Another day, Carpe Diem!

Last Update: June 29, 2015

Hey WAers :)

It's another day, Summer has hit now and things at Wealthy Affiliate are poppin'...

What a GREAT time we're in.

What a GREAT opportunity that we have within our grasp in this booming information age.

There may be some days where you tell yourself to take a break or that you can get that blog post task done "tomorrow" or "someday".

Tomorrow Is Not Today!

Right here, right now, is not tomorrow.

Quit making excuses! We don't embrace excuses, we embrace solutions.

Write your post/posts TODAY because TODAY is all there is!

"Tomorrow" and "Someday" ISN'T ON THE CALENDAR.

It's the beginning of the new week, how are you going to grow your business?

What steps are you going to take?

I hit a record high in monthly income this month, I'll share more tomorrow but let's just say I went over my goal... again! :)

Set Some Goals!

For today, take action on the first few goals that come to mind. Don't think too hard and too long about it, just GO! If you are going through the lessons, go through at least 2 lessons today. Take massive action!

For the week, write down the things you'd like to do and manifest.

For the month, write down your month income goal and STICK TO IT.

Even if you don't make your goal, odds are you did a lot more than what you would have done if you didn't set a goal for yourself.

My goal for July is to hit the $2,000 mark in a month, I was just a few hundred shy this month to hit it but I'm very proud of where I'm at from where I've came.

My first month I did $2.35.

Carpe Diem

For those that may not know, carpe diem means "seize the day".

Either you are going to run the day or the day is going to run you.

Keep growing. Keep building. Keep creating. Keep connecting. Keep earning.

The more you learn, the more you earn and Wealthy Affiliate has an absolute wealth of knowledge for us. There are others that will teach this kind of information for over $1,000 in a month, easily. What Kyle and Carson have done here is a blessing so we should seize this opportunity RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

Besides, what's the point in an opportunity if you are not taking advantage of the lifetime of the opportunity?

Affiliate marketing is going to be awesome for years to come, but there has never been a better time than RIGHT NOW. ;)

Let's go guys, we have work to do and we have some money to make!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you all an abundant amount of success as me move forward with our efforts.


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ShirleyWoon Premium
Such sage advice from such young shoulders. Thank you Colton, I'm blessed to be in your team. Blessings........
ColtonJames Premium
Thank you Shirley, to the top we go :)
ShirleyWoon Premium
kumar1992 Premium
I'm truly admiring your progress:)
ColtonJames Premium
Thank you Kumaran :) its been a journey!
EKautz Premium
Excellent Colton!

You make some very fine points, and sometimes tomorrow never comes.

ColtonJames Premium
Exactly, Eric!

We're never promised tomorrow! Might as well seize the day as if it were our last!
EKautz Premium
Right on!
SarahAnt Premium
Way to go, Colton! you are really smashing it out of the park!! Well done! SARAH
ColtonJames Premium
Thank you Sarah, hard work pays off!
auden Premium
You are such an inspiration Colton!
ColtonJames Premium
Thanks Jane! :)