This video training has one simple goal...

To help YOU understand the process of making money online.

It is actually more simplistic than you think. Although there are many ways in which people are creating successful businesses online, there is one core component to any successful business, a website.

In this video I walk you through the process right from the initial audience, to the search in Google, to the website, to the niche, to the types of programs that you are going to be promoting to generate revenue.

There are many ways that you can earn a full time income online once you understand the fundamentals and this video is going to clarify what the fundamental process is.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to give you a hand.

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apbridges60 Follow Me
I knew that I needed a website to make money online, and I have had a few websites from GoDaddy and Dream Weaver, but I never got the hang of "blogging" or getting traffic to my site, or I never GOT traffic to my site, so I was losing money, and I did not have anyone helping me. So from THIS site I plan on building my own website again, and making enough money at the beginning to pay for my monthly fee for THIS training, and GO FROM THERE..... moving on to the next lesson, #3!!
EKautz Premium Ambassador Follow Me
You'll do much better here at WA Amanda. GoDaddy and Dream Weaver are not capable of teaching you how to build a business.

Don't start off on the wrong foot and think small ... building a website. A website is cakewalk to build, my 9 year old can do it. You are building a business and you need to think that way.

Building a business takes time and energy. These you must provide at WA. All the rest is here for you, excellent training, cool tools and a community that is second to none.

Start building, we have your back.

apbridges60 Follow Me
Great advice for me - thanks so much E!! I'll move on to Lesson 3....
EKautz Premium Ambassador Follow Me
You're welcome Amanda. :)
cjdavis Premium Follow Me
Feeling a little overwhelmed trying to organize all the ideas flowing through my head, but I think I am getting the hang of how this works now.
EKautz Premium Ambassador Follow Me
That's great Carla!

As the old G.I. Joe cartoons used to say .... "Knowing is half the battle".

If you need help just let me know.

dogen800 Premium Follow Me
Ok. Let me run some ideas by all of you. I have long worked as Lived Learning dot net (know just a blog) and own that url. Originally I tried to do web updating and promoting collaborative methods. But this business never thrived so I took that site down.

This year, after I began to heal from severe illness and medical injury, I put up a Wix site, announcing myself as a natural health advocate. I feel I can do more with this. Lots of products and books to sell. I would like to recommend practitioners but don't know how I would be paid; maybe I would have to have some kind of charge for referrals...but I don't think that will work.

And I would love to do another site, a psychological one, in which I share my own story of growing up beyond abuse. I can recommend tons of good reading on this topic of childhood trauma and I feel I could write ebooks that might be simple and helpful, that I would compose.

So that is three ideas. What say you all? BTW I am not very knowledgeable about using Word Press. I use Typepad for a blog and have used Wix for design but took that one down. I used to be semi capable with Dream Weaver but accidentally threw out my 800 dollar program when my husband of 40 years left me...I got a little upset...

And of course, if I go unlimited, I will probably put up a WA site...
BlessedB Premium Follow Me
Know what you talk about dogen, been there. The very best to you, there a few ingredients in your writing that you can take and get the passion. Blessings.
Any of your options can be profitable. Start with one. You will be writing a lot of Blogs. Select a niche, while keeping that in mind.
kiliwia62 Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Question: Which of your ideas are the most dear to your heart? I know you must like them all, since your thought is there to write about it.

But, which one is the closest to you? This one should be your niche, than you can narrow it down what you like to write about, how to structure your website and of course who will be your targeted audience.
dogen800 Premium Follow Me
I am planning first a Wealthy Affiliate site for women, as empowering women is a passion of mine. But if I am going to work with this program it seems a Wealthy Affliate site is the primary way to go.

Right now I am liking the folks who have blog like sites so will look into that more. Thanks for the mentoring.
kiliwia62 Premium Top 100 Follow Me
You will do just fine. Empowering women is great, also a passion of mine. :)
dogen800 Premium Follow Me
Sylvia, is available. How does that sound? There are some other options. .com is taken. Am I ahead of myself? Seems like getting a url naildown so I can build a site around that, would be the way to go. What do you think?
kiliwia62 Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Nancy, in Kyle's training he does speak from the most usuable domain ending .com the very best, than .org

So, with .org your are still okay.

But, how sound
check it out if you like
dogen800 Premium Follow Me
it's taken...thanks for the .com advice. hat on, for creative thinking....
kiliwia62 Premium Top 100 Follow Me
You are welcome. :)
kathy3079 Premium Follow Me
capi74 Follow Me
in building a website is it better to choose something you are passionate about or is it better to choose a top trending theme and put in the effort to learn about it?
christianWA Premium Follow Me
I think a passion or something you are really interested in and have a fair degree of knowledge in is best. You're going to be writing about whatever you choose a lot. Kyle says no niche is over saturated. He will show you the tools you need to make it work.
capi74 Follow Me
nice to meet you Christian thanks for your response.
MerleWays Follow Me
I just learned that the one important ingredient for my business is going to be my website, ummmmm.
EKautz Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hi Merle, welcome to WA!

Yes, one important ingredient is a website. Does this seem intimidating to you? If so don't worry a bit about it because you need NO experience here as you will be taught from the ground up what and how to do it!

