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I personally don't share my website with too many people because I don't want to create any unnecessary competition. I share all my strategies and if I showed my website you could easily just take what I do. It took me a while to come up with this strategy and to find keywords and write, so I'm a little protective.

However, I'd like to share a website that perfectly sums up my strategy and one that you can get some ideas from.

Here's it is:

Here's some stats about this website:

Age: 1 year


Last month was 370,000 clicks!

Number of articles: 38 best of posts and 38 "how to" posts (Every best of post gets a corresponding "how to choose" post). There's also hundreds of individual reviews too.

This is the kind of website you should be striving for. In one year you can write 38 best of posts and 38 how to articles. Once you start getting good commissions from those ($2000+) you can pay someone to write individual reviews (it'll prob cost between $25 to $30 per review)

In two years you can have up to 100 best of posts and 100 how to articles (that you wrote) and 200 reviews that you payed for (which will cost around $6000). You'll be on par with TechGear if you do this.

To put it in perspective, my website made around $4500 last month with 36,000 clicks. If I had 370,000 clicks, like TechGear, I would have made $45,000!!!!!

It's possible to make a ton of money doing affiliate marketing and it's easier than you think. It comes down to keywords, planning and writing consistently. You have to write a few hours a day Monday through Friday, even if you have a full time job. I had to do it when I started out. It sucks but it's worth it in the long run. Now I'm full time and I only have to work about 20 hours a weeks. Sacrifice a little now so you get an easier future.

I hope this helped and if you're looking to learn more about how to make money with affiliate marketing, check out my training:

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This is a really in-depth site and reaffirms what we all suspect - that you need to work hard up front before seeing the rewards. There is no way around this but thankfully sites like these that we can refer to save us a ton of time.
I've just had a light bulb go off in my head and have at least 10 "best of" posts I can get started on and that should keep me busy for some time to come.
Thanks for throwing the switch.

This is an awesome site but they also have an entire Lab filled with many employees and reviewers. they say they buy every single product they test at retail price which is hard to believe but nonetheless less, their site rocks.

they give me good ideas. not.sire I have the manpower and capital to mimic this site though. it's pretty extensive and I sure they pay for advertising on Google Adwords, FB and Instagram

Do you ever pay for advertising?

Thank you for sharing this site! I guess I'm not far enough along to consider paying other people to help me write content, but I can see where that strategy could be good in the future. I'm happy that you're doing so well and able to do this full time now. I'm learning that consistency (And possibly short-term sacrifice, as you're not the only person to say that) is they key to everything.

- Christina

Great example and inspiration from you. Thank you, Dylan. By any chance do you have any idea how those fancy comparison charts are created on their websites? Is it a plugin, paid for service, part of their theme? I would love to know if possible.

Also if I may add another question to this. Since I am new here, what are a few of the best themes to build a site like TechGearLab on the WA system?

I actually don't know how they're built but I don think they're all that important. They probably paid to have them done, though.

Seems that those "best of" post convert very well! Even though I have sometimes +3,000 unique visitors per day, I am faaaaaaar away from your conversion rates :D

I must start writing a few "Best of" posts. They just feel a bit risky because they take so much time and effort but probably I must try again because of your positive experiences.

As long as you follow all my tips, they're not very risky. I started writing in late May and got around 35 to 40 done in that time - all together they're making me around $1000 a week. So they get a high return.

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experiences! I appreciate it.

Awesome, D. I love this post. Most of all, I love your willingness and generosity to share with the community - priceless. Information is key. It is what we do with the information that we have that makes a difference. Thanks so much for taking the time to share.

no problem

Hi Dylan, great post and thank you for sharing!
TechGearLab has other sisters websites, such as OutdoorGearlab and BabyGearLab. These are beautiful and huge websites, and they buy all their products to review them and invest a lot of money to promote their sites. We really need to make a lot of money to reach their level. I don't say it's impossible, but quite hard:) Do you buy your products that you review? Or it doesn't matter?

I personally don't and suspect most people don't

This is awesome.

This is exactly the path I wanna go for. Also the results are great, in short period (at least from my point of view).

Thanks a lot Dylan.
I am gonna print this article out ant put in on my wall to take a look on it, whenever I feel like not writing.


Got to keep writing. This persona had some money to spend to get some results but i dont see why you couldnt get there in a few years

Dylan thank you for this article and love your training too, very valuable.

I haven't completed the OEC yet.Do you recommend starting with OEC for someone starting out or bootcamp?

Assuming OEC is the path taken, how can someone integrate your training on "best of posts" in it.

Is the path like this? Complete OEC>>>your training?

I mean does OEC teach "best of post" strategy?I got the feeling that writing content the way you teaches produce profits quicker than the OEC way,is that true?correct me if I am wrong.

Also is your training more like a mini niche site rather than authority site?

By oec do you the training here? If so, basically just replace individual reviews for best of posts or do a fifty fifty split. And this is for an authority site.

Yes, Dylan , I mean "Online Entrepreneur Certification-OEC", the "get started here" course which is the main training and thank you for your reply.

Yes this is my strategy too, glad to see you share it. Creating the bulk of my best of now, and leaving the individual reviews to when I can hire writers. I'm using "how tos" as a sales funnel for the best of posts.
I'm also working on getting quality back-links to my site. Any luck with that?

I think that's the way to go honestly. I actually don't worry about backlinks.. I figure I'll get them naturally in time.

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
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One Profit Ready Website
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