This video training has one simple goal...

To help YOU understand the process of making money online.

It is actually more simplistic than you think. Although there are many ways in which people are creating successful businesses online, there is one core component to any successful business, a website.

In this video I walk you through the process right from the initial audience, to the search in Google, to the website, to the niche, to the types of programs that you are going to be promoting to generate revenue.

There are many ways that you can earn a full time income online once you understand the fundamentals and this video is going to clarify what the fundamental process is.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to give you a hand.

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NekoJul Follow Me
This video gave me a few ideas.....affiliate link wise haha. all in all, it was good :3
mdog Follow Me
This video was great is it really that simple
jmaurice Follow Me
As far as niches go can one hot have a niche but be open to everything that comes your way or does the niche gives you a targeted audience which will get u closer to the top pages of google. Because it seems u could have numerous niches targeted at specific audiences
jmaurice Follow Me
you talked about how to avoid scams online but after you showed us your website for that you nevers showed or said anything else about how to avoid scams
Mylon234 Follow Me
I thought the video was very helpful honestly , it explained marketing and the process on how its received.
sara08 Follow Me
Hey,i haven't been able to watch any of the video,they start playing well,and then the hang!kindly pls help
ricardo Premium Follow Me
Hi Sara, is it the first time in any kind of website that does this kind of error our not? If it is, try to update the flash player. You could try to open in another browser to see if it is your actual browser
REICATALYST Premium Follow Me
Lesson 2 of 10 … Understanding How to Make Money Online Notes:
Components of Earning Revenue Online
Core, Process Flow
Diagrammatic: Website, critical, foundation to launch niche, i.e. build website platform, offer ad sense, build mailing list, offers, etc.
HOW.. Process of earning money e.g. Your Audience, target any segmentation, 2Billion people the audience, they search for something, Goad get ranked by Google… Ways to avoid scams online, info scams online, Reviews: My Jaaxy Enterprise Review – Pure Freakin’ Power!;
How to Build a WordPress Website in 30 Seconds or Less (Video Proof)
From search term lands on page, clicks on embedded links … AMAZON products, Cameras, Earn a commission on a purchase
Key: foundation website building block, CREATE A FULL-TIME INCOME.
GiannaDiggs Premium Follow Me
This video was very informative. I look forward to finding my niche and getting started with my online business.
cfischer420 Premium Follow Me
Can you run your website like a blog? And then promote things you blog about?
Smilesalot Premium Follow Me
Been through some of this before. But I am no expert I do know the other host and coach i tried a few years ago was not nearly as great and supportive as this group. It was more like a total weed out process to find the most ambitious clients and we're not there for all. I like the community approach
smangundhla Premium Follow Me
I get the idea, I have been doing product promoting online for about six months now, I have a couple of websites as well. Getting traffic has been a mission though, I still have to be hands on posting adverts to classified sites to get hits.

If I could learn hoe to automate the whole process taking me out of the equation that will be a set in the right direction
Russmd3 Premium Follow Me
This is freakin' amazing!!!!

Let me get this straight... I can choose a product on Amazon. And promote it, earning a commission of each one sold.

I can choose the product....?
Jaweda2k Premium Follow Me
That is the gist of it. You create a niche based site and then promote the products that go along with that niche.
dec091954 Follow Me
Great that is all I can say. It makes me try even harder to be a success
Ariella23 Follow Me
I'm brand new to this and the first lesson had me pretty overwhelmed but now after watching this video i'm starting to understand how this works!
Lambros Premium Follow Me
A simple outline of how the affiliate system works. Choosing a niche might be the most important step in my opinion.
profits4u Premium Follow Me
I think you are right, but I think choosing a niche might also be one of the hardest for me. Hmmmm. Any ideas?