The Complete Guide To Moving Your Site Out Of WA

Last Update: June 08, 2015

Due to some limitations that I ran into with not having direct access to the database and a few other technical issues, I decided to move my website out of Wealthy Affiliate and over to a hosting account that I already had.

Following are all the steps I went through to move my site. The following video is extremely easy to follow and will show you most of the steps I followed :)

1. You'll need the new Domain Name Servers (DNS) information for your new web host. I then logged in to my domain account, and added the new DNS info. NOTE: I did not remove the WA DNS info, but just added the new servers to the account.

2. I installed a plugin called WordPress Duplicator:

Watch this video tutorial on how to move your site with Duplicator:

3. I followed the instructions in the video above and downloaded the installer.php file and the archive (.zip) file.

4. On my NEW server, I created an add-on domain through cPanel.

5. On my NEW server, I created a new database (instructions are also included in the above video) through cPanel.

5. Uploaded the installer & archive that I previously downloaded to my new websites root folder.

6. In a new browser tab, I navigated to the installer.php file and followed the instructions to install the archive by adding the database information that I'd just created. I then let the program do it's thing..

7. I tested the website in its new home.

8. Finished by cleaning up all of Duplicator's files - instructions are all included.

9. Went back to my domain name registrar and removed the Wealthy Affiliate DNS information. Keep in mind it can take up to 24 hours for the new DNS info to fully resolve.

Final note: I did have to go into the general settings and change the URL of the site after moving it. WordPress was showing it as a subdomain, and not the actual domain. I then reset the Permalinks :)

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MarineMom Premium
This information will be very helpful to many members. Thanks.
DianneF Premium
Always happy to help.. and figured if I was stuck, then others would be having trouble too!
Prestones Premium
Great job! Duplicator is a great way to move a site. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you'll get it done.

I used it a while ago to create a local copy of a web site on my computer so I could thrash out the details of making the site mobile friendly, then uploaded the modified site again. No muss, no fuss.

Good share!

DianneF Premium
Thanks Dennis! I'll change this into training and expand on it once my 3 months as premium are up lol :)
ShirleyWoon Premium
Whew, this is going to take me a while to assimilate. Still very useful information. I've saved this into my database and also bookmarked for future use.

Thank you Dianne. God bless........
DianneF Premium
I was thankful my host provided the video and the easy way to do everything lol.
kirkW Premium
Good to know. Thanks
DianneF Premium
You're welcome Kirk :)
Lazyblogger Premium Plus
Great information. Thank you Dianne.
DianneF Premium
Hopefully it helps someone lol :)