What Training? The Online Entrepreneur Certification or The Affiliate Bootcamp - Choose your path!

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Hey, I am Lula.

So I signed up and starting.

First, I watch a video walkthrough of the Wealthy Affiliate platform to learn how to navigate the platform and leverage all available tools.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) - Your Own

New to affiliate marketing, starting with your niche (for example, health, weight loss, cooking, yoga, meditation, or something else) is an excellent way to learn the basics. It teaches you how to promote your specific target audience. Follow your passion, a niche that resonates with you that you super enjoy, and have plenty of knowledge to create great content.

The OEC: The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training consists of 5 phases with ten lessons for 50 classes.

The OEC covers the basics of how affiliate marketing works and how the Wealthy Affiliate may support you with various tools to help your online business.

- Navigating and maximizing your experience
- Setting up account and profile
- Understanding the process of how to make money
- Choosing a niche, a specific group, or audience of people to help
-- Building your website with WA site builder
- Establishing your website layout and foundation
- Making your website SEO friendly
- Doing keyword research with Jaaxy
- Creating a list of topics that you will write content on
- Understanding the difference between free, premium, and premium plus + memberships

The Affiliate Bootcamp or The Make Money Online (MMO) niche

The affiliate Bootcamp course covers in-depth the Wealthy Affiliate program or rather the make money online niche.

The Affiliate Bootcamp: The Affiliate Bootcamp training (make money online niche) consists of 7 phases with ten lessons each for 70 classes.

The Affiliate Bootcamp covers training promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform to specific target audiences interested in WA. It defines which markets and how to enable the Wealthy Affiliate to solve people's situations in learning affiliate marketing or make money online.

- Navigating and maximizing your experience as an affiliate of the Wealthy Affiliate program
- Finding target audiences for promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform
- Building your website with WA site builder
- Setting up your website for SEO
- Creating initial necessary website content
- Doing keyword research with Jaaxy
- Defining your long term content strategy
- Creating product reviews using the 4 "CIAO" Principles (Captivating, Informative, Accurate & Opinionated)
- Creating a product review of Wealthy Affiliate
- Understanding the realistic time frames for super success and wealth

Common elements include:

- Learning skills and becoming an online affiliate marketer
- Researching your target audience
- Building a website right from scratch
- Learning SEO skills
- Scheduling and Strategizing content
- Finding affiliate products and solutions for your targeted audience
- Driving traffic both organically and through paid mediums

Different elements include:

The OEC training:

It explains the affiliate marketing process in great detail and the features available at the Wealthy Affiliate. It lets you choose the products you want to promote and your target audience.

The Bootcamp training:

It has 20 more classes. It explains the Wealthy Affiliate program and provides a thorough walkthrough of the affiliate program tools. It defines the products you promote and the specific target audiences interested in WA.

Similar elements include:

Both training pieces teach you how to be an affiliate marketer, offer detailed training to learn the skills to be successful, and the first ten lessons of phase 1 for free as those are also available for starter members.

A starter Wealthy Affiliate member can start each training with no credit card required. It is a week's test drive taster to assess whether the platform can meet their individual business needs and objectives. They have full premium privileges. Once the seven days over, communications with the platform will cease. Their free siterubix subdomain will remain valid for six months, and they can stay a free starter for an indefinite period.

What Training?

Your utmost strategy is finding the will and balance, doing training appropriate for your business needs, objectives leading to your success. Knowing your target audience is a crucial strategy to being an outstanding affiliate marketer. It is choosing the best suitable option and seeing it through, completing all training phases. The aim is to finish the entire thing, complete every step, and focusing on one niche, one site at a time. When your site starts gaining traffic and traction, leading it to become an authority and in receipt of payout commission, you may indulge in the other training and build another.


Please keep in mind that the Affiliate Bootcamp is harder and more competitive to follow through; if you want to make money faster, it is better to start with your own, i.e., the OEC.

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Hi Lula, yeap, that's perfectly true
many blessings to you
PS. love your article

Wonderful Post Lula you have done well.

Proud of all your achievements to date considering you have only been here for such a short time.

You have a wonderful drive and passion to achieve many things in life and I know you will continue to go forward to reach your goals and desires you set out to do.

Well done and keep going forward


Hello Andrea and thank you.
I am a bit hurried to produce I am totally focused to achieve in the shortest time possible without compromising on quality. I want to use my blog posts here to consolidate and as backlinks to my site and in addition to writing comprehensive well sourced great content posts and reviews, guess what I am saying I want to reach to the stars as and when I can. At the moment I am in a can do spirit which is great for max benefits.
Wish you well, a terrific day and weekend.

Great to hear Lula keep moving forward and have a great day

An excellent post, Lula.
A very fair assessment I think.

Hello Richard and thank you.
I really appreciate your comment and feedback.
Wish you well, a terrific day and weekend.

I think everyone should do both

Hello Geoffrey and thank you.
I advice doing one or the other. My calculations show if you are writing three articles a week and provided you have the experience and expertise follow through reviews you need no less than two years give take to break through. But a lot less and more profitable if following the right OEC niche with the same amount of posts, you would be ranking and making money a lot sooner. With my current situation, I am stuck on finances and therefore upkeep of my subscription fees is a priority. I understand each person situation or circumstances are different. But there is sensibility and strategy and we must wise how to follow the correct path to success. You see everything must be studied and analyzed in great detail to arrive at a fruition prize.
Wishing you well, a terrific day and weekend.

Awesome blog post Lula yet again.

Thanks for the share. We have bookmarked for future reference.

Hello Abie and thank you.
I really REALLY appreciate your comment and feedback.
Wishing you well and hope you guys are having a terrific day and weekend.

You are so very welcome.

Yep we are enjoying an awesome blessed Sunday.

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