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This is for all our New members who are just starting here at Wealthy Affiliate. It will give you the heads up in case you lose your way. It will also show you what to avoid whilst you are getting settled into Wealthy Affiliate. We all welcome you here. We all welcome you with open arms. We are a pay it forwards community and each and every one of us will go out of our way to help you. Take it from me a 3+ year member. Once, you have signed up. You are in a safe place to Learn from and Earn fro
December 06, 2019
Just received Two awesome emails from Kyle! Just a quick post instead of a long one for a change. Two of my referrals have opted in for Black Friday. I have to say I am super happy for them both. I am not just happy because I get commissions. What makes me happy more than anything, is they actually see the value what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. When people opt in for the premium option it makes my day. I know what value Wealthy Affiliate holds. I have done really well because of Wealthy Aff
Honestly I can't think of any other words to explain this. I literally think this is insane. What I find when people join us at Wealthy Affiliate as starter members they don't actually see the amount of training support and hidden extras that we get as Premium members..Your first month is $19 that is affordable for everyone and 4 weeks gives you enough time to decide whether you want to carry on with Wealthy Affiliate. If you decide too stay then every month after that is $49 or you can get bi
Here is what I have Achieved as a Wealthy Affiliate Member.I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in November 2016. To be honest I was happy to find Wealthy Affiliate. I spent a lot of wasted time going from one scam website to another trying to Earn Money Online, I refused to give up looking though. Somehow I knew I would find a platform that would work for me and able me to Earn Money Online. When I found Wealthy Affiliate I went premium almost immediately. This is a lonng post lol so grab a coffe
Yes I want to know why people are still intent on spamming their links here at Wealthy Affiliate?This is a bit of a rant and it is something that still happens. First of all sharing your links here is against the rules. Yet some still do it! Why do they do it because they are selfish or they simply do not know the rules but I am sure many do. After all everyone should got to the rules section first to see what they can do or can't do. I have placed the link below at the bottom of my post to the
I am only here because of you all. Thank you to all of you that support me. I have been an Ambassador I think 5 times now. However, I am sorry to say. I don't stay as Ambassador for long. Something seems to take me away every time I achieve it, and I don't have time to interact as much as I would love too. All in all I have done I think 183 days all together. I hope to keep it longer this time lol. So let's see how things go haha!That is nothing compared to some Ambassadors. Some Ambassadors I
Canva is now adding an Affiliate Program. If you are not using Canva you should it is an awesome Free tool and it has a premium section as well. The Free Canva is brilliant and I know so many that use it have gone PRO with Canva.(This is nothing to do with link sharing as there are no links in my post. This is just to let you all know if you don't already. )Canva are making changes and they are rolling out their new Affiliate Program. You can pre registered to become an affiliate. I just did
This is my 100th post at Wealthy Affiliate. Yes and 99 now on my Airplane woo hoo!Yes it has taken me a long while to reach 100 posts at Wealthy Affiliate. This has to be a feel good post. I do get often asked about my journey with Wealthy Affiliate. Let's say it has been one of sheer happiness. I, struggled in the beginning as I was a complete newbie to everything in online Marketing and making my first website. Just check this out. The airplane turned to 100 and no sooner than it did. I had
Many of us here grow a brand. Which are you?I personally never saw myself as a brand. All I wanted to do was earn a side income. That is what I did. I do know if I wanted too. I could grow my brand. I do not want to be the next massive digital Entrepreneur. If I did want to be one, then I would want to be Kyle and Carson. To be honest, I am too old to even try that. Maybe if I was in my 20s then I would go hell for leather on marketing myself based on them and their work ethics. They are just
Yes I am so proud right Now!I am ecstatic in fact. This post is about my daughter. My daughter isn't a member here but she knows everything about my journey with Wealthy Affiliate. My daughter has watched me achieve so many things over the last few years. Although she has never got round to being an Affiliate Marketer, the training I have accomplished here. Some of it has rubbed off on my daughter. (My kids have followed my whole journey since November 2016.)MY Daughter has made her first Onlin