Salam Ramadhan to all members who celebrate!

Last Update: May 16, 2018

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Al-Mubarak to all our muslim members.

May this month full of blessings and bring you peace, happiness and prosperity.

May Allah accept from you and from all of us and may your prayers be answered.

Amen آمين

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Be blessed!!

Tried and True


Hi Elaine, thanks for your support, most appreciated.

Kindest regards,

Have a blessed month and holiday. Carol

Thank you so much Carol!


You're welcome, Desmond. Carol

May we all know love and peace in ourselves and the people around us.

Hi Jerry, so true! We've to find peace in ourselves first before trying to improve the world.

All the best,

Good evening Desmond,

That really is a long time, hope you are keeping well.
I am not a Muslim but as I believe we are all the same I say thank you for your good wishes.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Hi Taetske, indeed a long time ago, really nice to be in touch again! I'm very busy with my daily work with less time for my WA-course but I'm doing fine.

As you might remember I'm working in world's largest Islamic country, so at least what I can do is to wish our moslim friends within WA a lot of succes during their fasting month.

Kind regards from South-East Asia,

I fully agree with you Desmond,

One should always try to unite instead of separate.

Best wishes from the south, Taetske

Hi, Desmond.
It has been some time now.
Nice to hear from you.

I am not a Muslim, but I wish complete Mubarak (peace) to all. I am a Sikh and look back at the problems of 1947. Ghandi, Jinnhah and Nehru had their indifferencies. It was a very sad time.

We are not supposed to post our political views here at WA.

However, I will take the the chance to wish you well. Happy 'Mubarak.'

As you know, might know, I am a monotheist and lead life that way.,

Leave it that way for now because this post might get deleted.

Peace (Mubarak) to all my friend.

Kindest regards,

Paul from Canada.

Dear Paul, it's good to hear from you also! Thanks for reading and for your kind attention. I'm not a Muslim either, but I assume that there is a significant number of Muslims among the members.

Take care and have a good time,

Peace and happiness.


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