4.7K for the month of December and Setting My New Goals for 2019.

Last Update: Dec 28, 2018

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I'm super happy this month I earned myself some great commissions with one of my Websites. In fact the total is up to now £4.7k. Not bad at all if I may say so myself. My biggest month was in August that hit just over £6k. Every month I have earned some great commissions. This is not all in affiliate commissions by the way. This is more on the side of my local business.

This will be my last post now till I get back in 2019 so I think it's come at the right time to share this with you all.

I have some bookings lined up for January and that will take me straight to £3.k with hardly any hard work. So feeling well happy. I do not want people to think I'm gloating I just think its great to share so people will know that good things can happen for every one here. Even for a non tech savvy ditsy like myself. I was a complete newbie back in 2016. I had no experience in online marketer nor building a website etc!.

I'm not really into sharing my earnings as they go into my own personal account and if I showed you it would mean involving some other companies details as well. I don't think that is fair. However, I'm going to share my earnings in a PM to Kyle and Carson. As I would love to say thank you to them personally for changing my whole life and not just on the financial side neither. I simply could not have done it without Wealthy Affiliate that's for sure.

I succeeded because I refused point-blank to give up. I took what I had from here and thought right outside of the box! never knowing I would land on something so brilliant. It's was all my idea too for this business. So it makes me feel even more proud of myself.

I have to thank Kyle personally on this because it was his guidance and the go ahead to do this website that got me started out. I must of sat for weeks daring to pluck up any courage to ask if it was ok back then. Lol :) I used to be shy. Not now!

Alas good things come to an end as all good things do!

The site I have is now coming to an end as the company I built the site for, is closing down for ever. A massive complex is been built right on that space. I was actually going to venture into a bricks and mortar business. I had all the paper work solicitors etc in place but then I decided it just wasn't for me.

I do not want to be tied down to a bricks and mortar business. They kept adding extras on too. So it was making me feel uncomfortable.I started this journey with W.A. because I wanted to travel. I also want to spend 6 months next year in Spain I hope. I do love Spain as most of you already know.

If I tie myself down to bricks and mortar business it will not make me happy at all. So I'm going to do what makes my kids and myself the happiest and go to Spain for 6 months :) I will then work from Spain Living the dream of my Laptop lifestyle.

My fav pic from last year in Spain :)

I have a few things up my sleeve and I actually checked out a site of mine and how much it's worth to day. I was quoted £13,950 for it. Wow I was so shocked. Its not that old.It's has content on it though. Will I sell it nope. I worked enough on it. So I will just keep working on it and building it out. I know it will convert as it is already!

Setting My new goals for 2019.

I have referrals but I want to take that right to my biggest level yet. Now, I will have so much more time on my hands too. As, one, of my Websites is ending. I do want to master Affiliate Marketing in a big way. I know I will do it. "How do I know I will do it?" I hear you ask. I'm not stupid to think I can master it overnight nor in a few weeks. I know it takes time.

Time I have more of now woohoo. :)

I know exactly what it takes to succeed. I should do by now I have been here long enough. I'm always learning something new on a daily basis and I'm always inside Wealthy Affiliate on a daily basis. Not so much the weekends they belong to me. I'm also doing something else. I have teamed up with one of my referrals too. I want to help them also as much as I possibly can.

I have my plans and I have my goals and I hope to be earning 10K a month or more even by the mid summer or earlier if I can. So it's all busy days ahead and exciting times too. Loving what I do is even better as well. I know I can do this and I will never worry about it at all. I do not need to anymore.

I know I have got this. I am with the best platform that is on the internet to day. I have tried tons of them in the past believe me. Nothing is quite as special as Wealthy Affiliate. It really does work.

The simple reason I have mastered any of this at all is because Wealthy Affiliate works 1 million percent. Just looking deeper into the training and realizing that if it seems hard at times that will not worry me at all. I have got this and I can do this. It's true every day gets better and better.

My option was to never give up.

Not now! Not ever!

I certainly aint getting any younger that's for sure. I do love my Wealthy Affiliate lifestyle who wouldn't.

It worked for me and it can work for you too. That's if you really want it too. Have a fabulous weekend see you all in 2019. May you all have a wonderful New Years eve and a beautiful New Years Day. May all your dreams and wishes come true for all of you here.

See you all Next Year xoxo

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Hey Debs
You are rocking it hunnie and it is because of your focus and work ethic
I have learned so much from you and I too am focused and although its only been 6 months, the results are great
Enjoy a well-deserved celebration on New Year's Eve and I hope 2019 is the best year ever for you my friend
Keep being awesome and know how much I value you
Thanks, my friend

Hiya Vick,
I missed you. I know you have been busy. I know your moving forward too. You are the best and you Rock. Your a gem.
Have a fabulous 2019 hey and don't get too drunk lol. :)

I am. I have been saving myself lol.
I am outtis in west London for the night woohoo. It's going to be an awesome 2019. :))

What a go, I see how valuable WA is to learning more about making money online. You have to be patient and keep working hard and learning I will be where you are by the end of next year. Thanks for the support and encouragement that you always give. Sruffey

I cannot ever shout enough how fabulous this paltform is. It has been brilliant for me. There is more to W.A. than meets the eye.

