Jaaxy is simply the best SEO Keyword Research Tool there is

Last Update: Apr 25, 2018

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Since joining WA (This April marks 2 years) I have been using the free WA keyword research tool and then started using Jaaxy lite when it was integrated into the WA platform. Jaaxy lite is free for premium members.

Both work fine but of course you are limited to the number of things you can do.

About a month ago I decided to upgrade to pro membership. Even though it costs money, I must admit it is a worthwhile investment. I am able to work faster on my keyword research. A single keyword search will normally give you 4-5 competitive keywords that you can use for your articles. I usually follow Jays ‘+100/-100 rule'.

There is also the Jaaxy alphabet soup tool that expands your search even further. Simply put all the tools rqiured for succesful keyword reserach campaign can be found here.

In case you didn’t know, the ‘+100/-100 rule' is more than 100 monthly searches and less than 100 competing pages for that same exact keyword. (The closer to zero the better). Your keywords must also make grammatical sense.

From the screenshot above you can see that best seo keyword research tool gives me 4 different phrases for that term. Those are 4 different articles I can write about. Of course, I must spread them out over a long period of time.

Within 15 minutes I can have enough article ideas to last me a month.

Sometimes to scale up your business you need to invest money in it. I am at a stage where I am seeing a steady increase in traffic to my site and the last thing I want is to slow down by not having ideas to write about.

Jaaxy Pro costs $19 monthly or $199 yearly. There is also the Jaaxy affiliate program where you earn money on referrals. I think it’s an awesome deal.

Happy keyword hunting folks


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Thanks for sharing your experience with Jaaxy and when you upgraded to Jaaxy Pro. I guess it depends on where you are with your website as to what level of Jaaxy you may want or need.

Hello Colorman,
Thank you for sharing the info about Jaaxy, I am on phase 1, lesson 8 which is exactly about keyword research . I checked both our keyword list and Jaaxy and I am not sure as of yet if backlinko is not superior.
I am still reading as I can't afford to be superficial anymore when learning.
I will check it again but I like your blog and it came to me at the right time.
Take care,

Hi Marcus. Since you are just starting off stick with the free version for now. Both the WA and Jaaxy lite keyword tool are okay for a beginner. Upgrade when you feel the time is right. I don't know about backlinko but most keyword tools work on more or less the same metrics

You are correct, Jaaxy is awesomesauce!!!

Tried and True


Jaxxy is the best tool and the most comprehensive tool for the money.

I too upgraded to Jaxxy Pro at $199 and I went Premium one week into my membership at WA for $389.

Where else can you start a business at such a low startup cost and gain al the benefits from the training and community.

No where else!

Jaaxy is awesome!!

~Mark :)

I couldn't agree more Leonard, and so easy to use too!

Great job!!! Glad to see you are making progress. Thank you for sharing your experience with Jaaxy Pro.

Thanks Haroda. Jaaxy is a powerful tool.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the Jaaxy upgrade!!

I am totally in love with it. Thanks Jesse

Very good Leonard!


Thanks Wayne. Great to hear from you

Great blog,
It's very important for people to realize that keywords will be the key factor in succeeding or not..so as you say...$19 a month to have a successful business doesn't sound bad to me!
Wishing you much luck and success

The power of good keywords in content creation cannot be underestimated. I think $19 is a small investment for great value.
Thanks Jason

Thank you! Great that you share it with the community.

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