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Hello Everybody,

I am a Brazilian Canadian having Economics as my background. My professional experience is in International Trading, Management Consulting, Stocks and Financial Adviser. Recently working on expanding my knowledge on e-commerce. So for those that I ask for help just be patient as I am trying to have a better understanding of social media tools, and how to use them properly besides expanding my computer comfort level.
I am here to learn everything that will be required to support myself making the e-commerce business my source of income. I also understand that this involves expanding my computer knowledge, It experience, social media and all required social media tools needed to have a successful and profitable e-commerce business life.
I am friendly and always willing to help those that ask me for a hand.
It will be a pleasure to have a chance to meet and shake hands with as many as possible WA members in a not too far future.
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Marcus2020 Premium
Hello Mojalefa,
Thank you for checking my bio. I always do the same. I never return to a member before reading about him or her it is a sign of respect and your Bio was, quite impressive having the Executive Coaching expertise. I can tell you that when I worked for a USA management consulting company I acquire such an awesome experience that it would have taken many years to equal what I gain in just four years and I was invited to work for one of the clients as their CEO. I am sharing all that to say that we have similar professional exposure as both of us have to create a personalized solution to the company executive and for my client, I also would have to provide a plan of action to take back control of the company and you probably would drive to allow him to see for himself the right solution needed for him.
Our chat would last long hours of a great time and the opportunity to meet a great human being and we would blend our economic line of thinking my friend.
It was a pleasure to meet you. We will be shaking each other at some point soon.
MojalefaR Premium
Hello, Marcus. Thanks for following me back. I also have an economics background which I got from studying at The New School for Social Research in New York City. Perhaps we could interact about that in the future?

I wish you all success here at WA.

All the best
Bonuses Premium
Thanks so much for the kind words.
That quote is brilliant and speaks to why the 99% are the 99%.
I certainly don't think you're a bad person because you don't follow or support cryptocurrency, or share a passion for cars. And yes, I guess you could say Social Media is my 'forte'.

What kind of e-commerce business are you wanting to start up?

I wish you great online success!

Talk Soon,
Marcus2020 Premium
Ola keisi,
Thank for the following note . Sorry for the late reply.
Thank you for your wishes and confirmation about what start seeing as soon as I became a Wealthy Affiliate member . I new that was to far behind on updating my personal motherboard to become successful again. The spirit is unbelievable and the training , I only touch so far the tip of the iceberg ,available is excellent - I am very pleased with my decision actually .
Thank yours for positive and encouraging words.
Success for you in whatever way you define yours
Keisi Premium
Hola Marcus, eh!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for adding me to your network and I have also added you to mine.

All the best wishes for a speedy accomplishment of your hopes and dreams right here at WAU! You made the right choice to learn from the Best of the Best.

Marcus2020 Premium
I am a Brazilian/Canadian BA Economist leaving in Toronto.
The best way to explain myself is that I always loved sports and got involved in many of them ( Judo/jogging/surfing ) my last one is stationary bike that I really enjoy doing.
On my professional side while in Brazil I worked on Price Control policy for the Ministry of Finances/ Sheraton as a Assistant Controller and acting Controller / stock market trader and Manager for a Stock Market branch. Canada start as a Financial Adviser / International Management Consultant / CEO in US / China - Commodity trader ( Soy Beans/White Sugar/ Iron Ore )Canada again -started an e-commerce business.
I love live and be with happy and with pleasant people . Now my main goal is to be successful on e-commerce learning well about all tools needed to succeed, make good living and share my knowledge and success with those that have similar challenges as I am having now .
Marcus2020 Premium
I would say that was to be on the top 20 seller for AIC brokerage group back in middle nineteens ( the company went under later ) after I have decided to move to the Management Consulting business covering all Canada and US ( 90% of my business). I did work very hard but managed as well to be successful not at the top 5 but among the successful ones but learned more than I could ever expect ( help small business owners to scale or fixing company bottle neck problems- companies up to US$20 million- working alone).
My challenge now is to succeed in the e-commerce business.
Kiswa Premium
Hi Marcus, a great decision you've made with going premium! WA has everything you need to build a successful online business - remember to follow the course exactly as it says and you'll have no problems. There's always someone to help if you do! Good luck and see you around :)
Roybretton Premium
Hi there,

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, I am now following you! You have come to a very good place to learn about Internet marketing and making money online. If you go through the step-by-step training and ask questions along the way and take action, you will be successful. I am here to answer your questions, along with many other people in this excellent community. I wish you every success in your new venture and I look forward to networking with you and reading your blog posts.

Kyle, one of the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate has written an article for starter members, it's well worth a read. Please click on the link below. All the best to you,

rusik77 Premium
Hey! My congratulations!
I see you’ve got Premium. It’s really worth it. I’m with WA for several months and I can assure you this is the greatest community with strong and productive training. I’ve learned a lot, and I’m moving forward toward my goal.
Wish you the best. May you succeed with your online ventures.