Eyes Wide Shut Newbie 101

Last Update: May 30, 2018

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. You have come to the best affiliate program on the Web. This is where dreams come true. With that said, I decided to share some of my experiences, as a new premium member. My goal is to help you not to make my same mistakes.
1. Take the time to write a detailed PROFILE. Let people know who you are, where you come from, what hopes and dreams you have. What is your background, strengths, and weakness? Let me/us know you. Please don't use a stock picture; there are so many puppies running around WA, I can't tell one from other. It need not be your face but, take the time, and find a unique logo. Invest in yourself, and others will invest in you.
2. I Suddenly found myself engulfed in a beautiful community of friends. Next, I found myself spending more time with them than on my business. Remember time is critical if you wish to start a business. Go to training, do not stop to smell the roses. GO TO TRAINING. Ask your questions there, participate at the end of each class. You will find affirmation in doing so. I did not, and still find myself, returning to lessons. Worse yet, I was asking for information from the community taught in classes. This is a no-no, embarrassing. Take responsibility for your education.
3. Find your Niche, don't spend forever trying to find the "perfect" one, it's not out there. There is a niche around every corner. Start with a passion you want to share. If you don't have a passion in life, Well, now is a good time to find one. Start writing then write some more. Writing is your livelihood. If grammar and spelling are a challenge to you, they are for me, English is my third language. Invest in a program, book or go to the library. Again I will say INVEST in yourself and your business.
4. QUESTIONS. Being able to ask questions and share ideas is what makes this group so remarkable. When requesting information though, stop and think, is this about how WA works, or to share a new thought. Then great, these ideas are what makes this community thrive. Or are you requesting information, about your business, or something already covered in class? This community is made up of business people like you, wanting to make a living, goal or statement. They are not here to create your dream. I learned this the hard way, believe me, I asked every imaginable question out there. Finally, one day, (with the help of a kind blogger) I realized I was letting others create/and answer questions about MY business. What was I thinking? This is my dream, not others, was I going to allow other well-meaning, possibly misinformed individuals create my business. I was even asking for legal advice on specific affiliate programs. This community is not made up of attorney's( and if you find one, are you willing to pay for their time) You are here to build a business. INVEST in your yourself, search, read and learn, make it your own. Be respectful of other members time. And pay it forward. Then pay it forward again, I find it fun to go back to training classes and spend fifteen minutes answering questions.
5. WORDPRESS is a world of its own, if you are not familiar with it, buy a book. "WordPress for Dummies" I have found it to be especially helpful. You can find a used one on Amazon, very inexpensively. I dreamt plugins were chasing me down the hall!
6. Set GOALS for each day and stick to it. I found myself getting distracted and wandering around the community. There is so much to learn and read, you can (and I did) spend entire days wandering around WA. Now I set my business goals the night before I go to bed. Then each morning I start my day with them. I accomplish them first to best of my ability. Then I go out into the community, to learn about everything I thought I knew and didn't.
7. I find reading my e-mail at the end of the day is less distracting. E-mail is essential but sidetracking as well. I set up an e-mail account just for WA; many may find this helpful.
In summary, I won't wish you luck; you don't need it. I will say have an incredible journey. Work hard and remember to stop and enjoy the trip.

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onmyownterms Premium
This is an incredible post that you can use to welcome folks to the community. Kudos to you.
MojalefaR Premium
Hello, Sandy

After I joined this community, I got sucked in by responding to the emails and commenting on the posts. I loved it so (still do) because I had not come across such a positive atmosphere that had no pressure at all. Most importantly, the support is generous and consistent.

Then, I could somehow balance responding to the emails and doing the training. I whizzed through level 1 of the Certification Course until website construction of Level 2, specifically, content building. I am still figuring out what on earth is my difficulty! But I have no doubt I will overcome it, whatever it is. The result has been spending a lot more time with the community than with the business. There are valuable nuggets in the blogs, but with balance in the way I approach the work, I am bound to still get them.

Overall, great advice, Sandy. I will follow.

All the best and ...

dragonfly10 Premium Plus
I also am having trouble getting my first site of the ground. check out some of the youtube, s they are giving me the booth I need. I also set up a hidden closet (it has a large window) so I could get some real quality time in. The munchkins running around the house can find me. :)
LeeMcQuay Premium
This is probably the best advise I have seen yet.
You are an amazing lady Sandra. I love the picture as well.

After reading this I almost wanted to switch my profile picture back to the one of myself.

But I choose not to as the little ones in the picture I have up are mine and my grand kids. They are who I am. They are my world.
My picture is still below for everyone to see.

I will be taking some of your advice as it sounds very logical. Like reading the emails at the end of the day as well as having a separate email for WA.

You have given such great advice, I don't know where to start.
You are the second person in the last hour that has advised to not get caught up in "helping others" which is what I have done.

My normal motto is Best Of Luck In All You Do, so instead,
Leave such an impression that they may forget your name but they will remember what you were about.

Lee Ann
EandS2018 Premium
Thank you for ALL of that . I appreciate your candor .
dragonfly10 Premium Plus
Dear Elain,
I hope I did not sound to candid! I love this community and it would not exist without all the new members. I was just hoping to save them from all my mistakes.
Your friend Sandy
dragonfly10 Premium Plus
Well, I did my first WA blog!