This video training has one simple goal...

To help YOU understand the process of making money online.

It is actually more simplistic than you think. Although there are many ways in which people are creating successful businesses online, there is one core component to any successful business, a website.

In this video I walk you through the process right from the initial audience, to the search in Google, to the website, to the niche, to the types of programs that you are going to be promoting to generate revenue.

There are many ways that you can earn a full time income online once you understand the fundamentals and this video is going to clarify what the fundamental process is.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to give you a hand.

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lgolden Follow Me
Thank you for breaking the process down in simplicity. So many other programs make it so complicated you get overwhelmed and quit, but this is getting me excited because you're actually promoting something you like and are even passionate about.
bestpromos Premium Follow Me
I look forward to promoting affiliate items that reflect my passion for cooking
coffeecupnan Premium Follow Me
ok so if I already have an Amazon website but no traffic. This training will help me. Thank you
DaniellaL Follow Me
Easy to understand, clear
YaelLynn Premium Follow Me
So you used the example of promoting a blender: are you promoting one particular blender? a brand of blender? a site to buy the blender?

Who actually pays you? amazon? the seller?

The audience I want to reach is those who want to make a difference in the world. My mantra is The World I See Begins With Me. I want to blog about how all hope is not lost for all of us. And how the little things can make such a difference.

But I'm not clear on how to monetize that. I just need to make enough so that I can pay my bills without having to work a mon-fri 9-5.
Help? - Thank you.
- Lynn
EKautz Premium Top 50 Follow Me
There are many avenues to earn money with WA and affiliate marketing is just one Lynn.

These are all covered in the training sessions under the Get Started Here tab or the Affiliate Bootcamp tab.

To give you a quick answer in the case of Kyle's example he is promoting one model of mixer but this doesn't have to be the case. Should someone follow his link to Amazon and purchase that mixer the person pays Amazon and Kyle would then receive a commission (as described in each companies individual affiliate program contract).

My thinking cap is broken at the moment (too tired) but I'm sure there are products that YOU use to make the world a better place - green products maybe, recycled maybe and so on. I'm sure there are tons of affiliate programs for these.

Again there are more methods to earn in the training and through the other great members of WA.

gysingapore Premium Follow Me
Hello YaelLynn,
Good ... it seems now you do understand that we are talking about a site promote for a seller ... unless you want to promote your own product i.e. WYZ blender. Obviously, a commission or your income.
Well, you seem to have some ideas on "the little things can make a difference" .. , if you can be specific on "what things" ... these can be what you can monetize through your W.A. website .
Hence, get a grip on how to utilize the learning by Kyle/Carson to expedite your success.
Kipps Premium Follow Me
Hi Lynn. Welcome to WA cpmmunity- I am also still a newbie though I joined WA a few months ahead of you. I am stuck with a similar but not exactly the same idea like yours. Too many ideas with no niche is my problem. I throw away one niche after another in the past few months. This morning I came up with another "best" idea again and I hope this will be the last and a really good one. I am, nevertheless, totally convinced that WA really works. Let's share our pains together. Of course our success as well when we get to that point. Share with the world. Give more to get more in this age of sharing.
msfara7066 Premium Follow Me
Informative, thank you,
DPaudel Follow Me
Good and informative video. Please explain me about procedure of making my own website in free.
Just follow the training. It is FREE. Kyle walks you through each step.
LMeade Premium Follow Me
This initial foundation I would like to keep as simple as possible but I am not quite sure I know how to tie it together.....Right now I have three different but similar affiliations that I would like to bring together under one roof! And I think all three are related and would come under the niche of "Home Based Business!" One is a all-in-one market research tool! The second is a content re-write tool and the third is huge but I have already heard that it is frown upon in WA and that would be MOBE's products and services that I also would like to promote via my website! I also have access to several CPA Networks whereas I can promote all sorts of biz-op related offers! I am not completely sure if I am in the right ball park with my thought process but I am open to constructive criticism. One of my reasons for going premium with WA was see if I could find the help that could show me how to put together what I think I want as a end result.....Right now as I think about this: it seems difficult to me.. I am assuming that the end result will be a blog type site. Blogging to me sounds like a lot of writing and I am not a good writer!
mcclair22 Premium Follow Me
Wholeness! thankes for the information
CCerda Follow Me
Thank you for this solid information on the beginnings of a affiliate web site.
SAlvarez Premium Follow Me
I am looking forward to the continued education that you provide...Thank You...:)
SacRSBC2013 Follow Me
Can i promote products from ebay also?
EKautz Premium Top 50 Follow Me
yes eBay does have an affiliate program.

Benitoite Follow Me
That's good food for thought. So I immediately checked many of the websites that would fit perfectly into what I think will become my "Niche" only to find no affiliate links on their pages. Being a Noob just getting started I am thinking that in itself may well be an opportunity in disguise. Only time will tell
EKautz Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Hi Michael -

Have you tried typing your niche into Google and then type + affiliate program like this ...

your niche here + affiliate program

This may help you out.

newbizshop Follow Me
Tahaun Premium Follow Me
I have two niches that I'm interested in doing. One of them is about Linux OS. I feel I have a LOT of topics ready to go, I just need to create the site. With that said, my only concern is that Linux is open source (free in many ways) by nature. Even if I do generate the traffic, my concern is that there won't be many "clickable" affiliates to drive income. Does anyone have any thought on this? What are your thoughts Kyle? Thanks in advance.
EKautz Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Are there not other outboard items and add on software that Linux users would typically need and want - they must have a computer right?

There are many affiliate programs for this type of stuff. Type into Google Linux + affiliate program to see what's there. Also try this with computers, computer accessories, software ect.

Silverwood Premium Follow Me
What about Amazon Linux (or Linux based) books - they are quite pricey. Could these adverts monetise your site?
EKautz Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Thanks the path I was laying out ...
gysingapore Premium Follow Me
Hello Richie,
It would be cool to tweak your blogs to attract the type of audience that you prefer ... basically it is all about the contents.
RichieEales Follow Me
I'm thinking about travelling being my niche. What do you think? X
gysingapore Premium Follow Me
Hello Richie,
If it is what you feel strong now ... yes...go ahead.
The taste of food is in eating it!
In time more ideas and interests will naturally come to your imagination as your thoughts are dynamic.
Silverwood Premium Follow Me
Especially if you could review as you are visiting...?
gysingapore Premium Follow Me
Hello Silverwood,
I really sympathize with your experience... you sure have a lot to blog and inform the audience on the pitfalls and justifications on selecting a
worthwhile venture.
Nevertheless, what is critical is amount of information and the learning platform in W.A. that can assist you in providing a new path to your future success.