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I have been trying to earn an income on the internet for the past 10 years ..... spent a lot make less. I have been a member here for 3 years now. The products and service we have with WA is second to none. If you do the training and time you will make an income as a member of WA. This is NOT a get rich quick scam and the time you put into training will pay off!!
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GailLowe Premium
Welcome to premium at WA. Great choice. Hope your journey here is a good one. All the best. Gail .
ArmaniTol Premium
Hi Dembler! I just thought that I'd stop by your WA profile page to say "hello"! May you be successful in your online business ventures. All the best.
Frenchfries5 Premium
Hello - very nice to meet you. Well to the wonderful world of Premium. Now things can start to really happen! All the best!
adreyna Premium
Hi, welcome to WA Premium. Wish you great success with your online venture!
JHaugland Premium
Hi, and welcome to Premium.
You have made a great choice and everything you need to start your business can be found here at WA.
Just be patient, persistent, open-minded and willing to learn.
And if you have questions just ask. The whole community is ready to help. No questions are stupid.
Enjoy your online journey.
GlenPalo Premium
Nice meeting you! Thanks for following me; I have followed you in return. Best of success to you.
docub Premium
Thanks for the follow. I am following you back in return. Welcome to WA and welcome to My Tribe! All the best to you here at WA.
To Your Continued Success!
cosmicradio Premium
Hi Dembler-Thanks for following me-I've done the same. Best wishes!-Rick :)
Ultimateless Premium
I know the feeling. Thanks for including me into your network. I hope you are achieving your goals here. Kind regards, Michael
Ultimateless Premium
I know the feeling. I hope you are achieving your goals here. Thanks for including me in your network. Regards, Michael
Swangirl Premium
Hello, I agree and follow the exact same formula you do in following people. That being said, I just followed you, as I see we also have an interest in pets!
Loes Premium
Hello Dembler, Welcome!
Nice to meet you, I wish you a lot of learning pleasure and fun on WA. Thank you for following me.

From the start I have written trainings for every issue I had problems with myself. You can find them on my profile on the right (click on my picture).I also made a checklist to go through before you publish a post. I hope to help you with those.

Success building your business. See you around, Greetings Loes
MarionBlack Premium
Hi dembler, I too have spent a lot of time and money online trying to create an income and getting my fingers burned by scammers. Buy one item and they have your credit card details and next thing you have "subscribed" for a monthly fee. At least we have both found WA and the scamming has stopped. ~Marion
Maricel Premium
Hello nice to meet you
Sades143605 Premium
Nice website!
martaymore Premium
thanks for the follow :)
nomda ploom Premium
this place will help you to focus and break down what you have to do into bite-sized chunks, good luck and following your progress, Andy
KaaM40 Premium
hello...thank you for the follow :)
cassiejr53 Premium
Thanks for the foillow
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you for the follow and many blessings to you here at WA. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.
dembler Premium
Thank you very much ..... best to you as well -
jrswab Premium
thanks for following me
dembler Premium
Because I am not that good yet .... working on it!
georama Premium
Hi, The people you are following are known for their knack in writing. Why don't you write one or two.
sidekick Premium
Thank you for following me. I wish you success in WA! Let me know if you have any questions.
rebeccas Premium
Hello to you dear Dembler. I am so happy to connect with you. Thanks a bunch for the follow.

Take your time pursuing your dream of success with your online internet business. Learn and apply all you can everyday. It takes awhile, but you will be rewarded as you follow your passion and add knowledge and action.

Please let me know how I can help you reach your goals.

dembler Premium
Sorry it was supposed to be to Kyle, using my phone without my glasses! Take care!
Hello Dembler. Hope you're doing great. Was this addressed to me? I am a bit confused:
dembler Premium 20 minutes ago
"Did you get my PM yesterday afternoon? I put everything on hold till I hear from you on my questions? Please let me know you got my previous PM with questions "
If it is, then I didn't get it.
Looking forward to your reply.
Have a great day
nomda ploom Premium
sorry, I had to like this- a great example of when things go awry...of course I have never ever ever ever made a mistake like that. and I never ever exaggerate...Andy
mama2karsten Premium
Greetings Dembler... I see you have been trying to make money online for 10 years... I see you've been here a litlle over 2 weeks, so hopefully you are underway with the learning process here... If you have been trying, unsuccessfully for 10 years... if you would like, I will be happy to step up and see what you've done in the past, etc, review it so we don't make the same mistake again... let's see if we can't get you moving in a good direction... One of the most important things is to get the basics from the many "how to" classes and tutorials to make sure your new foundation will be solid. It is not just about building a website... you must know what you are doing and how to drive traffic to your site... without traffic, it will never work, with the wrong niche, it will never work, without proper optimization, it is unlikely to work... these are just some of the many things you will learn here, and must learn to succeed. You will find plenty of help here, including Kyle and Carson, the founders... but you must ask for help and ask questions, otherwise how can we help. Live chat can be a good place to ask questions, but be patient, there will not always be the right expert there at the time you are there... if not, wait a few minutes and post again.

I have been a member here for over a year and a half... I come from a marketing and consulting background and have enjoyed being self-employed for of 20+ years, so I've been around the block a few times. I have enjoyed much success and some failures. So I understand both ends of the spectrum.

I have watched this place transform and evolve into the best environment for learning Online Marketing during this time. If you want to learn how to build an online business correctly, you are in the right place. The WA business community is truly unique and filled with so many knowledgeable people with such a variety of experiences and capabilities. There are many here that will help you find your way.

Great business foundations take time to build, a piece and day at a time. Be patient, it does not happen in a week, May not happen in a month. but it does happen. WA provides the tools and the education.... the members and founders provide the needed support and help...it is up to you use what you learn (which will be a lot) and create opportunity for yourself.

Thank You for following me and I look forward to helping you helping you grow in the coming months. when in doubt... give a shout. Julie
Kyle Premium
Just thought I would check in and see how things are going with you! I hope all is well and you are enjoying yourself here within the community.

I hope you are enjoying the training and making some wonderful progress! Please do touch base with me if you ever need a hand with anything or are feeling stuck, I am here to help. :)
Kyle Premium
Hey there and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! I am Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate and I am here to help you along the way. If you ever have any questions or need a hand with anything, do let me know.

As a new member here, you should check out the Online Entrepreneur Certification getting started course (Level 1). This is a task based course that will get you taking action on daily tasks that will lead to you building web assets. Here is the link that you will see within your main menu labeled "Get Started Here".



If you join Premium within the first 7 days, here are some bonuses that I am going to be giving you:

(1) You are going to get a 59% discount on your first month Premium membership (only $19)
(2) You are going to get personal and private access to me! If you ever have a question or need help with your campaigns, I will be there.
(3) I am going to be giving you my "Diamond Traffic Bonus"

But only if you join in your first 7 days (this is what I call my "action takers" bonus).

Anyways, thought I would just introduce myself and if you have any questions going forward, let me know. :) Wonderful to have you as part of the community here at WA!

Your friend,