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September 27, 2019
Hello Everyone!It has been so long since I have logged in to WA. I have been a very Busy Bee!EmailsI have answered a few messages here through my email, but that is about it.Your ProgressI would love to know how you have all been getting on.There will be so many more new faces on WA, and I am sorry I have not been able to welcome you all to WA, but I do hope you have been enjoying every minute.PrioritisingUnfortunately I have had to prioritize my time between work on the farm and some study th
August 27, 2019
Goal SettingI set myself a Goal.When setting this goal, I was struggling to find a purpose for it.I think it is pretty important to have a reason or purpose when you are setting up a goal for yourself.Having a purpose gives so much more meaning and value to what you are trying to achieve.Goal SetThe goal I had set was to make it into the Top 100.To achieve this.I wrote blogs (not many).Helped people, by answering questions and pointing them in the right direction.Welcomed new people and new pre
August 22, 2019
My husband and I attended our Monthly Bee Club Meeting last night.We were fortunate to have a speaker telling us all about different options for controlling Varroa Mites in your beehive - including an Organic solution, that I was most interested in.This speaker also had some Bee Food all the way from Canada (to New Zealand) to purchase, so we brought 10 "Patties" for our girls.I got StungExcited to get home from the farm this morning and give the girls their new special Bee Feed.I rushed out an
Hi everyoneLately I have been pondering over what it means to be an Ambassador in WA.When I hear the word Ambassador, immediately I think of a:A Role Model.A person who has achieved big things, not only for themselves but often for their country.Someone you would admire, and want to be like.This is the definition from the Collins DictionaryOn reading this definition, I thought about how that fits into WA.How I saw it was, WA is the foreign country and we all represent our ourselves.However this
August 12, 2019
What I loved most about WA when I first looked into it was the philosophy of paying it forward.I was not looking for a way to make money as quickly as possible, and If I had been I would have most likely got stung by some great shiny Scam.Why are you here at WA?I have become acquainted with a few hundred people of the short time I have been here.Most seem very genuine people, some I have questioned their motives and others I can tell quite quickly that they will not be here for the long haul (a
August 06, 2019
Hi to everyoneI hope you are all well.I have been very busy on the farm feeding all my calves, and boy are they hard work.I have been managing to get some posts written for my site as well.Although I am not as active on WA at the moment (and I am sorry I am missing out on some posts, I am trying to comment on as many as I can) I am still finding some minutes in the day to answer a couple of emails and welcome new members to WA.Fast Ranking PostSo I had two hours of time yesterday, I should have
July 18, 2019
I am looking for answersCan anyone tell me what this is please, I wasn't sure where to post this. So apologies that it is a blog.
July 15, 2019
I MADE ITI have been hovering close to 200 for the last few days, and today I have just made it...bang on 200.FocusIt doesn't happen over night but you do get there.You do need to put effort in:welcome new people to WA and to premium.answer questions people have.Engage in peoples blogsbe active in WATime to refocusThis is my last week of freedom.Starting monday I am back on the farm rearing calves and looking after the boss's kids.I am going to refocus my WA work, and have decided to focus on g
July 09, 2019
I got a new badge today - pretty chuffed with myself.It is not as shiny as this one above but it's a shiny new achievement.And I would like to shake hands with WA for supporting me in getting this far.I have learnt so much todayToday has been all about training, and that led me to write 2 posts.I think my finger are going to drop off....or maybe my head.Lots of learning and writing....loved every minute of it.Its now 9 mins past my cut off timeI promised myself I would stop at 4pm so I could wi
July 08, 2019
Humble BeginningsWill I, Won't IThis is what went through my head when considering going Premium.Now I am getting ready to pay for a year subscription.I am here to stay!It is amazing where you can come from and where you can get to, in such a short time.I come from humble beginnings of knowing absolutely nothing about Affiliate Marketing and nothing about building a website.Today I understand both thanks to WA.Recent Update ha