NBN Australia

Last Update: June 30, 2016

I have not been as active in recent days on WA as Internet services have been up and down where I live.

Australia is rolling out a new NBN service (National Broadband Network) which is hopefully going to provide a faster better service for both Metro and Country areas across the Country.

I cannot wait, then I can have better service to be more active on WA and build my websites and manage them in a more efficient way.

Now Australia will catch up with the rest of the world with their Internet and satellite services, connecting more with the rest of the world.

Looking forward to being more connected to you lovely people :)

Regards, Lisa

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JDunyon Premium
Hopefully it does as it promises
With-Kev Premium
We have it here in Dubbo, just finish and will be installed on the 8th. Can't wait.Hope you get it soon Lisa. Cheers Kev
Ecowarrior Premium
Ours is Due in late July for my area. Let me know how yours goes!
GayleneNepia Premium
Hope it comes sooner than later. I guess we're lucky in NZ - at least where I live, not so much for rural areas. All the best.
cosmicradio Premium
Can't be any slower than my computer, Lisa. :)
SteveCrozza Premium
I understand what you are saying, being an Aussie too I know where NBN is at and I hope it delivers as they promise. But there is nothing worse than unreliable internet. Good luck.
Ecowarrior Premium