What I have Achieved In Nearly Three Years At Wealthy Affiliate.

Last Update: October 03, 2019

Here is what I have Achieved as a Wealthy Affiliate Member.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in November 2016. To be honest I was happy to find Wealthy Affiliate. I spent a lot of wasted time going from one scam website to another trying to Earn Money Online, I refused to give up looking though. Somehow I knew I would find a platform that would work for me and able me to Earn Money Online. When I found Wealthy Affiliate I went premium almost immediately. This is a lonng post lol so grab a coffee lol :)

Funnily enough I was so scared that if I didn't upgrade I would lose out on Wealthy Affiliate forever. After getting so fed up of all the false lies and promises of the scam platforms that offered me a quick way to earn money. ''When'' in all essence they damn well knew I wouldn't make a dime. They just wanted my money. That is sad. There is nothing worse than when you are broke and you need to earn money and all they want is the money that you simply haven't got.

Think about it how many times you have typed into Google search bar ''Earn Money Online.'' ''Earn money online fast.''. ''How to earn money online for free.'' I was doing this all the time. After getting sick and tired of being hit with Mega Up-sells. Yes I even tried the Open University. I passed the exams to enroll but they also wanted £2.500 just to get started. It was an endless round of everyone wanting my money upfront. I cried many tears trying to get ahead online.

Yes I even Tried MLM

Two companies I joined that spanned over 2 and half years. I failed terribly. I was just another product buyer and my sponsors were rubbish.

They didn't help me they just wanted to get ahead themselves. By doing so they got on my nerves to keep hassling other people to buy the over-rated expensive products.

Not even telling me I wouldn't get paid if I didn't have three or yes even 5 active legs in my downline.

They do not train you how to Market yourself properly. Most sponsors don't even know themselves. That is why so many struggles at MLM.

Getting back to my first months at Wealthy Affiliate.

I didn't have a clue how to set up a website. Having no experience at all. I was a complete newbie. Even struggling at some points in the training. So Having to do the training classes some modules about three or four times to get it to sink in.

So yes I was a ditsy but After getting through all the training. So will you. ''Even when'' you struggle you will get through it. Keep doing it and do not miss any of it. Do not skip through you will only have to back track. That was hard lesson I learned. So just keep at it.

Remember this we all started the same here. That is right at the beginning. We are all different some will do the training quicker. Some take longer.

Some take a long time to earn money some earn it almost immediately we are all different in that aspect. Just do not give up. Everything you will need to succeed is right here at Wealthy Affiliate. I can promise you that hand on my heart. It is up to you how you execute the training and what you do with it. The training works simple as!!

I Refused to give up.

I never contemplated giving up. ''Even when'' struggling to understand the training I never gave up. Giving up was not an option for me. No way was I going back to being another struggling Entrepreneur leaving myself wide open to all the B.S. Scams and Get Rich Quick Schemes. The worst thing is the videos you watch on these Get Rich Quick Schemes are so compelling and clever that you actually do fall for them. They know how to lure you in. I, couldn't bear the thought of having to do all that again.

Somehow, I knew Wealthy Affiliate was what I wanted and needed and I knew it was a safe place to Learn from and Earn from. Guess what I did find out though. Wealthy Affiliate is not just for Affiliate Marketers. Wealthy Affiliate is for those who want to tap into Local Marketing too. I did just that. My first ever successful website was for a Local Parking Lot. I did amazingly well for this company.

Jay, is one super clever guy. Jay, is also a Local Marketer.

Just in Case you Don't know Jay has Live training this week On LOCAL SEO. Don't miss it. Jay is brilliant. Here is the link to this weeks Live Training. Building A local Marketing Business

Getting back to my first Local Business Website.

I built the Website for free as I was so new still at building out websites and learning how to do SEO. I stipulated to the company that I would build their website for free. I would run the website for them in turn if the website generated any business then they could pay me commissions on any bookings that came via the website.

I took on board all the help I was getting from Kyle and My Referrer Pribs. I watched live training from Jay and After getting stuck into the training here at Wealthy Affiliate. I always remember Kyle saying ''Think outside the box.'' I did just that. I started to network with film companies. After getting in touch with the Locations managers and started to get bookings for Location crews and location film sets.

Out of those bookings I earned 20% commissions. Now the Location Managers pay up to and over a thousand pounds a day. My biggest booking was for 22 days parking. I will let you do the math on what I earned from that. These kinds of bookings were coming in every month. I have been booked by ITV, Netflix etc. They came back too. Repeat business is always good.

Location crew.

I have only been able to achieve this because of Wealthy Affiliate. So you can see why I absolutely love this platform. I will never leave as I would be crazy to leave simply because I am kept up to date all the time. Keeping ahead of the competition is needed. Keeping up to date with all the changes like Google search engine do all the time is a must. I need to be kept up to date constantly.

