What A Journey So Far

Last Update: July 08, 2019

Humble Beginnings

Will I, Won't I

This is what went through my head when considering going Premium.

Now I am getting ready to pay for a year subscription.

I am here to stay!

It is amazing where you can come from and where you can get to, in such a short time.

I come from humble beginnings of knowing absolutely nothing about Affiliate Marketing and nothing about building a website.

Today I understand both thanks to WA.

Recent Update


I have the following to update since I wrote the above post

My ranking in WA is slowly but surely getting closer to the top 200, currently sitting on 362.

I now have 230 people in my network, I am connecting with new people daily, and loving the diversity of people in WA.

I have now published 20 articles on my website - a range of reviews, products and a great mix of articles, I love how it is coming along.

27764 words written - Just amazing.

Next Goals In My Journey

  • I want to be publishing something on my website daily, unless aiming for 3000+ words then I will allow myself 2-3 days.
  • I want to get more active in WA, welcoming new members daily is my first goal (5 per day)
  • Write more posts in WA, at least one per week.

Two Weeks to Go

In 2 weeks time, the cows will start calving.

This means I am going to be teaching 700 calves to drink from a calf feeder and become my babies, until they are old enough to go out in a paddock.

This will take from 22 July to around October this year.

I will also have the Farm Owners Kids to drop to school, pick up from school and take to after school sports and activities.

This is my son Jonti quite a few years ago now, with his pet calf Phoenix.

So, I have 2 weeks to compile a plan of attack.


Currently I pretty much have all day, to write, do training, and be active in WA.

I also have a house to keep clean, and a husband and lots of animals to entertain and feed.

Not too hard at all.

So you can see why a plan is going to be necessary.

I am now going to have to fit WA around work and kids. I know many of you do this very successfully.

I may have to follow some of Sara's tips and tricks....like getting up at 5am to do WA before work and kids.

Back in the Day

I used to work for the Ministry Of Justice years ago and prioritizing was one of the many but most useful skill to learn and learn to manage well.

This is what I will be relying on in 2 weeks time.

I may also need a timer after reading this today

The Journey is ongoing

am very happy with my progress on my WA journey so far.

I am ranking in Google, which is really exciting for me.

I just love learning, and everyday there is a learning opportunity in some way presented to me here at WA, and I am so grateful for that.

The Picture up the top, is near identical to my set up at home, it's comfortable and relaxing and helps on my journey which will be ongoing for a very long time.

BIG Thank You

To all those people I interact with and who share their amazing gems that they find. Those sharing training and tips to help us all be successful. I am no longer lost. Thank YOU.

Kind Wishes


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lesabre Premium
Hi Daisy,

You certainly have come a long way in the short period of time you have been here.

Your life seems busy and you still have time to excel here at WA.

Congratulations and continued success.

All the best,

DaisyK78 Premium
Thank you so much, Michael
I am a very determined person and push through my barriers and keep battling on.

Thank you for the kind words
Blessings coming your way
Mick18 Premium
Excellent progress Daisy you are doing wonderful. Glad to hear you are going yearly, it's really the only way to go. If not just for the savings.

700 calves! Between those babies and the kids sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Yes, I can see why a plan will be necessary. You can do it!
DaisyK78 Premium
Very kind of you Mick
Yes a plan is a must....even though I am not the planning kind of girl, I know I have to or I will get overwhelmed.

YES I can do it!
All the best
MKearns Premium
Congratulations on your prowess Daisy!
DaisyK78 Premium
Thank you so much
Means a lot
CarlosL1 Premium
Hi Daisy, you are in the right track!

Hard work pays off...

DaisyK78 Premium
Yes I feel on track at this point....lets see how I am this time next month with all the babies to look after lol
Thanks for commenting
Kind Wishes
Vickic3 Premium
You are doing incredibly well Daisy and if you keep doing what you are doing, you will become truly successful online.
Your website is looking so awesome and I love the articles you are writing.
Helping people and our planet is vital to future generations so well done and keep on being awesome!!!

Good luck with those babies when they start dropping. Bicep work-out time again
DaisyK78 Premium
Thanks so much, mum
I really am thankful for you introducing me to WA
Bless ya