Just follow along with the training and you will be fine. If you do run into a snag just ask in the community for help. We have the best community around!

If you need anything let me know.

MerleWays Follow Me
Thanks E, believe me I'll ask.
EKautz Premium Ambassador Follow Me
You're welcome.
zeeBali Follow Me
Two questions guys:
1. What is the advantage of having more websites instead of just one? It probably depends on the types of businesses I am getting involved with?
2. If I have a website, lets say I make one with my starter account, can I change the website throughout the process, while remaining the same content?
Thank you!
don16 Premium Follow Me
One website is all that you need to get going. When the first one is loaded with quality content and is getting traffic then get another one going. It will be easier because you will know what you are doing. Websites in different niches will open up your customer base and allow you to monetize a whole new group.
Answer to your second question is that yes you can always keep adding to your starter account websites.
zeeBali Follow Me
Thanks Don, I appreciate your response.
So I gather it's good to start with one and start another one as soom as the first one is up and running and I can focus on the next subject. Gotcha. Ot's just that there is so many subjects I can currently think of which I'd like to cover, it might be hard for me to focus on just one (see my profile description). But I'm sure I'm gonna figure that one out somehow. ;) cheers
cjdavis Premium Follow Me
You just answered a question of mine as well. I guess I am just anxious to get started with my sites!
Mitchellc1 Premium Follow Me
As to starting a web site. what if there are some already out there/ Do i have a chance?
Anthonybcks Premium Top 50 Follow Me
If you go through this training on WA and take action then yes you will :) Kyle teaches you how to find low competition keywords that will get you on the first page of Google :)

Take a look at some of these: Hope that this will inspire you to continue on here :)

Also look through the success blog roll on the home page :) You will so much more blogs about people making money xD
Absolutely! As long as you follow the Keyword training, you'll succeed!
LevBaker407 Premium Follow Me
Now this a good? But then there is a good answer the internet public in around 1990 the first thing i started on was web tv and websites were born so You will not beable able to hardley find a site that's top does not touch unless no one cares about the topic then why would b
Build a site that eyes are Not looking at then you are defeating the pupouae do not be affraid to build a site in any ninche cause you have knowledge to go to the top of Google 38th the right key words
Marco72 Follow Me
i cant see the video tutorial any one knows why thanks marco
EKautz Premium Ambassador Follow Me
I'm not sure how to fix it Marco but I found a work around that works for me ...

After you press play and it stops on you then press the green Get Started Here button again and play the video again ... it should work.

MoneyMagnet1 Premium Follow Me
Can you create a full-time income stream with 1 website?
MrsHall Premium Follow Me
Absolutely! If you he a good amount of keywords going for your posts as well as good affiliate links you could most definitely create a full time income with one site. You just have to work hard and choose a niche with a good amount of traffic, something that a lot of people are interested in or need help with! Success comes with hard work and if your willing to put it in success will find you for sure!
AnsahPhD Premium Follow Me
agreed. I like the quote that Kyle used ... the willingness to succeed must be greater than the fear of failure... Awesome quote!
apbridges60 Follow Me
On my desk that I'm looking at now is a quote from the book "The Greatest Salesman in the World" on p. 26 that states "FAILURE WILL NEVER OVERTAKE ME IF MY DETERMINATION TO SUCCEED IS STRONG ENOUGH." Just wanted to share that quote with WA land!!
Biddy Premium Follow Me
This is awesome can't wait to get started!
TimKerslake Follow Me
This is all well and good, but I have some concerns about ethics as I don't want to promote products or services that have a bad environmental profile, dodge taxes, or are shitty to their workers (like Amazon don't have the best reputation for those things for example). Does anyone else share my ethical concerns/can anyone remedy them? :) Thanks in advance.
christianWA Premium Follow Me
Amazon is an example. You can start by simply promoting WA as an affiliate. I'm certain that you cannot find anything ethically questionable about that.

You can also choose a niche that promotes your values, so I would not be too concerned about that. The best way to choose a niche is to choose something you enjoy talking about and are an expert in (or want to become an expert in).

Good luck!
jwskrett Premium Follow Me
Hi Tim. I am still new at this myself so I may not be the best one to answer but I do know that there are many, MANY affiliate programs out there, and if some of them don't meet your standards I am sure there are others that will. I have done a little bit of looking for programs other than ClickBank or Amazon (the only two I really knew of before) and I have found some that I like. What you learn here can work with any of them.
Are you saying you never buy anything on Amazon? Find more affiliates, within your niche.
TimKerslake Follow Me
I wish I didn't... but yeah, sometimes I totally do :P It feels kind of different to be basing a whole career around affiliation with a potentially evil corporation though...
TimKerslake Follow Me
Great news, thank you buddy :)
TimKerslake Follow Me
Thanks Christian, I'm looking forward to finding my niche! :)
Andrey5 Premium Follow Me
Great Video! But I heard, in Pay per Click (PPC), when you promote somebody's product you don't really need a website
brendabanks Premium Follow Me
very good training ideas.
MSargeant Premium Follow Me
Answered some questions I had and easy enough once I get started. Gives me lots of ideas. Thanks for this!