Got the dreaded "90 Day Notification" from Amazon today

Last Update: June 05, 2017

In case you don't know, Amazon let you know in 90 days if you have not gotten any sales and tell you that you have 90 more to get a sale or you are out! I JUST GOT MINE.

Talk about devastated! I was so disappointed in myself that I had no Amazon sales in this amount of time. I have been working Hard! By the way, I have been at this for about a hundred days.

Then I started looking back at my reviews that I was getting no sales on. Was there "room for improvement"?

Then I had a Catharsis! My posts were "Substandard". Meaning from what I know NOW, they were junk! Content Sucked and so did my SEO.

The good news? I now have the TOOLS to fix things and get on track. So, my plans are to do just that! Take what I NOW know and go back and rebuild.

If you are not getting many sales, I suggest you take a close look at those posts that you did early on in your Wealthy Affiliate Training and see if there is room for improvement. My bet is that you will see what I see in mine.


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DBlanchard Premium
Hi Clyde,
I got that same email a few days ago. I guess it was an eye opener for me too. I have since then rethought my whole approach. I do have some substandard posts hanging on my website that need a lot of improvement and I am going to do something about it. Let do this!! :)
halinphilly Premium
100 days is nothing. Amazon may put pressure on you after 90, but that's just how they roll. Good to see you're taking it in stride and revamping your efforts. Keep us posted, Clyde!
DebbieRose Premium
It's a learning curve. I read a post...can't remember who...that suggested not to apply to Amazon until you are getting good traffic.
Thanks for sharing. Debbie
MKearns Premium
I'd be interested In your posts 30-60 days from now Clyde!
PatsyC Premium
A positive attitude like yours is great!