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Last Update: August 12, 2019

What I loved most about WA when I first looked into it was the philosophy of paying it forward.

I was not looking for a way to make money as quickly as possible, and If I had been I would have most likely got stung by some great shiny Scam.

Why are you here at WA?

I have become acquainted with a few hundred people of the short time I have been here.

Most seem very genuine people, some I have questioned their motives and others I can tell quite quickly that they will not be here for the long haul (and that's OK, they will soon leave those Shiny Scams and be back at WA)

We are all strangers to each other.

Yet for some reason, some people feel the need to share some pretty personal stuff (and don't relate it back to a business learning that someone else can benefit from).

Please don't get me wrong, we all have things happen in life that are not good.

I use WA to get away from my personal life and gain some positively in my Business life.

Yes there are certainly friendships made and even relationships formed on WA, but those people share through Private Messaging.

I think some people forget that WA is a platform for learning about how to have an Online Business. It is definitely not what I class a Social Platform.

Paying it Forward

The crux of it all in WA.

What you give out comes back tenfold.

It is about helping people not just helping yourself.

If your aim is to be an Ambassador - Paying it Forward is your way to get there.

There are rules in WA

I really wanted to share Kyles post on Spam.

I see this happening quite regularly and I do point it out to people, it frustrates me as by doing this you are not following the philosophy of paying it forward.

Basically leave links to your site for articles and blogs on your website, not here in WA.

I invite you to become familiar with the rules.

We are in this together so Let's treat each other how we would want to be treated, share and help others where ever possible and follow the WA Rules.

Much Respect to you all

A Quote from the Dalai Lama

"The goal is not to be better than the other man, but your previous self".


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AffMktgRt Premium

Well said, as you know many of us have been down in the trenches on that subject matter, and since it is eventually a subjective call in everyone's mind, we will face a slippery slope.

What baffles me most is that there are some who will pay a monthly or a yearly WA membership fee and choose to engage mostly in social media a la Facebook blog posts and chatty chat.

I am not sure what value that offers to anyone here, however, if we look at it from an ROI standpoint, it is hardly a winning strategy. For any of us.

I will not go over all of the other valid points you have made, I do however agree with them.

DaisyK78 Premium
Thank You Kindly and Blessings to you as always.
I like your point about paying to be social - no brainer.
OrgainITGuy Premium

And a big fat -->Kis'e O w'e HE<--
DaisyK78 Premium
Carson2 Premium
I totally agree with you. Appreciate your comments.
DaisyK78 Premium
Thanks Carson2
JKulk1 Premium
As we say in Australia Daisy 'It's like 'flogging a dead horse'. I, and others, have tried to bring about a discussion on the 'no spam' policy, but it makes no difference. The biggest issue is the amount of people who comment on these posts and say nothing. Jim
DaisyK78 Premium
I know right!
I had to do the post, get it off my chest.
Glad I am not the only one
Feochadan Premium Plus
Thank you for this. Frankly, I find the amount of personal spam with an extremely loose tie in to WA and almost completely devoid of learning or encouragement to be extremely annoying. I get nearly 20 e-mails from WA per day. I do not need to read some lengthy blah-blah about someone's social life with a sentence or two at the end trying to lamely tie it in to WA. Sometimes it seems on here that people are just posting for the sake of posting.

Perhaps this has something to do with the SAC challenge and people are finding it difficult to come up with new ideas. For me its just plain annoying.

Sorry, rant over. Thank you to all of you who truly do provide awesome content.
DaisyK78 Premium
Me too!!
Appreciate your comment
Vickic3 Premium
Well said, Darlene
Many members post just to get better ranking and it's so annoying to see this happen but I feel it always will as people want to be noticed for some strange reason.
If only they got on with the business they are building, life would be so much better for them
Just my thoughts