Anybody else having indexing problems?

Last Update: October 25, 2021

Just want to see if anyone is having the same problem as me.

Google has been very slow to index my new posts.. I've written a new blog post everyday for the last month and not a single one has indexed yet.

In Google Search Console it says these posts are "Discovered - Currently Not Indexed."

I've read a few articles about what this means but everyone seems to have a different answer.

My rankings haven't dropped at all and most of my content before this happened is top 5 in search. None of that has changed.

I've been having indexing problems all year but eventually the content ranks and ranks well.

But this seems like the worst it's been.

Anyway one else having similar issues?

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jvranjes Premium
The same here. But there is much more to this.

1. Some of such posts are indeed “excluded” i.e., not indexed.

2. But some of these “excluded” posts are in fact ranked as number 1 in Google.

3. In URL Inspection tool, I can see the result that some of such posts are indexed, but not submitted to sitemap.

4. But when I check the same posts in the sitemap, I actually find them in the sitemap.

So this is a complete mess.
dylanrieger Premium
Yeah it's a mess.. some posts come up as noindex on Search Console but are ranking just fine.

Hopefully they fix this soon.
etseil20 Premium Plus
Hi Dylan,

Yes, I’m having similar problems as well with indexing my posts in Google. It’s a bit frustrating for sure.

For the last several weeks, my GSC stats for my website have not been moving or changed much. So it must be an issue on Google’s end.

I notice the difference with my Bing Webmaster tool- where it’s working normally (I’m getting ranked, impressions and clicks each week).

At least I’m not the only one, so it’s good to be aware of it.

Thank you for asking, and to Vitaliy clarifying on this issue.


dylanrieger Premium
My content is showing up in Bing normally as well. Definitely a Google problem.
tommo1968 Premium Plus
All my latest are indexed but I did notice something strange today when putting in site:mywebsite(dot)com into google I only got one page of posts come back but I have just retried it and they all seem to be there again. Might be a re-indexing DNS server thingy going on over at the big G.
dylanrieger Premium
Yeah that's something that's been happening as well.. sometimes a post will show up and then disappear from Google.
Lebogang22 Premium
On my end i see them as indexed in Google Search Console but they don't appear in the search results for a while.

I'll even find internal links to the post itself on Google if I search for my site, whether on my home page or in other posts, but the post will be nowhere to be found.
dylanrieger Premium
Same with me.. if I look up with the keyword with my website it pops up in the blog section.. but the post itself isn't indexed.
joshua1999 Premium
Yeah, I have been having the same issue, Dylan,

Its funny because I initially thought it was due to interest going down in my niche.

However, after looking into the Google Search Console, I found about 30 odd posts had stacked up.

I agree with what Vitaily has said it does look like they are having issues with indexing, as most of my posts would normally rank within hours.

I've tried a few things to bring them to Google's attention, like internal linking, but what has worked for me is fetching each of them.

Depending on how many posts you have, you may not be able to do them all in one go, as they have a daily limit.

But over the course of a few days, you should see them back on Google fairly quickly.
dylanrieger Premium
I've fetched them a few times and manually asked for indexing.

It does seem to fix its self after a while. I just hate waiting this long for content to show up lol.