Just short of $1000 from Amazon so far in 2018.

Last Update: July 31, 2018

So those of you that follow me know that I started my first site last April. It was slow going. Despite a lot of posts and not a lot of traffic I mostly kept at it (I took a 1 month break and now wish I hadn't). I started seeing a little money roll in last November/December based on some seasonal postings.

Then this year I really started to buckle down and post good long form content. I also did several guest posts to very specific high quality sites in my niche to build a few links to my site and my content. It never hurts to network either!

You can see that the results are pretty distinct. Everything has continually gone upward this year.

So I'm at about the 15 month mark at this point. And if my site continues as is this year I'll expect to earn somewhere in the area of $2700-$3000 this year.

Keep in mind I have a full time day job and only dedicate time here as I can. But do note that this is worth doing even as a side project or side business.

Good luck out there everyone!

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RussellO1 Premium
Congratulations and thank you for sharing. One question though: is it that you only use Amazon for advertising?
craigrut Premium
Correct. This site is only dedicated to Amazon Associates. I'm in a niche that pays 8% per sale which is high for Amazon. I imagine as Amazon grows in the space the percentage will drop, but my traffic and throughput will hopefully scale to counteract it.

It is worth reading where Amazon pays the most if you're going to consider selling for them. They share the percentages by category in their Associates Central site.
DavidPadkin8 Premium
Hi Craig
Well done You will learn how to adjust what works and so increase your earnings
All the best
NichoalsB Premium
That's awesome!!! Keep up the great work bud!
Sammy-B Premium
Fantastic, Craig, these are very encouraging numbers! They will surely go up a lot more.
chief14nj Premium