You Will Hate Me For This

Last Update: September 04, 2016

I know, I don't want to hear it either. But guess what? It won't be long before we will see Christmas items being displayed in the department stores and advertised on TV.

I enjoy Christmas but with the number of grand kids in different locations it is a bit of work. It takes some planning and definitely not to be left to the last minute.

Being affiliate marketers adds more work to our holiday list of things to do. But what a shot in the arm it can be. Just think of the increased number of buyers that will be on the internet ordering their gift items.

It is time to start planning your campaigns now!

Keep an eye on your merchants and the affiliate programs you are a part of. Most all of them will have holiday campaigns of their own to help in your promotion of their products.

It will take some work so it is best to start now. There will more than likely be banners and prices to change. Some will be offering free shipping and other enticements. Take full advantage of all of them.

These are a couple of the products I am featuring now.

These items will still be shown. But I plan to feature products more in this price range.

Just like planning gifts for the family it is not best left to the last minute. Create your strategy and start gearing up.

You might start creating Pinterest pins now. Think about creating a new board possibly. Maybe something like great holiday gift ideas. You can always take them down like your Christmas tree and save the for next year. The board and pins not the tree.

You might start planning some new posts. Create them on the products you promote. The 10 best picnic baskets for Christmas.

Start thinking about holiday hash tags.

Some planning now can go a long way in generating some great holiday income. Don't miss out.

You Got This! Go Get'em!

Until next time,

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cosmicradio Premium
Should be some nice commissions on some of those items, Tim!
Dreamer56 Premium
Yessir! Thanks for stopping by Rick
verazhelvis Premium
Very useful tips, thanks, Tim...The whole plan of actions...
a detailed one...
.But why so strange title?Everybody should be really grateful...:)
Dreamer56 Premium
No one wants to hear about Christmas in September Vera :)))) Hope things are going well. Thanks for your time.
DaleOdom Premium
Great post Tim!
Yes, Christmas will be upon us before we know it.
Dreamer56 Premium
Yes it will Dale. thanks for stopping by.
Chezbrown Premium
Love Christmas Tim but you do need to start planning now. I know I do lol. Xx
Dreamer56 Premium
It is time to get on it Cheryl you are correct. thanks for the visit.
CateR Premium
How could we hate you?!
Dreamer56 Premium
You are still blinded by the site map Cate ! :)) Thanks for your time