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February 26, 2017
I have had quite a battle with my health, and tried to come back too early to WA. Unfortunately I came back out of remission, and had to take more time off.Finally I am getting back to good health, and looking forward to reconnecting with the community, and updating my websites. Thanks to all the good wishes I have received, much appreciated!
October 30, 2016
I have been very ill for quite a while, and have been missing WA.I am hoping to be back again, as just had to take more time out for some weeks now to get myself healthier and recover from treatment has been intense with Chemotherapy and other issues.I have really missed the WA family and hope to be back in the near future, blogging and chatting with the WA Community.My websites need attention too, so rreally need to get onto it.regards to all,Lisa Cuthbert
August 16, 2016
Have been away for as long time as I became critically ill. Have missed you all, and although I am still recovering day by day, I am gradually getting back on my feet.Thanks for the well wishes along the way, and I am very appreciative of being back in the land of the living. My Rank has dwindled somewhat and my websites have suffered but I will be back to my best soon!
Hi Everyone,Sorry I have not been active for a while, unfortunately I have been quite ill and now have pneumonia, so need to take some time out!Hope to be back real soon!Keep striving my lovelies!Best regards, Lisa
June 30, 2016
I have not been as active in recent days on WA as Internet services have been up and down where I live.Australia is rolling out a new NBN service (National Broadband Network) which is hopefully going to provide a faster better service for both Metro and Country areas across the Country.I cannot wait, then I can have better service to be more active on WA and build my websites and manage them in a more efficient way.Now Australia will catch up with the rest of the world with their Internet and s
I started trying out Adwords Express for one of my commercial websites and it did ok but thought I could boost it a little better! So I decided on Adwords.The difference between Adwords Express to Adwords is that with Adwords Express it is an automatic set-up to keywords, relative to your niche, which you cannot change or choose yourself!Adwords allows you to choose your own keywords and own bid on each keyword for your campaign!Since I switched from Adwords Express to Adwords, the results ha
June 23, 2016
Logged on today and saw I had ranked 100 exactly!Now if I was playing cricket for Australia I have made the century!Thanks all for the support I have received here! Next stop, Top 50!I love it here so much at WA, and will be around for a long time!Cheers and have a great day!
June 21, 2016
I blogged a few weeks back when going through a difficult time that ' Nothing is constant, and things will eventually change' Sometimes it is hard to see that things will get better.Well since I have been at WA, I have worked hard, had fun, and my spirits have been lifted by the kind community here at WA. I have learned new skills and knowledge and now opportunites have come my way, and my circumstances have changed for the better!I have embraced the new opportunites that have come into my li
June 16, 2016
I have been working on my 3 sites and adding content and progressing with some small returns, which is great, but then I met someone through another business person, and great things happened!He and his wife had been directed to look at my sites, and see what I had done, and asked me about my plans for the future. They have now asked me to work on their website development for their business, and write content for their businessin in an ongoing capacity!They are offering a good remuneration for
I have been carrying on for a while, of how I am not doing very well with my time management and getting tasks completed within WA, and on my Websites!I kept thinking of ways I could change this and tried some suggested ideas, and then brain caught up finally! (Yes it is a bit slow sometimes but gets there in the end)I have run conventional businesses in the past and I always did a business plan and was very successful sticking to that plan!So lightbulb moment! I have done a business plan over