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Hey, I am Lula.

Under the Websites tab, primary menu (top), you can find many options from the drop-down dashboard menu.

First off is the Site Manager.

This is where all our websites are listed and the place where we log in to do work, for example, create content.

Notice there is Login, refresh, view, comments, feedback, move, and details.

Next off is Site Builder.

This is where we built our sites, on a free siterubix subdomain, a domain we own, or to register a domain.

For starters, you can choose a free domain.

For premiums and premium plus, you can choose any.

Next off is Site Domains.

This is where we find, register, and manage our domains.

You can input a keyword, and the system will search for available domains with that keyword.

Please note with the Wealthy Affiliate platform; domains can be purchased in dot coms/nets/orgs. The cost is $13.99 annually, privacy included.

Next in line is Site Content—the ultimate writing platform.

This is where you can create content with a word count, choose images (mountain button) and check grammar.

You can start a blank document or from a writing template.

Templates include Affiliate Disclosure, Hosting Review, Privacy policy, Keyword Rich content page, and About me template.

Then comes Site Comments, Site Feedback, and Site Support.

I am leaving Site Comments and Site Feedback till another day.

Site support is not an available service for Starter members.

However so, Premiums and Premium Plus members. They find the site support service to be very responsive. They are the tech folks who maintain our sites.

Setting Up Free Website:

Choose a free domain > Choose a name > Choose a Title, and by default, the Theme is GeneratePress > Build my siterubix subdomain website.

(Hold tight, we're building you something amazing)

Finally, Admin details (password omitted for security reasons and as this platform is a public forum).

For the next lessons, I will be using this siterubix subdomain for training and demonstration purposes.

Below is an example of a copy of a default WordPress application, where circled is the domain title, with a Hello World post, a Sample Page in the primary menu. Recent Posts and Comments in a couple of widgets in the sidebar. And website title again in the footer.

Admin details can be accessed by clicking the details button on any domain found within your Site Manager.

On the page, you see admin with a password (omitted), domain details, and SitePlus+, which consists of SiteSpeed, SiteSSL (HTTPS), and SiteProtect (Spam Blocker).

Please note as a starter; your SiteSpeed is OFF till you upgrade.

In Site Manager, you can access your sites, reset passwords and sometimes synchronize when having login issues.

Starters who decide to upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus can utilize the move feature found in Site Manager when they register their dot com domain to move from their siterubix subdomain to their dot com domain. An easy step, input the site moving to the final destination and click move; WA does the rest for you. The recommendation is to leave the input domain for up to one month to ensure redirects are adequately completed for the search engines.

I hope my training is beneficial. I wish you a terrific day.

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Thank you !

Had the pleasure of going through some of the same lesson today.

Hey Gwendolyn that's really great I have done same and wanting write a simple training to help new comers to the platform. Wishing you well and a terrific day.

Sounds like you are putting yourself in motion for Ambassador. Much success!

A very concise walk-thru, Lula!


Hello Jeff and thank you, I am glad you thought my training was concise. Wish you well and a terrific day.

You're very welcome, Lula! Keep up the excellent work!


Way to go Lula, we certainly love your resource.

Really great share. Hope you guys are having a stupendous blessed Sunday.

Hello Abie and thank you. We are having a great Sunday can you please help me with my Jaaxy. Wishing you a terrific day.

Yes of course. What do you need?

Thanks for sharing all of this information is a quick easy to view manner.
This is definitely very helpful for those who are new. The key parts are highlighted very nicely. Thanks.

We wish you continued success in your online journey.

Hello George and thank you. I'm learning how the low fruit keywords apply to blog posts at WA. If you can give me some great advice I really appreciate it. Wishing you a terrific day.

The way you do your keyword research is key to find the best titles for posts, writing original helpful content and then getting traffic.

Did the tools mentioned in that blog help? Also ahrefs,con keyword-generator is another one good for finding general keywords to use in Jaaxy.

Watch your Google Analytics and Search Console. Search console gives Query words that reveal what query words you site is ranking for. You may find an ideas for new keyword research and post opportunities.

Keep writing posts.

Hello George and thank you for your time, I didn't know about Ahrefs so I will be looking into it. And the query that is also new to me. This is amazing George wow I am off to learn more. I really appreciate it. Wish you well and a terrific day.

This is what makes being part of the community very valuable.

Here's another blog that lists free keyword tools for keyword research. (After getting your keywords always use Jaaxy to get Avg searches, QSR KQI and SEO scores.

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
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One Profit Ready Website
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Millionaire Mentorship
Core “Business Start Up” Training