Good News and Some Really Bad News

Last Update: September 02, 2019

Starting with the Really Really Bad news.

At 3:30 pm today, I am going into surgery for what are simple (ish) operations ( x 3 of them on my right foot). In my youth I was a Ballet Dancer, feet can tend to suffer, so now as a result they have grown into fairly ugly badly formed feet. So 7 or 8 years ago I was informed I required corrective surgery. I have put off, postponed, delayed, excused and on occasions with genuine reasons how each year is not a good time for an operation.

Finally after a painful walking winter I started the referral process, that was back in February and now today is the day....I am not too worried about the op, but what I am worried about is the recovery, 10 weeks down time, no weight (at all) on the right leg for two weeks, so that’s the Really Bad News.

So what, are can you possibly be thinking is the Good News. Some of you may know I work in a Prison, this requires I can run and escape should I be put in a tricky situation (I promise you that never happens) , but Health and Safety have said no moon boots or crutches in the prison as I won’t be able to run in the event of a riot.....

So-ooo that can only mean one thing.....10 weeks off work.

Of which two weeks are bed bound, that can only mean one of three things, Netflix, online shopping or online working. No brainier . (Maybe a bit of Netflix)

So I have set myself some fairly robust targets, which will include a 4 blogs per week and one longer and more detailed. Also understanding and learning Algorithms. Learning and using Pinterest more effectively, in addition I am going to do 3 hours per week of training.

I have a lot more stuff I have set but without risking losing your interest st this point just suffice to say I am hoping to increase my knowledge and skill....

So it is now 10:20am UK time, am about to start Nil by mouth and in 3 hours I will head into the lions den....

Wish me time I post it will be bedside 🤞


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EdwinBernard Premium
I wish your surgeries go very well. And that you will make a lot of lemonade. Life has given you lemons, right?

All the best to you Cordelia.

CordeliaN Premium
That’s great, yeah a positive spin on everything..l😁
ManojV1 Premium
Wishing you a speedy recovery! Happy blogging and pinning, while you recuperate!
CordeliaN Premium
Thank you 😁
DarrenNicola Premium
We wish you all the best Cordelia and pray for a speedy recovery.
Darren & Nicola :)
CordeliaN Premium
Thank you for your well wishes 👍
JoshuaHorton Premium
Good luck with your surgery dear. I am sending prayers to you right now for an excellent outcome. While you are healing you are in the perfect situation. Wa's got your back. :) I'll look forward to reading your posts. Heck, if you have any training I will take you up on that as well. I truly hope you get better quick but make sure that you take the time to heal properly. Don't try to rush it. That won't help anyone at all.

To your recovery, (Salute)

and of course some netflix. :)
CordeliaN Premium
He he,
Neflix and WA what more do I need?

Thank you for taking the time to send a message of support, really appreciate, yes I will update on recovery and learning.. 👍
jetrbby80316 Premium
Wishing you the Best with your surgery Cordelia, I am sure everything will be fine. Great goals of 4 posts per week and 3 hours of training - you are going to put those 10 weeks to the best use possible to build your online business. Kudos!

CordeliaN Premium
Love it, thank’s great when you get so much support from the community.. 😁