Are Kyle & Carson Actually Real?


I know it's very common in this industry to have fake personas especially if you're promoting something shady. You don't want people to really know who you are, so you might make up a name or even use fake pictures. Some people do this because they know if folks run into them they may be welcomed with a punch to the face.

I'm sure when some of you first came to WA you thought the same thing about Kyle & Carson. You might be reading this now and still think these guys are fake. Well I gotta keep it 100% real with ya'll...

The Truth About Kyle & Carson

The reality is these guys are….. really real! LOL No, Kyle & Carson aren't mythical creatures or fake personas. They are just as real as you and I. And yes I do really exist as well. Check out the pic below of me and the guys:

So How Did I Meet Them?

Well I was fortunate enough to be chosen to attend the Las Vegas Incentive program this past week. If you don't know what it is, check it out by clicking here.

But basically it's for affiliates that have hit a certain number of WA sales within the year. It's Kyle and Carson's way of thanking us for introducing so many people to this wonderful community. You're flown out to Las Vegas, stay in the MGM, Hang out with the guys and other successful affiliates and see a sweet show.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words...

Here are some pictures of my trip to inspire you. My Livingroom suite, my actual bedroom, The View from my room, Ticket to Michael Jackson's Awesome Vegas Show. The crew:

But as you can see, Kyle and Carson don't half ass it. You really feel like you've made it with them.

So What Are Kyle & Carson Really Like?

On the web you can fake the funk and act like whatever you want. We all know there are marketers out there fronting like they are ballers or as if they really care about you when they don't. But the reality is most of guys are as fake as the boobs I saw in Las Vegas. (Don't judge me. LOL) The good news is that the Kyle and Carson you've seen here at WA are the same in person. They sincerely care about helping you make money with your online business! The game plan to achieve this is by continuing to improve Wealthy Affiliate based on the feedback of it's community. Some would argue that Wealthy Affiliate is already the best. At this juncture, I couldn't argue against that and why I've been here for so many years.

But Kyle & Carson are over achievers and not satisfied! They really want to see ALL of US succeed in our online businesses not just the top affiliates promoting WA.

So not surprisingly our discussions were on how we can improve WA for all of you. Doing so will obviously make us all more money by default. Because the happier folks are with WA, the more likely they are to stay and invest in themselves via a membership here. However we weren't talking about shady tactics or tricks to squeeze more money out of members. We focused our energy on enhancements to WA that make learning even easier, adding tools to keep you better organized and getting rid of things that may not provide as much value.

That was the direction of our conversation. That's a vast difference than some of the MLMs meetings we all have witnessed where it's more about hype and pushing more product down people's throats.

I'm Proud

My take away from this Vegas trip is that I'm proud to be a member of WA and proud to be under the leadership of Kyle and Carson. It's so rare to find people who are that successful but at the same time are humble and want to help more people. That's the type of people we should all associate ourselves with. You know the saying birds of a feather flock together. And I'm happy to be associated with folks with that type of integrity. This is why Wealthy Affiliate will continue to be my number 1 recommendation for anyone looking to make some real money online and willing to work to make it happen!

My Hopes…

I really hope that next year I see a lot more of you folks at this conference. It was great finally meeting and hanging out with my buddy Steve from and his lovely wife Amanda. It was also great meeting the other guys too. The amount of talent and knowledge at the conference was mind blowing. And I know many of you would benefit from it! But even if you're not at the conference my hope is that you take full advantage of the training, support and the wonderful leadership of Kyle & Carson because they are the real deal and want to help you!

Thanks for reading.

Eddy with a Y. (LOL)

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Recent Comments


Superb and inspirational, buddy! Terrific to meet Kyle and Carson in person! I wish I could, one day! Not only through any program here but through any future success if my venture got anything to do in their area of living.

Or the success I have in future will enable me to pay a respectful visit just to meet this two persons that play great key roles for knowledge etc to my success pursuing.

I never doubted their REAL existence in a blip since the first day. I can say, Kyle superb personal touch is the defining moment in helping me to go further in the business I am pursuing currently.

Thanks for your great blog sharing, my man. :)

You're welcome Afqm!

Glad you liked it!

Hi, Eddy...

Congrats first of all on your success pushing WA...

Now, I have a question...Is the base equation of what WA is and will be a dream or reality?

I have a reason for asking this....

You have achieved phenomenal success as a WA advocate, and rightly so, as you show with over 300 signups for the program....

What is your response to competitor programs?

Is this platform REALLY the place to learn what you need to know to have success online with affiliate marketing?

I am talking niches here, NOT Wealthy Affiliate...

Personally, I think it is, but, it would be helpful for you to expand on this a bit?

What is it EXACTLY that convinces you of this?

Dave : )

Hey David,

I don't think I understand your comment or question. But I'll take a stab. What WA teaches here has survived the test of time. I've been running my blog since 2003 and all I've done is apply what WA teaches. It's now 2017 and the fundamentals of what they teach still works. It doesn't really matter what the niche is. I recently started a new blog in a totally different niche in march. And the blog started making money within a few months. So I know what they teach is reality back in 2007 when I started and now in 2017.

I've learned so much about affiliate marketing, internet marketing and running a business from this place. So I can speak from my experience. And based on my conversations with other super affiliates, they are living proof that what WA teaches is real and can help you grow an online business in various ways. I'm not sure if that answers your question or not.

Good answer and thanks, Eddy...

I too have seen the success that the program offers (certainly not to the degree you have yet, but your success is a marker for me to work towards and surpass!)...

As opposed to the programs I flirted with (and wasted time, money, and effort on) prior to finding Wealthy Affiliate, what is here is all-encompassing and offers a clear path to a viable online business...

