Got Resolutions? Don't Worry ... It's my Gift!

Last Update: December 27, 2014

If you're looking to build a greater life I have some good solutions.

It gives me great JOY to share with you some New Year's Resolutions!

It's all about committing ourselves to live up to our true potential ...

To work ... to learn ... to dream ... to change ... to grow - that's what's essential!

We can't control our circumstance ... but we can curb our attitudes!

We can exercise positive thinking ... and practice our daily gratitudes!

We can dismiss most minor irritants ... before they can agitate.

We can regain our peace of mind ... our calm ... by learning to meditate.

We can make a list of rules and goals. Yes, it's hard ... or so it seems.

But it helps us keep moving forward, and keep living within our means.

We can continue to build our dream business; and make it a huge success.

We need to learn that we can lean on our friends; it helps to relieve the stress.

Lean on your WA community ... it exudes simply excellent teamwork!

To teach ... to guide ... and to give support is WA's greatest perk!

To celebrate our websites growth ... let's make it a weekly event

To publish several posts and blogs of exceptional content.

We must stifle our inner misgivings. We must learn to take life in stride.

Let's build bridges over what's holding us back. Let's set our fears aside.

Let's make plans to embrace Mother Nature; get outside each and every day.

Let's make time to spend time with loved ones. Let's enjoy some laughter and play.

We must nurture our "pay it forward" mindset ... so let's add that into our plan ...

Some time to read and to comment ... and help others whenever we can.

All this will support our dreams of fulfilling our true potential ...

Of building a life that we truly love ... and creating it's growth exponential!

Here's to a New Year filled with friends, love, laughter and success!

The best is yet to be! All my love, M

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CathyS Premium
You're right ... the best is yet to be! Happy New Year!!!
cookma54 Premium
Happy New Year Cathy! M
SowAndReap Premium
Well said! :) To a prosperous 2015.... here we come!
cookma54 Premium
Woot! Woot! Here's to your great year yet! M
Christabelle Premium
Melody this is amazing! Thank you so much for blessing us with your gift and talent! Christa :)
cookma54 Premium
Thank you Christa ... may your 2015 be the best ever! M
Christabelle Premium
May 2015 be the best ever for you as well in every area of your life!
kennnyb Premium
so many I only have one and it is none of these. I promised Katkatkitchen I would do 500 word posts for thirty days in January.
cookma54 Premium
I wish you great success! M
apache1 Premium
Well stated Melody couldn't agree more with what you have written. May I take this moment to wish you a very Happy New Year may 2015 be your year.
Take care be well
cookma54 Premium
Andre, I wish you JOY and LOVE and LAUGHTER! M
apache1 Premium
Ditto and thank you Take care :)