Writing Tips Revealed - part 7

Last Update: November 30, 2016


Each text has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Grab a piece of paper or open a page on your computer and think about the difference between the end and the beginning.

It's all about change, development, for what other reason would someone like to read your text?

If you understand how your text is going to develop, you are able to determine your starting point.

Again this has to do with your purpose and your audience.

If you have an overview on the beginning and the end, then you know what work has to be done in the middle part.

Try to put this on paper.

Therefore you can make use of tags and write a topic on each of it.

But you can also do it on your computer.

Personally I like to use tags, more easy to oversee and 'to play' with certain text.

(to be continued)

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brooksbode90 Premium
It's always a good thing to sharpen our capacity to write.
brooksbode90 Premium
You're quite right, . . . welcome, thank you too, Desmond.
AlexEvans Premium
Anything that helps in the writing stakes greatly appreciated Desmond thank you for sharing.
despatis Premium
Yep Alexander! Websites, blogs, reviews and so on, it all starts and ends with writing. Thanks for your positive input.