This video training has one simple goal...

To help YOU understand the process of making money online.

It is actually more simplistic than you think. Although there are many ways in which people are creating successful businesses online, there is one core component to any successful business, a website.

In this video I walk you through the process right from the initial audience, to the search in Google, to the website, to the niche, to the types of programs that you are going to be promoting to generate revenue.

There are many ways that you can earn a full time income online once you understand the fundamentals and this video is going to clarify what the fundamental process is.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to give you a hand.

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Raeesah Follow Me
A great simple but effective lesson.
LOmuga Follow Me
Thank you, from this lesson i can see that i will earn revenue if the visitor buys something which i recommend to them from Amazon. My question is, it it possible to have several stores to recommend my clients to like Argos, Nakumatt etc
Mangawill Premium Follow Me
Wonder to the point!
KarlettaG Premium Follow Me
Great video....simple, short & straight to the point. :)
ashtonking Follow Me
Now I have a clear basic understanding of how it works. 2 thumbs up
missmaradey Follow Me
Wow this video definitely gave me an ear full, I jotted down some notes just in case I needed a few reminders, and I'm ready to learn more
ShannonSB Premium Top 50 Follow Me
You can always go back to any of your previous lessons if you feel like you miss something. It also helps to pause and do the task, pause and to the task etc to make sure you are following along and doing your setups correctly. Just some food for thought!!
guruonline Follow Me
Awesome topic...
Tonibalogni Follow Me
what if I have a website already how can I connect it to WA without being a promoter in this community of that website or does that site become my 2nd income source
You need to be a Premium Member before bringing your website here. ..or work with the 2 FREE websites given to you!
kenworth76 Premium Follow Me
finnally got it understand it
CBe Premium Follow Me
Thanks for that. I understand it well.
RuthBarnett1 Premium Follow Me
Makes perfect sense
zzhjdn999 Follow Me
Well, can't wait to make some money now.
zzhjdn999 Follow Me
So that's how it works! It's not as complicated as I initially thought.
tymirajones Premium Follow Me
I never understood how to make money online. thank you so much for making it so simple. One question though. When you post an affiliate link on your website, Amazon for example. Advertising a particular product like a blender. Do you get a commission for any blender purchased from Amazon or just a particular one?
SusanAL Premium Follow Me
Hi, saw your question so I thought I'd just jump in.

When someone is directed to Amazon through your link, you will get advertising fees from whatever qualifying purchase they make during that visit (blender, socks, soccer ball, etc.).

When you're an Amazon affiliate you basically get rewarded for directing someone to Amazon. It doesn't matter what they buy so long as it's a qualifying purchase and it's coming from your link.
daveandrews Premium Follow Me
how do you become an amazon affiliate? is that covered later on? or do we go to amazon and have a hunt for details?!
SusanAL Premium Follow Me
You can go to Amazon to read about their affiliate program.

I learned about Amazon's affiliate program somewhere else so I'm not sure if its covered in WA lessons.

Maybe something can be found using the WA search bar. I would look myself right now, but have to run.

Good luck!
Tonibalogni Follow Me
that helped, thank you
Tonibalogni Follow Me
good question thank you
Andrew5 Premium Follow Me
the last bit of info was huge for me, talking about needing only one website. Being good a what you do.