Crazy highs all over the weekend!

Last Update: April 08, 2018

That was probably my busiest weekend since I started my website in Sept 2016. To get more than 1000 visitors on Sat and Sun was epic and I have received almost 200 emails over the 2 days.

All last week my daily traffic was hovering around 400/day and then this happened at the weekend.

A lot of customers contacted me looking for trials and some have already taken subscriptions. I think around 10 new signups over the 2 days, plus affiliate commissions from Amazon, Shareasale and I even got a $10 VPN commission yesterday.

Stay Focused and Be Patient

It's taken a long time for me to reach this level with a couple of hiccups and a change in focus along the way, but please believe that it WILL happen.

If you are struggling with results, take a step back and ask yourself why. With me, it was very low percentage commissions that made it difficult to see improved results.

Now that I have overcome this, I am now seeing a scaling up on traffic and earnings but I had to change my strategy and even search for a new affiliation.

What are you waiting for?

There's no time like the present. Don't waste time on thankless tasks. Remember, you are here to build a business and change your life. Think outside the box, if you are feeling bogged down.

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Symanica Premium
Congrats on your traffic and sales Craig!
CraigUKTV Premium
Steven-A Premium
very impressive. I see what you mean about taking a step back and rethinking your audience and marketing focus. I've been doing that this weekend.
CraigUKTV Premium
Nice one Steve. I hope that's working out for you.
ClaudetteT1 Premium
Congratulations, this is impressive! This is the beginning of this level of success.You mentioned a change in focus, how many websites did you create before landing on this one?
CraigUKTV Premium
Thanks. This was my first website. I have only worked on this one. My change in focus was on one of my income streams.
MKearns Premium
It pays to reinspect and reignite occasionally!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Craig.