Been missing, and still to be out a bit.

Last Update: October 10, 2014

Hi to all.

Hard to believe I've not posted in so long, but a lot going on in my life. Will not bore any of you with it all. I'll just say that with work, personal life and my retirement plans, there have been a lot happening, some of it I like, and some I'm still trying to find the silver lining.

Over all things are really ok, just not as planned lol. I've been able to pop in once or twice a week to catch up on things, and its going to be more of the same for a while. Hopefully before too long I'll be able to get back and be here as often as I was before.

Best wishes on on your endeavors, and be back as soon as I can

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CarlaIves Premium
Come back when you can. It's okay. Life DOES get in the way at times.
stopscamming Premium
It is really nice to hear how you have been doing. Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you often.
KatieMac Premium
Glad your still in touch with WA and I am sure you will be able to catch up eventually, have a good weekend
zora2 Premium
Glad you popped in Ed. Blessings
kholmes Premium
Hey there, take your time and square things away. We will be here!
Have a great weekend. :))