I Made It. Six Months.

Last Update: September 21, 2017

Usually at this juncture I would summarize the accomplishments I have made since my last recognition. But, today is my first day back after having to take an extended break to take care of several personal matters that have been hanging over my head. Missions accomplished.

One thing I learned during this hiatus is that we cannot stop working on and constantly building on our websites and promoting our brand. I went from a rank of 160 to 722. Everything began slowing down immediately, so my advice to everyone, including myself, is do not stop.. I will also be "stashing" information in a separate file which will help me keep posting if something like this ever happens again.



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PatsyC Premium
Hi Carole, welcome back! it's great to hear your personal matters are taken care of.

Your change in rank was due to new updates going on. They are still in the works.

The rank isn't based on blog posts now, although very helpful ones are included as Kyle states. It's more focused on helping others with questions needed to be answered etc. Many members had a huge change in rank and a few Ambassadors are not there anymore.
Clbrooks57 Premium
That is a good thing. I have peeked in periodically, so I knew there were changes. Especially the first day they switched over and it showed me as an Ambassador. I knew that couldn't be right. I will get back where I'm supposed to be.

DShensky Premium
Phil-58 Premium
Well done and best wishes again
we always need to keep on top of things if we can
cheers PB
HarveyBrown Premium
Welcome back Carole and congratulation on your six months anniversary.
Nick-at-WA Premium
Hi Carole I'm also slowing down and I'm actually kinda worried about it.
Clbrooks57 Premium
Your momentum is slowing down?