This video training has one simple goal...

To help YOU understand the process of making money online.

It is actually more simplistic than you think. Although there are many ways in which people are creating successful businesses online, there is one core component to any successful business, a website.

In this video I walk you through the process right from the initial audience, to the search in Google, to the website, to the niche, to the types of programs that you are going to be promoting to generate revenue.

There are many ways that you can earn a full time income online once you understand the fundamentals and this video is going to clarify what the fundamental process is.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to give you a hand.

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robinsa8 Follow Me
Thanks for the kick start
Kyle Premium Ambassador
No problem, glad to help Alex.
spiritplay Follow Me
Thanks Kyle! I'm just starting out and your video keeps it simple, which is awesome.
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Glad the training is all making sense Kirsten! ;)
Joedum Follow Me
How do you know if an online vendor is an affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate and how much is the commission typically?
There are vendors with Wealthy Affiliate. What did you want to know, specifically?
If you click on the white airplane in the top, right corner, you will find the WA Commissions information.
As far as other affiliates, the plans vary so you would have to read the information per your selection.
spiritplay Follow Me
I'm just starting out, but from what I understand, the online vendor doesn't have to be a Wealthy Affiliate affiliate for you to be able to receive commissions if you help them make a sale by driving a customer to their site. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong!
Kyle Premium Ambassador
The online vendors are not affiliates of WA, you can promote ANY affiliate program with your websites here at WA, you are not refined to specific ones.

As you move through the training affiliate programs are discussed in much more detail (and the make money part), but the first goal is building out your content and your foundation for your website. This will lead to traffic (an audience) and once you have people to promote to, incorporating promotions will make much more sense.
myrealityck Premium Follow Me
I do understand the process, I just think that in the past I have not picked "products" that people want to buy. I think I have to find a niche that will be more successful.
Kyle Premium Ambassador
It all comes to relevance. If you promote a relevant product within relevant content it will convert much higher.

For example, if I am talking about how I make green shakes every day in my Vitamix blender. On that page a weight loss program may not be all that relevant, hence converting much lower than promoting something that is hyper-targeted like a Vitamix blender.

Relevance converts and always consider that a contextual promotion that is in line with your exact content will always convert the best.
Stephenkfow Follow Me
yes, this video on the subject "How to...." is really simply explain in a graphic flow neat and thoughtfully done. Great job.
Kyle Premium Ambassador
Glad it all makes sense :)
ALeitch Premium Follow Me
Work through the video's, great so far!
KBernard Follow Me
So if I choose my Niche and build my first two websites as long as I stay with WA then I am good to go to keep receiving pay But if you for somestupid reason leave WA then you walk away from your two sites? What if you go premium does that make it yours ?
And or all the other noes you get through WA?
Michelle04 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hi. The siterubix free sites belong to WA. As long as you stay a free member, they will always be there for you to work on.

However, if you go premium and purchase your own domain for your website (s), then it is your own personal property. If you decide to leave WA, you would have 30 days to transfer your website (s) to another host so that you didn't lose what is yours. Hope that helps answer your questions.
Hello, Michelle! I want to add if you leave WA, you will lose your earned commissions!
You're right...for some stupid reason...LOL!
jemmybarr Follow Me
How does a link work and when clicked on how does it get you to another website
You will learn how to insert a link directing you to wherever you want. It's covered in the training. Did you need help?
B3njamn Follow Me
This is a great opportunity and I look forward to learning more!
Jordan77 Premium Follow Me
The key to this step is getting your website high ranking through search engine optimization using keywords.
B3njamn Follow Me
what are some recommended keywords?
TroyBrown Premium Follow Me
Great video to understand one way to make money. My question is, when building my website, will the website be my website or will it be Wealthy Affiliates?
Your 2 FREE websites belong to Wealthy Affiliate. If you purchase your own domain, it is yours!
fastracks Premium Follow Me
your site. If you ar premium you can build as many site as you want.
when you get the hang of everything you can build your site on the platform of you choice. Like hostgator etc.

Its free here take advantage of the WA hosting platform before you venture on paying monthly fees at other hosting companies.
TroyBrown Premium Follow Me
Thanks that helps
miguel34 Premium Follow Me
Hi guys dont understand this thing?how will i make money do i need to have a niche first then build my own website????HELP. HELP WITH NICHE
Michelle04 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hi Theolinda. Have you began the training from the start? You need to click on the green "Get Started Here" tab and follow along. The training is set up so that you are learning as you build out your website. You need to come up with a niche before you start building your website. Here is some help on figuring out a niche: You really need to think about things that you enjoy or have a passion for. Maybe you have a hobby or something that know a lot about. It is these kinds of things that will help you to create your own niche. :)
Aubreyona Premium Follow Me
I have been away for a few days due to school purposes but now im back and i cant wait to get my website up and running.
AshMountain Follow Me
Can't wait to get a website up and running.
Jimrob1957 Follow Me
One more question? is there a limit as to how many can be affiliated to lets say Amazon ?
jvranjes Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Not sure what you ask, "how many" what? If you ask how many people then do not be concerned about it, anybody can. If you ask how many banners on a post/page, try not to have many, I would say 2 is OK.
You can join as many affiliates as you want, and there is no limit to how many you use on your website. It's best to start with just one though!