This video training has one simple goal...

To help YOU understand the process of making money online.

It is actually more simplistic than you think. Although there are many ways in which people are creating successful businesses online, there is one core component to any successful business, a website.

In this video I walk you through the process right from the initial audience, to the search in Google, to the website, to the niche, to the types of programs that you are going to be promoting to generate revenue.

There are many ways that you can earn a full time income online once you understand the fundamentals and this video is going to clarify what the fundamental process is.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to give you a hand.

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nickjm Premium Follow Me
It might be latter, but I wish that, how and why you should make a blog, would of been somewhat mentioned. Other then that yes I liked it vary much.
Blogs are covered so just keep going!
Vness Follow Me
Great video Kyle! Your video's are always so informative!
CarissaH Premium Follow Me
Seems simple enough. How do you go about making these connections for commissions. Is that in another lesson later in the program?
Michelle04 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hi Carissa. You're right, this training will be covered in future lessons. You will eventually want to sign up with affiliate programs and be able to promote their products on your website to earn commissions.
Jen101 Follow Me
Thank you Michelle for all your wonderful comments, they are very helpful.
Stacey1277 Follow Me
How is it that we make a commission on the sales that we generate?
Stacey1277 Follow Me
Is our commission coming from WA? Are we going to be copying and pasting?
Michelle04 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hi. Whatever your niche is, you will eventually want to work with relevant companies that you can promote their products. You will be putting their links on your website when you promote a product and if you make a sale, then you earn a commission from that company.

If you are promoting WA, then you earn your commission from someone clicking on your WA link and joining this program. Those commissions come from WA and you would want to be going through Affiliate Bootcamp if you are taking that route.
Stacey1277 Follow Me
Thank you so much. I asked to soon and then realized this with the next video. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Have a fabulous day!
Michelle04 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
No problem. Have a great day as well!
nesly28 Premium Follow Me
This is very helpful!
hmack1 Premium Follow Me
Great video,Thanks
Ndemazeah Follow Me
wow! such a great video. thanks very much. so from what i got from the video it was clear to me that one can actually promote and make money from other people's product even if they do not have any relation to the content of my website.
thanks very much . i am really gaining a lot hear
Giancarlo Follow Me
Should I be thinking in terms of promoting one product withing my selected niche with each web-site?
Michelle04 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hi. Usually people promote a lot of items within their niche, just so long as it is relevant to your topic. So, if your website is about raising cats, you would have a great deal of items that you could promote on your website. Hope that helps. :)
Giancarlo Follow Me
Thank you Michelle
DanaAlyS Premium Follow Me
Thanks for the great video. It's good to know that there seems to be many ways to make money with the website that is created. It just comes down to how much time a person is willing to commit to making it a success.
JerryWhite Follow Me
This is an excellent video, really giving me food for thought as a newbie, Thanks Kyle.
SteveLee1 Follow Me
one of the paths your audience can take (per the video) was social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) I had a facebook account but discontinued it about 6 months ago. Do I need to have a facebook and/or twitter account to have more options for my audience?
No. You can use Reddit, Google+, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Instagram, The Vine, etc.
mgy Follow Me
Going to find my balance website creation and niche market with ads, blog. This concept from what I have seen a "see it to believe it type" looking forward to this
amazing235 Premium Follow Me
Why would you want to have more than one website?
DianneF Premium Follow Me
You can stick with one website if you choose too. However if you want to branch off into more than 1 niche market, then it's best to create separate websites for each unrelated niche :)
Once you can handle one website, you might want to create other websites per your interests. I have 3 and I know many here with more than I have.
cschlup54 Premium Follow Me
You don't have to have but one, but many people find interest in more than one thing that they they want to expand their possibilities and share with others. I personally thank it is best if the niche are different to have multi websites, but it is really up to you and if you go premium you can have at least 25 websites, but let me tell you that sounds like more than I can handle or even think about at this time.
amazing235 Premium Follow Me
I guess it depends on how much time you want to work in building your business and how much money you want to make.
BobBarr Premium Top 200 Follow Me
To my thinking, there are two possible reasons to have multiple sites:

1) You have a niche site for an area of interest of yours and you want to add an affiliate marketing site for promoting WA. Since you're targeting two different audiences, having the two sites allows you to focus on each group separately. (This is probably be the most common reason for WA members to start a second site.)

2) You have multiple areas of interest that aren't closely related. For example, suppose one of your areas of interest was music and another was writing.historical novels. Since there isn't much, if any, overlap between the two niches, having two separate sites would again allow you to focus on your two audiences separately.
amazing235 Premium Follow Me
Thank You very much. That was helpful.
Jen101 Follow Me
I know that I most definitely will want to concern myself with more than one niche eventually.....the way I look at it is kind of like a recipe box or any other kind of filing system for that matter. For example: if you are looking for a desert recipe, you would lokk under that title or the title of any other desert type. If you were looking for a casserole or a soup, you wouldn't look for those recipes under those categories. If your website is related to the auto motive industry, your visitors wouldn't expect to find information and products related to pet care.
VictorW Follow Me
Bit of an eye opener and its so simple to understand
mintmoney Follow Me
i like the simplicity in the explanation,can't wait to have my own website up an running, thanks