to achieve some kind of freedome and quit my 9-5 job. I worked since I was 14 and changed at least over 15 jobs.

I hope you can understand me. So sorry to write so much and dump all this frustration on you.

EdyIsChandra Premium
No problem Annie.

We all are not poor or dumb, it is just our thinking that made us so.

To choose a niche. First you must know what do you enjoy?

It can be within these top categories:
Skin Care

This website from our friend Peter, he has 100 Niches to choose from.

Take your time to browse those options.

And ask yourself whether you enjoy the niche or not

Find something that interests you! :)
shangwen1 Premium

Thanks I am going to choose kitchen gadgets. I already have a webssite done. Please check it out www.shangmarketplace.myshopify.com. I don't know if I can use this website for WA instead of setting up another one.

Please add me chiapetannielin on my facebook.com

Talk to you later thank you very much!
EdyIsChandra Premium
Yes you can.

But you need to write some helpful information for people who are searching Kitchen related keywords.

One of the trainings is here: P.S. I have added you on Facebook.
shangwen1 Premium
Sorry Edy I changed my mind I am going to do the neck wrinkle cream. I am in the process of setting my website now.
EdyIsChandra Premium
Awesome.. No worry. :)
Hi Edy i completed my course 1 yay and have completed my about me etc and now im trying to build my website have a question can i find affiliates and join up and advertise on my website im a little confused as to how to start it up there was so much information and it got a little daunting thanx in advance
EdyIsChandra Premium
Hi Angela..

Here are the steps you should follow:

#1. What is your niche/audience?
For example: My audience is people who are looking to get rid of Acne on their face.

#2. What kind of product/service you can promote to them? Is it Physical or Digital?
For example:
Physical product => Acne Cream, Face Wash, etc.
Digital product => Acne Membership website, where people share private information on that topic. And they pay monthly fee.

#3. If you choose physical products, perhaps the best affiliate program is becoming Amazon associate.

As for Digital Products. ClickBank is great.

Choose one, and go through the sign up process. :)

You can also watch this "Clickbank VS. Amazon" video to make a decision.
Hi there, how are you? Is it possible for you to explain a little bit about what this website is about, I am a little confuse... what does this company does to help us? I have seen lots of people talking about creating websites, I came here from one of your reviews on copyop... and you recommended this so I came to check it out.
EdyIsChandra Premium
I am good Jurgen!

Wealthy Affiliate basically teaches you how to do Affiliate Marketing. It means, you promote other people's products/services online and earn commission based sales.

You can also get more understanding by typing "What is Affiliate Marketing" on Youtube if it helps of course.