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Last Update: July 25, 2018

Hey, what's going on?

I want to share a way to make money on Youtube that's very simple and is something any person can do. Remember Yotube is the second biggest search engine.

If you haven't read my training on making a 6 figure website do so because the strategy is basically the same.

Here's the training:

Basically my strategy is best of lists with the year. So best toaster ovens 2018 would be an option.

Google is pretty competitive and it can be pretty hard to rank for these terms now. Can it be done? Sure! But it's going to take a post that's 5000 words+ and that can take a week to write.

I still think you should go for it but I would recommend making Youtube videos as well. You might think it's hard but it's actually easier than creating a 5000 word guide.

My Own Results

A while ago I wanted to test my strategy of "best of's" on Youtube. I made 8 very, very, very low quality Youtube videos with 8 best of keywords. When I saw low quality I literally just screen recorded a power point I made and used a $50 mic to record my voice.

There were no special effects and my face wasn't on camera.

So how many views did these 8 low quality videos get in total? Over 200,000!

I made a big mistake, though. I didn't link the products in the description to Amazon. I just linked to my site so I have no idea how many sales I got from this but I'm sure it was pretty good.

I did make $500 on running ads on the videos, though, which isn't bad.

Each video took about 4 hours to make so I made $62 a video on ads alone! In the future I will put affiliate links in the description so I can track how many sales I make too.

Example to look at

You can just go to Youtube and type in "best "product" 2018" and you'll some channels that are already jumping on this trend.

Here's a good channel to look at called 10bestones:

This channel just makes 4 minute best of's and doesn't have a niche - it's just pretty random. They have 27,000 subscribers and has only been around for a little over a year.

Some videos have hundreds of thousands of views.

You get between $2 to $3 per 1000 views if you run ads. So a video that has 646,000 views like their top video has probably made over $1000. I'm guessing that video took less than a day to make.

That doesn't even factor in what they made in affiliate sales (every product in the video has an affiliate link in the description).

What You'll Need To Get Started

It doesn't take much to get started. All you'll need is a mic (Blue makes excellent microphones) and video recording program (screen-o-matic only costs $15 and Camtasia costs around $249).

That's it! You can get your Youtube career started for as low as $65 (that's what I did).

I'm going to purchase Camtasia because you can make better videos and add effects. But you can hold off on that until you start making money.

Also, Youtube recently changed its rules and you need 1000 subscribers before running ads. You can still put affiliate links to make money, however.

The competition is WAY less competitive on Youtube than Google and it's a great opportunity to make some easy money. Also, you usually rank within a day of posting your video. No waiting months to see results

After I'm done working on my current seasonal website in November I'm seriously considering making a big push on Youtube and making a channel to compete with 10bestones.

Even if you don't want to commit fully to Youtube, it would be a mistake to miss this easy traffic. If you're making best of guides you should make an accompanying Youtube video.

Hope this helps!

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VanessaN Premium
I have noticed that as well with the YouTube videos.

Writing those best of posts takes so much work. I haven't made it to 5000 words for any one article as yet; bordering on 1500 to 2000, but I am working on it.
dylanrieger Premium
You might want to try Youtube.. the videos don't have to be that long and it's a pretty easy process
VanessaN Premium
I have been considering it.
Nancy29 Premium
Thank you so much. Great information that I’ll be putting to use very soon.
dylanrieger Premium
I hope so!
ThimGraFort Premium
Wow, that's a great post. Thank you so much Dylanrieger.
I'll try to exploit your idea.
Thank you very much for posting.

Boaz Ethan
dylanrieger Premium
It's yours to exploit!
Sammy-B Premium
Sounds fabulous, Dylan. Have to look into that a bit more. Thanks for this great tip.
GailLowe Premium
This is some great advice Dylan and thank you so much for posting it.
Just one question about the 'best of' posts for blogs now as you say they need to be 5000 words. Is that just because Google are favouring longer posts nowadays?
Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Gail
dylanrieger Premium
I believe Google favors longer posts. Plus, the competition is high and everyone is writing lengthy posts
GailLowe Premium
OK thanks.