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March 14, 2021
Wow, it has been 6 years already. Time flies fast indeed. :DThe internet marketing space has changed a lot since 2015. Content creation is getting better and actually easier with YouTube Shorts, TikTok. Which can drive more organic traffic to our offers. BUT also, it means MORE WORK to eliminate distractions & produce more engaging content.To be honest, I've been slacking off. I will do my best from now on to grow on YouTube, and also start building a branded website with longer quality con
Hi guys,I just wanted to share my Amazon earnings that I got from creating videos.My videos were simply about Best (product name) in (year)Ex: Best Running Shoe in 2017If you have followed through WA lessons, u should be able to come up with Keyword ideas easily.And also, learn how to create videos that RANK WELL on Youtube.***If you read my previous post, my Amazon account was locked. And I did put it off for 3 months.Now that I have cleared my head, I just get my account back. And hey, so doe
If you still don't know who you are against with, your business will flop!After all the content I have in my website, now I realize how important it is to know your competitors.I am talking about the ones that are on the 1st page of Google.YEAH.. The first 10 positions.Who are the owners of those 10 websites?How you are going to outrank them, and be seen by visitors?Without visitors, you won't even have a chance to make sales.Me personally, I often do Internet Marketing product reviews.And I ha
I just want to share this important post.It costs me thousands and years of mistake. may leave your thoughts here.Best,Edy Chandra
Amazon Account got terminated. This happened after I've spent 100+ hours and $xxx into my Video campaign. Bad things happen guys.. (it's good to share so that you are prepared)You really don't want your time & money invested into the campaign gets wiped overnight.Now..Whatever affiliate campaign you are in, make sure to build a list, or at least don't say where to get the offers.Lucky me, I didn't mention to get the product through Amazon from my video campaign. I just said visit a special
March 12, 2017
What's up guys..Edy is BACK!As you might already know, I have been mostly promoting Internet Marketing related products. But I thought why not have fun with other stuff on Amazon.And I did. My traffic method this time is Youtube. I basically create a slideshow video showing the best 5 products on a particular niche. Then refer them to a discounted links which is Amazon short links.And BAM! Got hundreds of clicks and a few conversion..I am not sure if the Conversion rate is too low or normal. Th
Hey WA buddies,I just want to quickly touch on two important aspects of your online business. I wanted to shared them to my email list, thought that I would share the content here as well.SO..How do you increase more sales?#1. Be RealI am talking about showing your face to the readers. Far too often I see people put a fake image or animal photo or even image at all.There is a reason I tell you to put a real face into your website. It is because this will create TRUST.People don't buy
January 04, 2017
What's up WA buddies!Happy New Year 2017 to all of you.I hope you have had a fantastic 2016. I personally was not productive during that time.I didn't write a single content for almost 8 month. Lucky me, this business is built to earn passive income.Now imagine if you work for someone else, and take 240 days off. You would have been fired!Obviously I didn't hit my goal of $10k/mo. This is because I failed in Paid Advertising.From my previous post, I mentioned about CPA Marketing. And I actually
August 30, 2016
What's up WA buddies!Today I am going to share a little journey of mine toward mini freedom (well, by choice).About a month ago, I decided to quit college indefinitely and go down to "Internet Lifestyle" path. It might sound fun, but it is scary as hell. Let's face it, most of us are taught to: Go to schoolGet good gradesGraduate collegeWork your butt off 9-5 for 30 - 40 yearsRetire at old age with regretsDie.Of course there is nothing wrong with it IF you choose that path. No one is going to s
August 11, 2016
I received a few interviews type of Private Message recently. And I just want to share my answers to this recent request here. Happy reading folks! :)#1. Most people want to know how to build an online business. Your advice?=> If you want to build an online business, I would start with these 4 simple steps:1). Identify your Niche (a group of people) who have problems to be solved or needs to be fulfilled.2). Create products that fits your niche, or you can promote other people products/servi