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July 01, 2017
The wonderful thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the network you develop of people doing the same thing as yourself. With so many people out there, there are bound to be people that are thinking and wondering the same things. When I first started, I would of course add as many people as I could. I learned a lot from them and every once in a while I was able to help some people. The problem is, that I am a newbie. So, I feel like I don't know a heck of a lot to help people with things. I cou
As they say in Texas, I am getting "back on the saddle" after my recent Pace Maker Operation. It is now over a week and I am feeling much better. The wife and I even went on an excursion through the mountains and I did all the driving.For those of you who don't know Terry and I are full time House Sitters. That is what my BLOG is all about. Had to cancel on a House Sit when I had the problems with my heart. So we are relaxing at a resort in South Spain. In about another week and a half,
I have been in the ICU here in Spain for three days. Had a pacemaker implanted today. All is well and I am "fixed". Back to work in a few more days
In case you don't know, Amazon let you know in 90 days if you have not gotten any sales and tell you that you have 90 more to get a sale or you are out! I JUST GOT MINE.Talk about devastated! I was so disappointed in myself that I had no Amazon sales in this amount of time. I have been working Hard! By the way, I have been at this for about a hundred days.Then I started looking back at my reviews that I was getting no sales on. Was there "room for improvement"?Then I had a Catharsis! My p
I have quit a few posts on Our BLOG, 54 to be exact. Yesterday, I finished my latest review post and published it. I went through all those important steps after posting and shared it to all of my social media. This could not have been done unless it was published as I used the social media buttons on the post itself.I woke up this morning and found a note from a fellow WA member that the link was broken on my Face Book Post. Sure enough, the post would not open from anywhere.I went back in
Try to make this one short.My web site is Travel The World House Sitting. Of course the "Golden" key words would be "House Sitting". But as we have learned on WA, it would be quite impossible to get on the first page with those VERY POPULAR keywords.Anyways, I have made a few videos of our travels and made posts of the videos. Above the videos, I explain how we are traveling the world by House Sitting with links to some very important reviews. The videos or below that.After posting, I alway
When one starts their training journey with WA, one can not help but feeling overwhelmed with the training. I know I did!There is so much to learn and keeping it all in your head is almost impossible!Your new friends will be posting all kinds of ideas on how to do things and it is very easy to start adding on new projects (not related to your training) as you are continuing your training.My advice to you, go through your lessons step by step and build your site as you learn from the incredible
April 18, 2017
Part of your success with Wealthy Affiliate is the knowledge that things are NOT going to happen overnight! It will take time to actually start making money at this. You are working towards long term goals not "instant money"Clyde
Big day today. I made my first sale on my Web Page. A big $5. Small but very huge for me. I feel that things are growing and working. Of course never as fast as I want. So, I will take this win and let it inspire me to keep on keeping on!BTW, I signed up for Premium in February of this
April 05, 2017
One of my followers posted a blog on using WA's Keyword tool. It might have been training. It was extra insight on how to use long keywords to better your position. Does this sound familiar to anyone. I sure would like to find it again to take some notes on the matter. Oh, had to leave the house and my computer froze so had to reboot, that is why I lost it. I should have saved it!Thanks!Clyde