Christmas with Amazon

Last Update: December 26, 2014

Checking my e mail on Christmas morning I found a message from Amazon informing me that they are rejecting my affiliate status for lack of referrals.

Well Merry Christmas to you too Amazon!

I have heard a lot of other problems from others here at WA with Amazon as well.

I am choosing not to do business with a company that would be the Scrooge on Christmas Day.

I will not be reapplying to Amazon.


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Judy-B Premium
Yeah, I feel the same about Amazon. They rejected me because I didn't have enough traffic. They don't even give you a chance. As they say, upward and onward. :)
BenORourke Premium
Sorry to hear that Doug, but at least you won't waste any more time on them:)
danbarth87 Premium
Sorry to hear about that, man.
There is no reason for them to do that on Christmas morning, especially when YOU are the one doing them a favor by being an affiliate.
Michelle04 Premium
So sorry to hear they would do this to you on Christmas Day! Are you sure it wasn't just the warning letter that you have so much longer and then they are removing you? I always say when a company gets too big, it is bad news......
dhayman Premium
No, was final notice.
kennnyb Premium
I am sure that they will be sending me that message very soon and I agree with you. There are a lot of other places that you can choose to apply to that are more valuable to you in the future. I made that same mistake as you thinking that I should go right away to a network before I was ranking high on Google This should be first priority......Traffic first.