Never in many years have I met a platform quite like this at all.

I did not in no way have any experience at all. Yet I did it. :))

You will be there by the end of next year even sooner. I know you will.

Its the hard work and the want and determination that always counts for sure.

Wishing you all the best and have a fabulous amazing New Year. 2019.

Thank you for passing by too. :)
Debs :)

That is so awesome, and so deserved!! Well done Debs!!

Next year is going to be a good year, you got this Chica!!

BTW, if it's ok I'd love to add this story to my success stories on mt WA site. If you want to see the page first, just ask, I'll PM you the link.

Thanks, Chica, you rock!!
=) Laura

Hey hey my favourite girl My Chica.
How are you sweety. You can do this too. In fact I know you will. Of course you can use it girl.

Let me leave you some comments too on your site as well girl. I dont need to check it what you do neither lol. I am honoured you want to use it. Your the best.

I know your going to be around for a long time because your always working girl.

Your amazing. I have a ton of respect for you Chica. Say hi to your girls too for me and have a fabulous New Year. Your a real Gem. Your the best.

Big hugs hun xoxo

Big hugs back to you, girlfriend, and thank you. I really do appreciate it. I'll get it up sometime this weekend, if not tonight. Then I'll send ya a link, k? And I'm the one that's honored for you letting me include it in my WA website. You're very kind.

I hope I'm around for a long time, with you,!

Have a Happy brand new New Year It's gonna be a good one!

Love ya, Chica,

Great news Debs I wish always that success follows you and overtakes you. Good luck in 2019.

Your so kind Robert and like wise.

I too wish you all the succes in the world and more.

Have a fabulous New Year 2019. Thank you for such an awesome comment.

Debs :))

You are awesome. I hope the new site works out for you! I would love nothing more than to hear you are working from Spain again. Keep at it. You got this!

Hi Jason,
I do hope things do go to plan because I know its where I am going to be the happiest ever is Spain. Its where I belong.

The thought of it is like going home. I am so excited.

You too have got this Jason.

I might even shout you out to work alongside me Jason on my newest site. We seem to hit it off pretty well. it is going to take a heck of a lot of work lol.

Your always around for me when I need a shoulder. Your a diamond. I know this will work it has too. lol. Lets see what happens.

Your the best.
Debs :)

Anything you need let me know. Might want to wait till I can prove I can do this on my own. You don’t need to babysit while trying to get things going lol. I totally believe you know how to work this. Not sure all the details of the site you are shutting down, not my business, but keeping things diversified helps protect your money. I can’t wait to hear your family is heading to Spain. I need to pick your mind some time on what it is like traveling out of country.

Listen Jason you have this already your amazing at what you do. This is my complete new site. My site my oldest one is done but It just doesnt end there.

It carry's on in other ways too. Pm me any time you like. Sharing is caring and I will share what knowledge I have as best as I can. :))

Travelling to Spain is the best feeling in the world to me. When I am in Spain I am totally free and Istill have a ton of friends there too. :)

Nice Debs thats wonderful news, a sustainable business. Continue to inspire the newbies like myself

Thank you so much and I shall I am happy you enjoyed my post too. Have a wonderful New Year.
Debs :)

No matter what direction your business goes, I hope that you will not stop sharing these inspirational pieces Debs.

I don't know if other think that you are gloating but I don't. Each time someone share their success here, I am reminded that I can do it too. So please, continue to share.

All the best to you in 2019.

I always feel as if I am lol.

I know though I have worked hard and I have done well. Something I thought I could never even do. This paltform is just brilliant. For sure.

Thank you for passing by too.

Wishing you all the best and have a fabulous 2019.

Debs :)

Thank you Debs. Hard work always bring reward.

You are doing so well, and that inspires all of us. Glad to hear you have been involved for a couple of years. Being at this business longer certainly helps, and it is indeed possible to learn something new every day. I know I do.

I can see you moving forward into 2019 with a great deal of success.

Thank you so much Fran. I think I got my first payment on this site back in 2016 round about the 4th to 6th month mark.

I have loved every second of my journey here. It has been the best thing I have ever done.

I too see you doing well Fran your an inspiration to many of us here. Thank you for passing by and have a fabulous 2019.
Debs :)

Thanks for sharing. Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it. Much more success to you in 2019 and have fun in Spain. Barcelona on my to-do list.


Thank you Marc.

Barcelona is brilliant I have been there a few times but many year's ago now.

I just love Spain. It's is one superb country.
Thank you for passing by too.

Have a fabulous fun filled 2019
Debs :)

That s awesome very inspiring

Thank you Travis.
How have you been I haven't seen you in ages. I hope life is treating you good. Have a fabulous 2019 hun.
Debs :)

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