My Past Caught Up To Me & Paid Me $1828.05!

Last Update: May 03, 2018

No, I don't have a criminal past. lol When I refer to the past here, I'm talking about an article I wrote back in August 22, 2017 that has earned me $1828.05 this year SO FAR! The amount is probably greater if I set the date range back to 2017 and if one of the affiliate partners I listed in my screenshot below was capable of providing more historical data.

Either way you can see the screenshot below. It's showing a tracking id I used for one particular article. I actually use tracking ids for all my articles so I can see which ones are leading to my income. Most affiliate networks provide this so ask the one you work with how to set that up.

In either case the data you're seeing in the screenshot reflects just one of many articles!

How Did This Happen?

There isn't any secret sauce to spill. I basically follow what I laid out in my cheat sheet and the training that WA teaches. But the take away for you is that an article I wrote nearly a year ago, took time to really rank well. And now it's still earning me money nearly a year later.

This isn't new I have hundreds of articles that have been written since back in 2012 that still get traffic and make me money now!

What Does This Mean For You?

The effort you put in now may not pay off right away! I discuss this in my farmer article. It may takes months or even a year before Google trusts you and ranks your site. But if you continue to pump out quality content applying what WA teaches, then you will eventually get traffic and make money. This money won't be one time. It can be for years to come.

And keep in mind this doesn't doesn't happen for every article. You never know which articles Google will like and rank. This leads me to my next point.

Wait & See = Lost Money!

Let's say you decide I'm going to write one article and wait to see if it ranks and makes me money. The best case scenario Google ranks it and you're making money like I mentioned above. But during that time you were waiting, you could have written more articles that Google may have ranked and made more money. But you missed that boat because you wanted to wait around and see if this really works or not.

In other words you need delayed gratification. You can't have an employee mentality of I put in x hours and I need to see x dollars in x time. Unfortunately this business doesn't always work that way when you first start. And that's what most people fail to understand. So they give up not realizing their effort is a long term investment.

Be Patient

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your business. The folks that approach this like a long term investment will eventually see the return. It may not be on every article you write but some of them will hit. It's a numbers game. But you have to be patient to see the odds work in your favor.

Write Content That Is Properly Optimized!

Jay has a great video that breaks down the proper steps to optimize your content and to help you with proper keyword research. Too many of you are writing willy nilly or just writing what you think would be a good topic. And what you should be doing is writing based on proper keyword research and applying proper SEO best practices.

If you're not doing that with all your articles, you're wasting time. You won't get traffic or make money. Write with a purpose that is guided by the proper training provided here. Don't ignore it because you're fixated on what you want to write or do. It's a receipe for disaster.

What's Next?

Run with what you've learned here. I've linked to a few sources that will help you get right. If you liked this post, you'll probably enjoy my others here, so check them out! That's where you'll find my best advice. Read that stuff first because it will usually address a question or concern you have.

At the end of the day this business works. But it will only work for you if you give it the patience and delayed gratification required to see the results. You can't come here with an employee or get rich quick mentality. It won't cut it.

Assuming you're following the training, your work will eventually pay off and it will continue to do that many times over. My example above proves that. And remember it's just one article!

Your articles are like checks waiting to be cashed later. If you're focused on any other distractions then you're leaving money on the table. Let that marinate in your mind.

Until next time ya'll,

Eddy with a y

I'm off to write myself some checks. lol

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BBurchett1 Premium
Hi Eddy with a y,
I so appreciate your post. I always use the keyword search, and have seen success just by doing that. It's marvelous. Wish I had one for conversations in the real world too. LOL

I'm going to tap on the link for the samples you've provided, but let me just thank you in advance. Thank you!

EddySalomon Premium
You're welcome Bev. I'm happy to hear that you are doing keyword research.
LindaF Premium
hey Eddy,
Like and thanks, your post make a lot of sense that turn into dollars(0: all kidding aside. Stepping up to the plate takes a lot of courage. You are so right if we stick to the training we can make it. I can I will it's been just over a year and I have been ranked in Google and very proud of it it makes me fell that what I am doing is important not just for my self but bring a bit of light to the table.
always a better way
EddySalomon Premium
You're welcome Linda. It's great to hear that you're having success.
JeffL61 Premium
The one great takeaway that I took in reading this article, Eddy, is that sometimes it takes a bit of patience for posts that you create on your website for them to reach fruition - that is of the $$$ type.

Thanks Eddy for this bit of inspiration in letting members know that attaining financial success in an online business can be accomplished - but only through hard work!
EddySalomon Premium
Indeed Jeff. You definitely get it.
MPH6 Premium
Exactly right Eddy.
I followed/am following the training properly. I have only 10 posts so far, but one of them ranked on page one of Google, bing and Yahoo and so far has given me 11 sales. I will keep on writing as I know if I keep on then other posts will start to rank high and make me money too.
Thanks for your inspirational posts. Those and other people's too are a lot of help to me and keeps me motivated.
Take care,
EddySalomon Premium
Congrats on your success Michael. Keep that effort up. Don't let up. Not all articles will lead to ranking or money. But you improve your chances of that by giving Google more and more options to find you and reward you.
MPH6 Premium
Thanks a lot Eddy, there's no way I'll be giving up. I'd say I'm pretty much addicted now and I enjoy every aspect. The training, research, writing. Learning all the time and that's definitely a good thing.
Take care
EddySalomon Premium
That's great to hear. You'll have long term success because of that attitude.
HeidiY Premium
I am very grateful for your blog and others like it that members post. It had set me up to think long term, which I certainly wasn’t when I first came.

I knew I’d have the website long term but I thought I’d bang in an affiliate link and the next day I’d be selling!

But during our building period it is great to see confirmation that if we are following the training we will get there. It’s easy to start doubting yourself so I appreciate the proof that it does work.

Thanks Eddy
EddySalomon Premium
Hey Heidi,

You're welcome. I think many of us come here misguided. So that's why members like myself and the training seek to rid people of that mentality so they can succeed. Somtimes people ignore the message, they leave and then come back and realize we were right.

So we all learn at different times. As long as we do learn and move in the right direction, that's all that matters.