Thrive Quiz Builder for Building Email List

Last Update: March 27, 2018

I bought this premium plugin today for creating a quiz on my site used to try and build my email list and generate leads.

I must say it's quite impressive with excellent training from the guys over at Thrive Themes. I've used my exit popup for my CTA. This then opens another page with the quiz on it.

It's designed to capture email addresses but it can also be used for geenrating leads to other parts of your site, depending on the results.

This is my popup which takes you to the quiz...

The quiz is located on another page which holds all the questions...

In order to get the results they have to enter their email address. There is no option to close this form but you can add one. I haven't bothered but this could be construed as being too aggresive.

I will monitor my sign ups and see how it goes before deciding whether to add a close-out or not.

When they enter their email address it is automatically captured to your email responder. You have to set up a connection in WordPress with an API code but it's not difficult.

The next form gives the answer. Based on what they answered, it will give a solution. For this particular quiz I have 4 solutions. These have different "weights" depending on where they are in the flowchart.

This may sound a bit complicated but believe me it's not. I watched the video tutorials this morning after purchasing it and had it up and running in a couple of hours.

Now that we have captured their email address it's time to offer them a solution. This is the second advantage of using a quiz builder like this, you can direct them to one of your pages.

For each solution you can add a different CTA. I really like this part.

This is my first attempt at it so I'm not sure how it will go but I will tweak it if I have to. There are many options that can be used for the quiz builder. The above one is categories.

I'm hopeful that this can build my email list and also generate leads. The plugin costs $67 for one license.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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gerardG1 Premium
Every bit of clever promotion can only help and 67 dollars minimal in terms of business can generate bieng looking at botd believe 12 months mac will be swamped with thes also bought an amazing video maker on jv zoo it amazing for the cash so i believe like you craig invest in you and your idea and i am sure you will generate a better income and life for you and loved ones and i say to that
Power to your arm
Cynthiah1 Premium
Thanks for sharing this.
Elyta Premium
Would like to know how this works out for you.
mergie1 Premium Plus
I will be interested to find out how this pans out. Please keep us posted.
Steven-A Premium
very interesting approach. please keep us posted and let us know how well it works