Taking A Leap Of Faith

Last Update: August 15, 2019

I took a leap of Faith

When I was casually introduced to WA, to be honest I didn't pay much attention.

"Oh yeah just another way to make money online" I thought to myself.

Over time, the person who had introduced me, would mention achievements they were reaching and telling me about people she was meeting, eventually she had my attention.

Now I am a skeptic, through and through, which I guess means I don't trust much in this world. So when something does catch my attention, I research everything about it. I don't make decisions lightly either, but this time, I didn't.

Instead, all of a sudden, I was taking a leap of faith, and joining WA.


I didn't really consider my decision, but today I ask myself, 'Why did I join'?

The Passion deep inside

Since I was a little girl, I have asked 'WHY'? in reference to everything, including, Why is the Sky Blue?

As I have gotten older, my why has turned into a belief that everything should be fair and just.

I have passion for the things I believe in, and it has been stored inside me for all this time.

I had never thought of putting my passion onto a Website. Thats 'Why' I joined.

My own Platform

I can now write on my own platform and let the world know all the things I want to share. They say you can't make a difference on your own, but I don't believe that for a second!

I'm just a newbie

I joined WA in April this year, and began the training. My mind kept racing ahead of me, the excitement of sharing my passions was overwhelming, I just wanted to get writing.

At times, I wanted to leave the training and carry on without it, but you can't, you will get nowhere. So in May, I joined Premium and kept on with the training.

I was hooked. Hooked on WA. I think I lost 3 days of the week submerged in WA. It was great, but I had to come back to reality and seriously run this like a workplace. I had to plan my day, get household chores done, spend time with my animals and my husband, and fit in WA. Planning your day is highly recommended.

My achievements so far

  1. have written 22,519 words.
  2. I have published 15 Articles (including 2 reviews) on my website
  3. I am ranked 1281 in WA
  4. I have a network of 165 people
  5. I have published 7 posts (this will be the 8th) in WA.
  6. I am now able to start helping people in WA as I now have some knowledge.
  7. I am connecting with amazing like-minded people, talented people, intelligent people and I love it.
  8. I have all but 1 of my articles indexed in Google (last one to go was only just completed)
  9. I have a growing social network on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  10. I am up to Level 4 task 9 in my training.
  11. Today - I am super surprised to find I have articles ranking on Page 1 in Yahoo and Bing

What I am Grateful for

My Mum, without her, I wouldn't be here today (on this earth) in WA. Thank you for showing me WA and believing in me.

I'm also grateful for WA, cause without you, I also wouldn't be where I am today, and in such a short time.

Carson and Kyle, you have done so much for so many people, you must be so proud of yourselves.

The other WA Members, without your encouragement, and wealth of knowledge, it would have taken forever to figure things out, so Thank you all I have had the pleasure to connect with so far. I look forward to connecting with many more members as time goes on.

Lastly, I am really grateful for being ME, without my passion, and drive, and love of learning, along with my determination, I would not be where I am, and I am so happy with where I am at.

Taking the Leap of Faith

I am so glad for once in my life, I took a leap of Faith.

It is one of the best things I have done in my life, I recommend it to anybody.

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    SaraPoyner Premium
    Wonderful post Daisy! Thanks for sharing and you have achieved so much! what great achievements.

    You are right about treating this like a 'real' job' though. I have been somewhat consumed by it. But Since this week, I am 'coming to the office' and treating it like a flexi job. So I clock in, but I now remember to clock out lol

    happy to have you in the virtual booth next door : )
    DaisyK78 Premium
    Thanks so much Sara, yes i definitely have to keep to my plan, its so easy to get consumed 😃
    You have been amazing, and are appreciated
    X Daisy
    DarrenNicola Premium
    Well done Daisy and thanks for sharing your success with us.
    Never give up!
    Darren :)
    DaisyK78 Premium
    Thank you Darren.....I won't 😁
    JKulk1 Premium
    Well Done Daisy. You are an incredible person. You gave taken to
    the WA challange with gusto. I have no doubt you will succeed. All the best. Jim
    DaisyK78 Premium
    Thanks so much Jim, that is really lovely to hear.
    Kind Wishes
    Mick18 Premium
    Congrats Daisy! Wonderful progress.
    You will do great.
    DaisyK78 Premium
    Thank you Mickey
    Vickic3 Premium
    You, my darling girl, must take the credit here.
    From the 1st time you started speaking, you had the most inquisitive mind and today look at you sharing your passion online and I am amazed, proud and incredibly grateful to know you.
    Yes WA offers us all the opportunity to learn and grow our futures online and you Daisy, are doing a remarkable job with your website.
    In a short time, you have connected with companies in Italy, New Zealand and the USA and all of these people love your site, what it represents and what you are doing for our planet and Yes, 1 person can make a huge difference to our world and You are certainly doing an excellent job
    Always be you and shine your light real bright
    Thank you
    DaisyK78 Premium
    Thanks Mum xxx
    Vickic3 Premium
    you are welcome xx