I was going head-to-head with some massive companies too. Like the big companies that have parking apps. It made me feel brilliant knowing, I could kick the big boys off the top pages in Google. Yes little old me did that. These companies have an army of SEO experts and Expert Web designers. I beat them at rankings every single time. I beat them because Having Wealthy Affiliate and this awesome helpful community at Wealthy Affiliate. Having no reasons to fail and I didn't.

Now alas that company is now closed as the land they were on. Has been sold to a massive company that is building a small village on there. That doesn't mean to say I was finished too. No not at all. I have another parking Lot. This time they paid me for the website and I also get commissions. The only thing is it is underground so I cannot get the big Location sets in because of height restrictions. I still earn money. In fact I have just booked in Manchester United and some of their staff. I am still networking and still earning. I love what I do.

Getting to the Affiliate Marketing side of things.

I am part of the Super Affiliate group. I have more time on my hands this year to attend to that website but it can fluctuate as I am still busy on the local part of my business. I am doing well at that too. OK I may not hit Vegas this year and I would love to do that but it doesn't mean to say I am not earning money, because I am. I have two income streams Affiliate Marketing and Local Business Marketing. I like that a lot. ''Who wouldn't''

Tapping into the amazing commissions we get here at Wealthy Affiliate that are recurring commissions too are excellent. I get commissions on a monthly basis. Those commissions are growing all the time. I like that. if you are new. Go to the $ sign and get sharing your Affiliate links they are all yours and unique to you. Earn While You Learn is the way forwards for sure. I love it and earn and learn every single day. Yhep even when I am asleep.

Everything you need to build an online business is right here.

It doesn't matter if you are in MLM. The training here at Wealthy Affiliate will help you enhance your MLM business. Teaching you how to market yourself properly. Same if you want to be an Affiliate for Amazon you can grow your Amazon business too in a big way. Same for you that like drop shipping. It doesn't matter what kind of business you have. Local Marketing is an excellent business to get into. It works.

The training here works for all the above and more. It really is that simple. There is more to Wealthy Affiliate than meets the eye. The best thing is if you fail at say Amazon then you can tap into something else here after all why not we have 50 websites to play with you may well do better at another sector of the training here. If I can achieve financial success then so can anyone. Honestly you really can.

I am a Yearly member I pay nothing more than $29.98 a month. I built businesses just by that expenditure alone and if I buy my URL that costs me $13.99 per year. I am always safe in knowing that if I fluff up my websites. I have site-support that are superb and super quick on getting me back up and running.

I have made massive commissions all because of Wealthy Affiliate.

Get this My membership has literally paid for itself for years to come. I did this on less than the cost of a Cup of Coffee per day. You can too. Going Premium is the way to go forwards. Even struggling to get that first $19 together believe it or not. I was super broke back in 2016 and I am not ashamed to admit that. Thankfully I am not anymore.

I can only thank Wealthy Affiliate for all that I have achieved. I have only being taught by the very best. Kyle and Carson the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate and Jay our live training chief. These guys are super real. I should know I am always bothering them lol. I am sure I do their heads in lol. They are real and authentic and are super transparent in all they do. Thank you, Kyle, Carson and Jay. Thank you for changing my life and financial future.

My whole journey is spread out in all my posts here. Check back and see for yourself if you like. Sorry I know this was long but Wealthy Affiliate does work and I am proof of that.

Being a Local Marketer I do get contacted by many Digital companies. They want to charge me thousands for something I do and have been taught here at Wealthy Affiliate. I like to pick their brains. Believe it or not some of these companies are way behind in technology and ''The know how of SEO.''

Keep that in mind as what we are taught here is worth Thousands of Dollars. I really mean that.

These companies charge fortunes if they can. They prefer to get new businesses with no Online Marketing Knowledge at all. Yes they even charge for Google My Business. That is a Free Tool we can all use. Out there it is crazy and there is massive money making potential to be had. All you need to GET STARTED IS WEALTHY AFFILIATE and you are well on your way to being a successful Online Marketer. Get this training under your belt and the world of Online Marketing is your oyster.

I would love to hear your thoughts and how well you are doing too. Love connecting with you all. You are all amazing. Thank you for helping me and been a part of my journey and success at Wealthy Affiliate. You all Rock!

(Sorry My H2 titles are not setting right..)

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That's awesome! I joined today and hope to be able to use my skills to make profits like you as well.
Debs66 Premium
That is brilliant, Resa.

You are going to love it here and it really is a brilliant platform get started with your training and never look back and watch your own online business grow.

That alone is an amazing feeling in itself.
Shout me out any time you need any help at all I am always here just about everyday inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Wishing you all the best in all you do. You have got this girl 🙌👌
MarionBlack Premium
Love you, Debs. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story.
Debs66 Premium
My favourite training lady. I couldn't have got through the training without your training, Marion. You are brilliant.

