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December 24, 2020
Hi fellow awesome WA members. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year ahead full of hopes, good vibes, and success in your businesses. Enjoy and stay safe.
Yesterday, I watched Jays webinar on how to Writing Awesome Content that Ranks. I had a post that I was working on which I finished later in the afternoon. He did a post live and he was on page one even before the end of the webinarIn the webinar, Jay outlines a series of SEO steps that one has to take to rank.Here is a snapshot of itI finished my post later in the afternoon and went through each and every step that Jay had suggested.I could not belive it when I Googled my keyword 20 minutes la
January 23, 2019
Sometime last week, I got home and as usual jumped on my desk, ready to start typing away into blogosphere as I do every single day. Turned my comp and was met with the dreaded black screen of death. That almost gave me a heart attack given that this is where I spend most of my spare time. Worse still, I could not remember the last time I backed up my hard drive. I had some hope because I could still hear the hard drive running and all the lights were showing. I tried doing what most people do
Since joining WA (This April marks 2 years) I have been using the free WA keyword research tool and then started using Jaaxy lite when it was integrated into the WA platform. Jaaxy lite is free for premium members. Both work fine but of course you are limited to the number of things you can do. About a month ago I decided to upgrade to pro membership. Even though it costs money, I must admit it is a worthwhile investment. I am able to work faster on my keyword research. A single keyword search
February 17, 2018
Hi folks. I have been building my bootcamp site for almost 2 years now. There was a time I was doing 4 posts a week and guess what. I was getting very little traffic. That was frustrating and I came really close to giving up.Anyway I decided to take a break and go through all my old posts, creating more internal links, correcting grammatical errors and creating better compelling call to action. Generally sticking to Jays 7 steps to ranking. I have 134 posts on my blog at the moment so that took
December 13, 2017
Hi folks.Just letting you know that I've changed my username from Mburul, which I must admit is not easy to pronounce but is part of my second name to Colorman. I chose Colorman because I am a graphic designer and I love working with colors. It tells a bit of who I am. I also think its pretty funky!Btw if you want to know how to go about changing your username, just click on your profile image and go to account settings. You can only do it once so make sure you chose a cool username!Chao!
August 09, 2017
I met an old friend recently who really discouraged me when I told him I was doing internet marketing. He tried to make it appear like I was in a very competitive industry and it was going to be difficult for me to make money. Anyway I told him I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't believe in it and that is all that matters. I have been involved in other sorts of businesses in the past. Affiliate marketing to me is the real deal. Its not hard to see the potential within.Sometimes you just have to
January 17, 2017
Hi guys. Am a big fan of Terminator-judgment Day. Its one of those movies I never get tired of watching.I read posts and comments sometimes and I can’t help thinking how we sometimes tend to refer to google like a real person. Like google knows when you are keyword stuffing or when you have boring content.My question tonight is, do you think there will ever be a time when machines will become aware of themselves and make decisions independent of humans? Do you think that could be catastro
October 20, 2016
Hi everyone, I watched Pat Flynns video on you tube and found it so helpful and thought it may be a good idea to break it down in points and share itKnow what you are writing about. Outline your Topics Ask questions Survey your audienceTransformation. What is particular aim of blogOutline your thoughts. Create a Skeleton frame of your blog (create notes) Outline your points backwards from transformation Create Supporting pointsStart engaging readers
I am not one to share personal tribulations, but I feel the need to let this one out.Why?Because I spend so much time on this computer that WA has become my other home. I even find myself in the middle of the night dreaming about websites!!Yeah I know. It’s weird!When I am here I feel like I am among my brothers and sisters so I guess it’s okay to share personal stuff with family.2 months ago I got involved in a workplace accident. I smashed my right foot leaving me with a few brok