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Last Update: December 02, 2017

If you are in a quandary like I was as to why my posts and keywords weren't ranking well, I can tell you to keep writing. It all comes back to quality, relevant, helpful content.

If you do, and you have followed the WA training as to how to optimize your content for SEO, eventually your posts and pages will start ranking.

Once this happens, the traffic should come, and hopefully you will start to see some conversions.

Understand that it does take time. Rome wasn't built in a day. If you do persevere, you are setting yourself up for a lifelong, successful business that you can do anywhere at anytime.

Content is king.

So, if in doubt, write it out.

All the best, Tom

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Cindyda1 Premium
I need to be reminded of this often! I get anxious and think nothing is ever going to happen! Thanks for the reminder!
sb4269 Premium
Thanks for the encouragement Tom. Awesome heads up! Hears to Ranking our Blogs in time and rebuilding Rome!
subcpo14 Premium
Tom, Thanks and content and variety is king and queen. jay
Edi67 Premium
That is true and thanks for sharing this convincing statement.
MKearns Premium
Trust me. After awhile it's automatic!