I love you too. Thank you.
Debs :)
szeeman Premium
This is amazing! I am also from the UK - your business model I find very interesting. Not sure I fully understand it though. It sounds like film crews rent out a parking lot? Is that to park overnight I assume? And then they travel to film locally and then return to parking lot again after filming for the evening? I think that is what you saying. Manchester United booking I struggled to understand. Is it like sort of private parking for their bus overnight and for that reason rent out a private parking lot? And if I understood correctly are these parking lots exclusively for this purpose or do they function like normal parking lots at times when there are no film crew bookings etc?
Debs66 Premium
Haha many questions. Location mangers seek out parking. When there is filming in London for example as these parking Lots are right in Canary Wharf the first one has now closed.

What they do for filming is they have catering trucks and Make up R.V.s. You will know about ''Sheridan Smith'' a famous actress in the UK.

She was filming in London so she was also believe it or not parked up in the parking Lot in her own trailer. Saves her having to commute as they have early starts and late finishes. (That was the parking for 22 days just over a thousand pounds a day. I got 20% commision on that.)

They are called a Base where they set up and stay whilst filming. Everyone then is all in one place. If say they didn't book. Trying to park up three trucks and all the RV's all in one area is virtually impossible in London. So they seek out parking. Luckily they got me haha.

The picture above is just a day of filming for an Ad on TV and the guy was from a famous group. All that is just part of a days filming. His filming took part in Comercial road and as you can see from the picture how many people there are just to film a quick ad.

The new Netflix film I think is out now Called Top Boy with Ashley Walters a famous person they were all parked up in the parking Lot aswell. That did hold the streets up they was there for a few weeks but I have to keep stuff under wraps when they film otherwise there are tons of fans hanging around lol.

There is a lot that goes on in filming so they need a base to park that is near to where they film. Sometimes there would be three or four trucks three or four trailers and then catering also. I have blocked a few streets off in the past.

So it will give you some sort of idea what happens when they all park up. So you can see why they have a base. Imagine dragging that behind you when filming. That's why they need a parking Base. This parking Lot was perfect for that.

It is a massive business and they pay good money. You should hear what they pay the caterers lol. So if any one here does catering tap into the location Managers and cater for them. They pay thousands a week.

Now Manchester United. Why not they travel to London who doesn't love the capital.

I always give anything that I think will get business a call to let them know about us. Especially if I am up North at the time as well. Or they seek me out via Google my Business or the website.

You never know when or where you can drum up business. I was happy I found Location crews and bases. It's all just common sense really just take what you have and work with it. Think outside the box. That always sticks in my mind.

Hope that helps. Tap into the local business market, Schalk, honestly it is a good business to be in.

Debs :)
szeeman Premium
Wow that is amazing! I was actually wondering if you also tap into the catering as another gap for you so to speak but yeah quite a bit of logistics maybe. Do that parking lot have a set price at a £1000 per day? Or does the price vary depending on who is interested in hiring the parking lot? I live in Richmond and was wondering if there is any potential for something like that here? I assume you only deal with Canary Wharf local area, right? Or did you expand to do all of London? I assume you only run a website for one local parking lot in Canary Wharf?

Thanks so much for all the detail. This is honestly amazing and very helpful. I am just looking at local business as an option now that you mentioned it. Seems like an incredible way of generating income as already a very nice local market for something like that, which sounds incredibly lucrative vs having to rely on affiliate income that might not be as targeted as local business.

I guess the option only exist if the parking lot does not have a website setup already? Was just wondering how the parking lot you have setup a website for managed to get any traction without having a website before? That I find very interesting, unless it was a new parking lot that recently came to be and not yet had time to setup their own website?

And many thanks for your detailed response and taking the time to reply. It is much appreciated!

Ps. Then just out of interest I have tried to rent out supercars in London before as an affiliate lol but when I went with my business cards to Park Lane, Mayfair, Knightsbridge to some of those exclusive hotels I got laughed at as I was told to go and have a look outside what is happening. Outside loads of Lamborghinis, Ferrari's etc. with number plates registered abroad. These guys are flying in their cars lol. They have too much money, so was obviously the wrong market lol.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Wonderful inspiring post. Congratulations on your success - onwards and upwards always
Debs66 Premium
Brilliant to see you again, Catherine.
Thank you so much for passing by.
Have a lovely week.
Debs :)
TheCatherine Premium Plus
You too I love it when people persevere, the only people that fail here are those that give up
Debs66 Premium
Exactly, Catherine, I just wished I found Wealthy Affiliate back in the beginning like you did. I found it though thank goodness. :))
Carson2 Premium
Glad you stuck with this. Fortitude!
Debs66 Premium
I am happy I did. I love every second of it.
Debs :)