$375.33 Amazon Earnings using Video

Last Update: August 05, 2017

Hi guys,

I just wanted to share my Amazon earnings that I got from creating videos.

My videos were simply about Best (product name) in (year)

Ex: Best Running Shoe in 2017

If you have followed through WA lessons, u should be able to come up with Keyword ideas easily.

And also, learn how to create videos that RANK WELL on Youtube.


If you read my previous post, my Amazon account was locked. And I did put it off for 3 months.

Now that I have cleared my head, I just get my account back. And hey, so does the income. lol

Imagine if I did this 3 months ago, I would have made so much more.

Sometime, you have just to RELAX when things gone wrong. :P

Best Regards,

Edy Chandra

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DEversley Premium
Thanks for sharing bro.
JooKwang Premium
This is really nice. I started doing a few videos and it fizzled off because doing video content is just challenging compared to writing. But then again, people are turning to YouTube for reviews and info, not doing videos would seem like a BIG opportunity forgone.
Lgebert Premium
Thanks for the share, Edy. Do you mind me asking over what period of time that you made those earnings?

I'm trying to figure out if affiliate marketing is worth the time spent. Set up my first simple video yesterday using my Amazon affiliation. I'm not sure - still- if this is a profitable endeavor compared to other internet marketing endeavors.
sheikave Premium
Every business is the same. Effort is constantly needed.
viyee Premium
Love the advice.
Sometimes when we just accept the situation, the solutions begin to trickle through, and sometimes it just takes a little time.
Thanks for the post Edy. Made me smile.
NtoeD Premium
RichBrennan Premium
Well done, Edy - that's brilliant. Onwards and upwards :-)
GaryJr Premium
That's great! Congrats.
I've been putting off doing the videos in the training. I guess I just need to do it.
SuzaMarie Premium
That's awesome! Congratulations!
LouisaB Premium
Very clever suggestions. Thank you for sharing this. Awesome!
GiuliaB Premium
Do you know, I'm going to have to get over the shyness of making videos. They surely are powerful!

Defiant6 Premium
That's awesome! You're utilizing the tools that's available to you and it is paying off.
Loes Premium
Super! Can I watch one of them? Do you have them on YouTube too?
RHBarlow Premium
I like that, thank you!
WTucker1 Premium
what kind of videos? How did you create them? Tell us more
Paul1916 Premium
Well done!!!
Would you mind letting me know what video software you use to create the videos???
Skyscraper Premium
Amazing Eddy! You really give ideas on how to fully utilize what we've learned at WA.
Jacharakis Premium
Awesome! I too would love a tutorial of how please.
tinyfarmlady Premium
That's Awesome!
jvranjes Premium
Can you say more? How do you make videos, is it you with the product showing it or something else?

Make a training or blog with more details if you can.
boomergp08 Premium
That is AWESOME Edy. I know how you feel when you see that you have earned money that you weren't quite expecting yet.
Electra-5150 Premium
Hi Edy.

I think the power of video is so much better than slogging it out trying to write blogs & hope it might rank.

Better to join the platform itself by leveraging the power of YouTube for higher conversions. Plus you can also monetise your content on the vid and make a blog in the description, and then add in a link to the almighty beast of Amazon...

That's two powerhouses to utilise and profit from...
Better rankings, better conversion...

We'll done Edy, congrats & all the very best to you.
jvranjes Premium
How and where do you add link to Amazon? Is it in customers' reviews? If so, do you own the product every time? Thank you.

It would be great that you write a blog or training about it.
Electra-5150 Premium
Hi J.
I've noticed many bloggers that use YouTube as a means to get people onto Amazon. That's were I got the inspiration. Usually a blogger or YouTuber would talk about a product and leave a short link on the description below..
Let's say they were teaching FBA. They leave the short links of the materials you'll need to get started in the text.
So long as you're not promoting spamming links, Google seems fine with this...
LH-CLUB Premium
Nice one
olster79 Premium
Well done, Edy, that's brilliant to see!