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Hello to all at the WA campus today on this very cold and wet Saturday (here in the UK at least)Yesterday I was part of a thread. The original thread was posted by Android and he asked the community what we thought about our friends or family purchasing something on our Amazon Affiliate Links, especially during the first few months when trying to secure your first 3 sales, both Trish and Diane explained how this was not a good idea and Trish sent the T&C for him to read. Android felt it ma
It arrived on You Tube today.....In the UK and since 2010 John Lewis (a long established upmarket retail company) first introduced stunning, feel good, tear jerking Christmas Ads, in particular Man on The Moon, (reaching out to single and the seniors in our life) & Monty the Penguin It is much anticipated and a lot of money is spent on both the advert and how it’s good to help others. No advert comes close in terms of anticipation. It is a national media event in its own right, with m
I have just read a post from TwAck, which as so often happens, they give me huge motivation and in fact it triggered a memory and ispired me to write a little something myself. As many of you are aware I work in an environemnt where Hope and Faith are rarely visitors. I work in a prison and find that perspective can sometimes be a struggleNever the les I have been fortunate and humbled to have my own perspective altered as a result of some of these "residents" some have been abused and turned i
I have been away from (Heidi's words) Campus all day, been out and about, arrived back at my desk logged in and walked into the community cafe and guess what. I am really happy to say I am now ranked 89...I am chuffed to bitsNot sure how that happened, but it did , it has and a lot of the reason I am at 89 is because the community are so incredibly engaging, so its actualy easy for me to keep vigilant knowing my family will be in attendance, this alone will encourage me attend lecrures, to
Starting with the Really Really Bad news. At 3:30 pm today, I am going into surgery for what are simple (ish) operations ( x 3 of them on my right foot). In my youth I was a Ballet Dancer, feet can tend to suffer, so now as a result they have grown into fairly ugly badly formed feet. So 7 or 8 years ago I was informed I required corrective surgery. I have put off, postponed, delayed, excused and on occasions with genuine reasons how each year is not a good time for an operation. Finally after
Kyle I mean, He said you would need to work hard, he said you would need to be thorough, he wasn’t wrong, but as a result I can say today, I am thrilled (chuffed to bits) I have finally finished and completed all 5 courses, 50 lessons and earnt my online certificate. 👍I have climbed the ladder and looked at what is out there. I have used terminology I had never heard of 10 weeks ago, I have achieved a modicum of success which makes me want more. I have been introduced to the most
Have just completed the certificate 3... a hard fought battle, big challenges this week but its done....2.5 weeks ago I did a little blog called Silver Lining, I had been signed off work due to a horrid chest infection, the silver lining being I was able to devote some serious time to my new venture with WA. I had hit a road block in terms of writing my 1st post with Content and key rich words, I just stuck my head in the sand... So I did a bit of this accountability thing, I said to the lovely
I just had to add this little blog to say thank you. Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare day, I spent 12 hours trying to achieve the simple act of Affiliate links on Amazon, not previously a problem. My brain was stuffed to overload and I was one big angry frustrated Bear. I asked for help on WA and received in droves. I watched yet more vids but nothing seemed to work, But two of you in particular gave your time so generously and guided me homeMr Techhound& Mr Mcb 247Big fat brilliant both
The door really opened for me today... I am plowing my way through the training, feeling sometimes overwhelmed, pleased as punch other times and amazed at other times that this brain of mine can absorb yet more information when I didn't think I could get beyond "writing content" IIn fact Writing Content had proved a huge hurdle, I sat with it for 3 days and did not go into the training choosing to stick my head in the sand... but for any other newcomer out there, particularly if you are strugg
May 29, 2019
I had some bad news today, Likevmany things what may initially look like your worst nightmare when looked at in a different way can sometimes be a silver lining (I teach in a men’I prison and often this is the epiphany many discover) So my bad news is nothing on that scale nor was it anything that can’t be cured, but never the less i was thrown a curved ball.I researched many affiliates/internet business over the last 8 weeks and discovered WA. I took the plunge about 2.5 weeks ag