Further, many of the lessons learned here apply to other areas of online marketing business as there are some basic skills that you need for all of the online marketing segments...

Since I tend to be an overachiever, I have leveraged what I have learned here and elsewhere on and offline plus added in my prior business experiences to develop what I call a Master Plan...

This encompasses more than affiliate marketing, but certainly that focus permeates throughout the other activities I am into or building, and it is providing a steady and growing, but not large amount of income...

Regarding your experience(s) with Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Marketing...

Of the many benefits this place offers, one of the most important I think is the continued participation by seasoned members such as yourself.

I know that from what I have seen the members that are achieving massive conversions for Wealthy Affiliate membership tend to stick with helping out members that they recruit, over a lot of community participation...

I think this is a natural part of growing your business and just being too busy for a lot of social chatter, so is to be expected. It would be nice to have a bit more participation by the experts, but I do understand...

This is why also...

I appreciate your feedback to my comment, and it is much as I expected, so you have affirmed my belief regarding affiliate marketing in general and Wealthy Affiliate as well...

Cheers and continued success for you and your online business!

Dave : )

I'm glad my response helped Dave.

This is an awesome write up Eddy (with a Y LOL). I look forward to getting to go next year. Lots of work between now and then, but its nice to see some feed back from someone who has gotten the privilege to go to Vegas and hang with Kyle and Carson. Maybe I'll see ya there next year!

Sounds good Lance.

I really so needed this. I have to share this with my wife to help belay any thoughts or ideas that i have been hoodwinked into something again. I need for this to be be real, i will do my part for my family and those i want to be able to be even more helpful because of their sincere need.

Hey Charles,

I'm happy this hit home for you. That's exactly why I wrote it because I've been there before. You may also want to read the following:

Looks great I have to admit. I have to be honest though. I have a ways to go before I find success here. Right now life is not smooth sailing for me so I proceed with caution. I keep writing content and marketing and hope for the best. I have faith that whatever happens I'll be OK. Roof over the head and food on the table. Life of a veteran....

Hey David,

I hear ya. Just make sure as you writing content and marketing you check in with the person who referred you to see you're on the right path. You also have all the other members here as well to help you.

Yep, I can definitely relate. When I joined Wealth Affiliate, I received a "generic" email. Nothing unusual. But then I received a message, within the portal; I was still skeptical, so I decided to send Kyle a message back. To my astonishment, he replied back! And I knew he was "real" because he commented to specific things I said in my message, one of them being that I was surprised he got back to me. (Pinocchio saying "I'm a real boy!" kept playing over and over in my mind, lol).

A blog from Steve of Ivetriedthat, is what led me to Wealth Affiliate, so I would REALLY like to meet him to thank him in person.

Thanks for sharing those pics Eddy!


You're welcome.

Eddy (with a Y),
This was a very inspiring thing to read! I could barely sit still as I was telling my husband about the incentives, and of course about the potential earnings! I am getting really excited to get in depth with WA! Thanks for sharing and I hope that myself and my husband get to meet you in Vegas one day real soon!

I'm so happy to hear that Jimmie. You went from skeptical to excited so I did my job of showing you the potential and that this is real. lol

Yes you did. lol


Hey, great that you shared the experience! I can only imagine how developmental this was for you. Can I suggest something to improve WA? I would love to see a comprehensive encyclopedia of plugins. I mean with normal people people speak. I usually read about a potential new plugin and search the WA community for it and there's usually not much discussion on it. I figured if there was an example of a plugin and it simply said 1) Yes, its compatible with WA servers 2) It may / may not slow down your site more than most plugins 3) Yes it does / no it doesn't involve coding skills for customization etc etc. A lot of the plugins don't give you this information and I think for many WA users, getting a powerful new plugin can feel like a risky jump in the dark that could lead to a long back-and-forth with WA support. Nice one Eddy!

Hey Nick,

That's something you can share with Kyle or Carson directly. But they really set up WA so you're not using a lot of plugins. Because that's when you start to have conflicts and speed performance issues. It would be exhausting to go through all plugins that are added regularly to determine which are ideal for WA sites.

That's something each site owner needs to test with trial and error. Or use premium themes that have a lot of the plugin functionality already built in which is what I do. At the end of the day, the most important thing on your site that you really want to focus on is your content.

I discuss this here:

Thanks. Is there somewhere I can go to get information on what plugins to expect with certain themes? It may well be there on the theme selector but I've only ever used the one, so I'm not so well travelled in this area. Gunna read that link now. Thanks again for your speedy reply

No I don't know of anything like that.

I like what u said and i will like to know way more about plugin aswell

Hey Nacon, Some of the premium themes and plugins I use are found here:

Tks i will check them out do u know if i can add a live chat room in my page?

Just do a google search for a live chat plugin.

Tks 4 ur help

Hey there Eddy with a "Y", at first I had some serious doubts about WA and Kyle and Carson and even the community, but after doing all my research on google about the whole thing I figured what do I have to lose by trying it. I mean initially it started as a free starter membership.
Now after reading your blog, I am finally convinced that this online business thing is 100% real and not just another scam so I guess I owe you a load of gratitude.
I actually feel better than before about doing this now and with some hard work and persistency, I am confident that it will all finally pay off.
You guys in the community are awesome!

Glad to hear it Zoli!

You got me there. Lol. When I read your title, I stopped for a moment and began to doubt. My curiosity made me open and read your blog. Thanks, Eddy! It's great to know how real everyone is in this community. And I'm glad you emphasized your name with a Y. You're so "Eddyeasty!"

LOL, I'm glad it caused you to read the article. At least any of your doubts are now put to rest. And I always have to reinforce the Eddy with a y otherwise people just spell it the "wrong" way. lol

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